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Sportster Repairs

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What is the name of your state?What is the name of your state?What is the name of your state? Oklahoma

Ok, My story starts out by me letting a friend paint my Sportster (motorcycle) and he had it for right at a year but that's another story. After I got it back, I started to take it on a ride to see how it ran. It started OK but it just didn't "feel" right and it was very hard to shift. I put less than 5 miles on it. I took it to the local Harley Davidson dealership and gave them the story about how it had been sitting dismantled for a year, shifted hard and didn't "feel" right. I wanted the problems checked out and since it had been sitting for so long, for saftey reasons I wanted it fully "certifiably" serviced and inspected as if I were selling it. A few days later they called and told me that the primary had been full of oil (under pressure) and that was the reason it shifted hard. All was drained and new oil & filter were added. They stated that it was probably caused by the bike sitting for so long, however they had never seen "pooling" (where oil slowly settles to the motor from the tank) to that extent before. I reminded them that it had been sitting without an oil tank. They could not explain it but the problem was fixed and the bike had been checked out and was ready to go. My bill was $117. After one week, the bike failed me on the interstate. I brought it back to the dealership and they diagnosed it as the "Top End "(pistons/cylinders etc) failing. I gave them the OK to fix it. When the job was complete they advised that after they fixed the bike they noticed that the oil was running down. They then tracked the problem down to the oil tank lines being hooked up wrong. The oil was running from the tank to the motor but not returning to the tank. Thus, the oil was pooling in the "Low End" (gears/trans etc). All was fixed and the bike was ready to go...again, this time for $1200. Well I argued that the problem should have been found the first time I brought it in and that I should not have to pay for the second. They did reduce the bill to $900 but I still don't think that I should have been billed for a problem that should have been found by the Harley Davidson Certified Mechanics. I know that my painter hooked it up wrong but I took the bike in to be thoroughly checked out before any damage was done. By the way, the damage occured after the bike traveled about 50 miles.
So my question is, do I have a case? All I want is the money I am out for the second repair job.


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What the problem is going to be is the matter of 'equity'.

SHOULD the mechanic have found ALL of the problems? Perhaps. But that depends on a lot of factors that you have not provided.

As a Hog rider you know the problems that come with them. So your EXACT instructions to the mechanic are the issue.

Also, how much they reduced the second bill by is another factor that will weigh on the court's decision. Was this reduction 'equitable' in light of the discussions between you and the shop and the work performed in your behalf.

Also, was the final second bill equitable as if all of the problems had been found on the first try (i.e., if they had been found would the work performed to find them amounted to the same bill as was presented in the second bill?)

From having such repairs AND diagnostics performed before I can tell you that both bills together are in the ballpark for such and you will probably not prevail in getting the second bill returned.

It's just not worth the hassle in my 'bug-infested teeth' opinion .....


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Thanks "Finger", that's about where I've been teetering. Is it worth it? I don't know. Yes, I think the problem should have been found/fixed the first time. But, also knowing how the Harley dealerships charge for their repairs/labor I am sure that the first bill would have been more. There was no damage at the time of the first bill so the extra cost would have been for labor only, maybe $100 tops. My total out of pocket cost for 2 bills is about $1,017. If all problems were found the first time, the $117 bill should maybe have been doubled to $230 to $250 range. So is it worth the difference? Probably not for the money. I just don't like taking another bite of life's Big Sh.. sandwich.
But there are worse things in this world.
Thanks for your reply.

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