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What is the name of your state? Tx

I was employed with company A for 1 1/2 years. Within the first few months of my employement, I caught my boss cheating on his wife. He did not know that I saw them, but found out after the fact when I spoke with my manager about what I knew.

After that, it was odd at work, as it seemed the bosses were all paranoid about it. Someone else found out about the affair from an occasion separate to the one that I was aware of and wrote an anonymous letter to the other partner stating that they knew and he had to stop. Well, the 3 bosses, the one in question, the partner, and the manager, all assumed it was me. This made me feel as if I was not wanted, so I found another job. Someone in the company found out that I was looking for employment elsewhere and told the 3 men. They "unofficially" fired me. (They called and left me a message saying that I was locked out of the system and to come get my things)

This is not actually the issue, but a background as to the hatred they all have for me. Once I left, the partner spoke poorly about me to several people in the community. He called me a theif, and many other horrible things.

Right after I left this company A in October to go to company B, I sent out an advertising mail out using envelopes I purchased, that had already been pre-printed with company A's bulk mail stamp (I also paid for the ink). Since there were only 1,000 letters and I paid for the cost of postage etc, I did not even think that this would be a horrible crime (Company A pays $125 per year to renew the stamp, which is used often by employees to send out about 10,000 letter per month).

Well, another couple who worked for company A , left to come to company B as well. They evidently have used the bulk mail stamp that they had saved in their computer for about 13,000 letters. When the post office got the couples last mail-out on Wednesday, they called company A to inform them that there was activity on the account. Company A, then assumed it was me and called my current employer and told them that unless they fired me, they would sue them.

Company B then swiftly fired me, even though they know that I am not responsible for the most recent activity, or the majority of activity to avoid a lawsuit (which I don't think has merit, as I caused no actual damages). When company A called my current employer B, they told my boss I was a thief and other things as have been told before.

So, I do believe I have a case for defamation and slander, as they have hurt my place in the community and gotten me fired from a job. I also have knowledge of major infractions on them that would probably get their license stripped with 2 different agencies to where they could no longer do business.

Does it sound like I have any grounds to consult and attorney?

Thanks a bunch and I am sorry for the long winded message!


Senior Member
"Does it sound like I have any grounds to consult and attorney?"
*** In my opinion, you have no case against them.

1) Your claim is based on their statement as to the immediately recent ILLEGAL use of their bulk mail permit and their statements. However, you admit to using their bulk mail permit previously (and after you were no longer employed or authorized to do so). That means that their claims as to your actions are truthful (only not to the time they contend). As such, their statement is not defamation since it is true.

2) You also say that your last employer terminated you "though they know that I am not responsible for the most recent activity, or the majority of activity". That removes your claim of 'damages' due to the statement made by company A.


My recent employer fired me because they didn't want a lawsuit brought against them, as they know the branch manager, his dad and the couple who left job A all used the stamps 13 times more than I did AND company B made a profit from their use (not mine).

As I said, yes, I did use their bulk mail code that was already pre-printed on the envelopes that I bought, that I paid to have printed. I paid for the postage, if anything, it is a postal matter. Company A is not out ONE dime for me using it and got me fired for the activity of someone else.

I know he cheated on his wife. I know they pay people illegally. I know they do not follow RESPA laws, or the code of ethics which is required in order to hold license to do mortgage loans. They also break a slew of other rules with HUD.............so I would say the bulk mail issue is moot and I could take this to an attorney.

ALL of the things said about me were prior to the bulk mail issue (and repeated again Wednesday) . And the thief comment was because they said I "come in at night and steal things". What, paper clips and toilet paper?

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