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SSDI Garnished by IRS and Student Loan

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What is the name of your state? Arizona.
Regarding Student Loan from 1990: 1) I was unable to use training to obtain work due to a physical problem of which I advised the school prior to applying for the loan. I was advised not to worry about it by the head instructor/Mgr. Later, half-way through the class he expressed concern that it was worse than he had believed and I could deal non card games (that didn't work either). Secondly, I read that DoE can't garnish totally disabled people when they are not expedcted to be well enough to return to work for years. I sent the Disablity Application in to the DoE after having my psychiatrist verify that I was not going to be ready for sometime. Then the DoE insisted it must be completed by an MD (even though I'm disabled due to a mental disorder) so I left the form at my physicians office, and when I followed up they couldn't find it and advised the doctor wanted to see me in his office. I have no health insurance and had to wait until my disability check arrived, but DoE said my time was up. I guess I can apply for a hardship, but in my present state it is very hard for me to leave my home, and I have a hard time dealing with all the Bureaucratic red tape.
I obtained employment in April, 1991, through 1994, at which time I was let go when a merger caused them to downsize. Half of the departments, including mine, were eliminated. The day I was let go, I had a foreclosure notice waiting for me, and my husband and I had separated a few days prior. I fell into a severe depressive state, and I knew I owed taxes, but I had no money and I just couldn't deal with it at the time. I thought I'd file the following year when I felt better (maybe I could income average). I never filed taxes againi until 1995 or 1996 to see what would happen. I had a refund due of either $700 or $900 and I figured if they didn't give it to me they'd offset it against my debt to them. 0 por Whenever I worked I always claimed 0 or 1 exemption, so I was fairely sure I didn't owe them for the years following 1994. When I filed in 96, I received a letter saying I had 30 days to advise them of the amount I felt I owed the IRS. One week later they sent me a letter saying I owed $1500, which I thought was quite reasonable until I noticed that was only for 1994. I never received anything else and I never dug through the boxes searching for 10 years of tax receipts, etc. I continued to claim 0-1 exemption on my W-2's, but never filed. I wasn't that worried, because I figure that $1500 was surely less than the amount they owed me over the years I paid but didn't file. This month my check was a third less due to the IRS garnishment. I was not notified of the garnishment, nor informed of the total amount they claim I owe, nor advised if the matter could be discussed and an alternative could be reached.

Before I couldn't afford health insurance, now I can barely afford groceries. And I don't qualify for any assistance from Arizona State. If you have any suggestions regarding a remedy in lieu of the garnishments, I would be very greatful.

I look forward to hearing from you.

My thanks,


P.S. Prior to moving here from Los Angeles, I attended a Litigation Assistance course at UCLA extension and received my Paralegal certification. What's worse I worked ten years for an attorney who specialized in insolvency. I should be able to find my own answers, I know, but I just don't have the incentive for research that I once did, and the Bankruptcy's Rules changed a lot in 15 years and so have tax laws. I only mentioned this so you don't have to make your response so remedial.+
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1. Separate your writing into paragraphs, it will be easier to read.

2. Go see someone at your local IRS office. This is entirely too complicated to address on a message board, and the IRS will help you for free.

3. I can assure you that they DID attempt to contact you in the past about these debts. They don't just go straight to garnishment without at least sending out a "Notice of Intent to Levy".

4. A psychiatrist is an MD.



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Disability Garnisihment


I appreciate your prompt response. I will take your advise regarding shorter paragraphs.

I intended to contact the IRS, I just wanted to know if I would receive credit for taxes paid but not filed or if I'll just be penalized to death.

I've never received a Letter of Intent in either case, but then my last known address in their files has changed a few times. I just don't understand why they couldn't get the address from the SSA who sends me my garnished check. I take that back. They sent nothing because they are not required to do more.

I know a Psychiatrist is also a medical doctor, but I still don't go to him for physicals, and I don't go to physicians for a diagnosis of emotional/mental problems. But the DoE won't accept his prognosis unless he is strictly a medical doctor. Perhaps they don't believe that people can be incapacitated by fear and depression. Maybe they don't acknowledge the reality of an illness unless it is visible on an x-ray.

I'll let you know how it goes with the IRS.

Thanks for your help.


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