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Speeding Ticket in Nebraska

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I got a citation in Nebraska for speeding. I also got a warning for no proof of insurance.

On the citation, the officer gave it to me, but did not ask me to sign by the X. He then sent me on my merry way. Since I didnt sign the citation, do I have to appear in court or pay the fine?




Do they have other proof that you were stopped? (videotape is becoming ever-popular).
What you are implying is that you will deny ever being pulled over..and that the police officer made it up.
But for that to happen, you must not have the ticket in your possesion, wait for a warrant for your arrest to be issued for failure to appear in court, and play dumb the whole way... until they show you the videotape... ;)
But I'm no expert so please wait for more replies.


I got a warning for not having proof of insurance. I signed the warning so why wouldnt the cop have me sign the ticket????

Im gonna just say i never got a ticket, just a warning


Dude. Snap out of it. The warrant for your arrest will not come from the warning, it will come from the failure to appear in court from the speeding ticket. You just showed me that they do in fact have proof of stopping you.
So the "Im gonna just say i never got a ticket, just a warning" thing will happen as you hear the cuffs going click-click-click behind your back. :)

It's just not worth it! It's just a speeding ticket.
If you feel that the ticket was not warranted, and the police officer was just having a bad day (hence the reason he did not follow procedure), go to court and see if the judge gives you a break of some sort. But don't become a fugitive... Imagine the scene in prison:
"Hey, what are you in for?
"I beat up a cop..hehe he was cryin for his mommy..."
"So, what are you in for?
"I didn't pay my speeding ticket."
"Oooo.. I really like speaders..." ;)



I have a witness that is willing to say I never received the ticket.

How should I be in trouble if some cop got in his car, wrote out a ticket, and didnt give it to me? Sure they have proof of stopping me, but where is proof of me receiving the ticket? I never signed it as proof of receipt


Senior Member
1. Police Department dispatch records all calls. The procedure is once the officer decides to pull you over (and maybe even before), a call is made to dispatch to obtain vehicle registration and vehicle owner information. So if you plead that you did not get a ticket, who would have the better evidence? You have no evidence.

2. Even without the recorded evidence, all the officer needs to do is show the prosecutor a copy of the ticket he gave to you as Exhibit A. They are all numbered in sequence for a reason. Lets say for discussion purposes, that the officer lost his entire ticket book or it was stolen. All the officer needs to do is sign an affidavit confiming same and testify in court that a ticket was issued to you.
Who do you think the court will believe, you or the officer?

3. Your friend is an idiot to conspire with you and lie. Then again at least you will have a cellmate.

4. You do not need to sign the ticket for it to be legal and enforceable.
You do not even need to accept it. Case in point: Officer gives a driver a ticket and the driver refuses to accept it. The officer then places the ticket on the windshield under the wiper and drives away. The driver turns on the wipers and the ticket blows away in the wind.
Traffic Court adjudication:
driver got the ticket, lied in Court and got nailed with paying the fine for the infraction and as a parting gift got 500 hours of community service for lying to the judge. It gave me pleasure to took my horn and wave at this fellow picking up trash in the middle of the City.

So next time you think about beating the system, think about Bubba in the prison shower with you patiently waiting for you to bend over and pick up the bar of soap you dropped.

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