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statue of limitation in GA

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What is the name of your state? Georgia

I was trying to locate the statue of limitation under the "statues" link under Georgia on this website, but I could not find any references to what it is? can i get an answer? I was arrested for the first time 7 months ago for a dui and I have NOT been summoned to court yet. I paid cash to get out and I have yet to hear a thing and I don't want to call and "jogged their memories of my case". however, I'm getting nervous that there could be a warrant out there for me. I tried looking on the county website but it is a small county and does not have a listing of arrests or warrants. So i'm wondering the limitation on my arrest and any advice on how to find out if I'm ok or if there is a arrest warrant out there? Thanks.


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skyle said:
So i'm wondering the limitation on my arrest and any advice on how to find out if I'm ok or if there is a arrest warrant out there?
There are several possible issues that could be 'in play' here... like 'speedy trial', Failure to appear, etc.
So what did your attorney say when you asked him/her about the status of your case??


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Honestly, I haven't hire an attorney. Immediately after the arrest, I called a couple with no return calls. At this point, I don't know if I want an attorney calling the county about my case if statue of limitation is running out? Do you know what it is in Georgia?


Staute of limitaions apply to the time you committed the offense and the time you are charged with it. When you were arrested you were charged with the crime. So there you have no case.

Call a lawyer. Your going to have to jog their memories or 5 or 10 years down the road, or maybe next time your pulled over it will all catch up with you. You committed the crime, now suck it up and take the fine.

garrula lingua

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When they released you from jail, didn't they give you a court date ?

Be careful. They may have issued a citation to you and it was lost/misplaced in jail. The court date is, frequently, on the ticket.
Some jurisdictions have defendants sign a 'log book' on release, and the court date is stated where they sign.

I would go to the courthouse and have the clerks look up my name & the citation. There may be a warrant out on you, for a failure to appear in court on the citation date.

Forget the sleeping dog thought - either they will file (usually within one year), they will reject, or they have issued a warrant because you did not appear in court.

Not appearing in court causes further problems.

You should check further with the court clerks.
re: accessing records

Okay, I am from Tennessee, so these options may not apply to your situation, but two things might help you.
One, check your local (town) paper. Ours has a section in it that lists all court proceedings, the charges, the pleas, etcl... and the people's names. (it is public information, so this is not illegal) If you go on to your local paper's website and search for your name and you might come up with a match. If not, follow the next instruction.
Two, our courthouse has a clerk's office where you can get copies of your court proceedings. In our clerk's office, there is a computer that you can use to look up your name to find charges, etc... You don't have to talk to anyone to use the computer, just walk up to it and put your name in to find your docket number or whatever. You do need your driver's license number or social security number to access this info, though.
If your name doesn't come up, then you don't likely have anything pending on you.
If they don't have the computer, you will just have to ask.

Trust me, they haven't forgotten, or misplaced your case. You just didn't hear them tell you the court date.
It is YOUR responsibility to check, and you should have immediately after the arrest/ticket. Telling a judge you didn't know the court date will not go over well, so talk to an attorney and/or the officer who wrote the citation.


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saminalham said:
Okay, I am from Tennessee, so these options may not apply to your situation
Then why in the hell did you feel compelled to post anything. I am sure that the OP couldn't give a crap about Tennessee

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