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Speeding ticket coming through Kelso, WA

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Speeding ticket coming through Kelso, WA (It's BS!)

Hi there,

I recently just moved to Portland, Oregon from California and after we arrived in Portland, I went for a day-trip drive to Seattle, Washington. This is no excuse, but I had driven for a full day from California to Portland (approx. 12 hours), so on my way up to Seattle, I chose to drive a little faster -- nothing reckless, but 75 in a 70. Long story short, I get pulled over -- for my first offense to boot.

The story goes like this: I was on my way up to Seattle from Portland and on my way up, I was driving on I-5 just before Kelso, Washington. I proceeded to go up a hill, so I chose to speed up to gain a little speed so I could make it up the hill without having my car slow down (I have a little 4 banger) so I increased my speed from 75 to 80 mph. At the bottom of the hill on the way up, I pass a gray Ford F-150 at 80 mph. After I pass him, I look back in my rearview mirror and see the same truck get over in my lane and speed up. By this time, I'm up the hill and back to my normal cruising speed (75 mph) and this F-150 magically turns on it's lights (I had no idea it had any -- they were inside the cab of the truck), so I pull over. By the time the officer gets to the car, I already have my license, registration, and proof of insurance out. He makes the comment that I already know the drill (albeit this is my first offense, but I've seen enough movies =p). He takes my information and goes back to his truck and sits in there for a solid 30 minutes writing my ticket. When he comes back, he has me sign and gives me my ticket for going 85 mph in a 70. When he leaned over and gave me my ticket, I swear to God his badge said Fish & Wildlife (Fish & Game or whatever).

Sorry for the long schpeel, but I'm still venting. Is it okay for a F&G officer to to write tickets for traffic infractions? Also, I am 100% positive he did NOT clock me, as my radar detector didn't go off (no ka band, k, x, laser -- you name it; nothing). Coming from California where the CHP are downright crazy when it comes to catching speeders, it's never let me down before. So I am positive he got my speed wrong. How can he "guesstimate" my speed like that and be so blatantly wrong. It leads me to believe he did so to jack up the price of the ticket. I was sure to leave my radar detector up so he would see I knew he didn't clock me.

Also, on the bottom of the ticket, the original listed court was scratched out (I assume by the officer) and another county/court has been stamped in. Is that fair and ethical, or even legal for that matter?

On the back of the ticket, it says I have 15 days to pay the fine, but I assumed they would send me a letter or something regarding my ticket. Anyways, 15 days have gone by and I've seen nothing. I'm worried that because I waited that I have done something wrong. Was I naive to think so?
I was completely unaware that I had such a short period of time to handle the ticket.

I am wholeheartedly upset with the ticketing officer and I am completely certain that the only reason he jacked the speed up and ticketed me was because I was from California and it would be nearly impossible for me to protest the ticket in court.

One last thing, does anyone know any tricks to keep it from affecting insurance or going on your record? A friend's dad (he's a state trooper) told me that if you send a check for a dollar over the fine's price, they'll send you a check for a dollar back and if you don't cash the $1 check the same ticket will never see your record. Sounds silly, but I'm clinging to hope! True/Untrue?

Any ideas, comments, or well-wishes will be well received!

Thanks so much,

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