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statutory rape?

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What is the name of your state? New Jersey

i am a 17 yr old male, my girlfriend is 15

when she turns 16 a month later i'll be 18

at any point in our relationship if we stay together is sexual intercourse illegal?


I'm a Northern Girl
This is a personal opinion; not a legal opinion. I do not know the relevant laws for your state.

If the ages of the individuals in question are such that you have to ask whether or not you can legally have sex, then it's a damned stupid thing to be doing whether it is technically legal or not.


cbg is right. As usual.

Since the after effects of your 'liaison' will be handled by older adults, why not ask her mom and dad?


not understanding the question...

i was asking about the statutory rape laws....if i do have sexual intercourse with this girl i do not want to be found on a sexual offenders list later on. please tell me what the law is for statutory rape i guess that wouldve been a better question.

and cbj.....
the age is the definition of the law isnt it? i heard it was a 2 year difference thing, but i need to know for sure.

thank you


You know something, I have been watching this thread and finally decided to take a look at the statutes. It took me all of 14 minutes to find 3 mb of information on the statutes of New Jersey and the exact answer to your question.

Will I tell you. I don't think so. I'm damn tired of lazy people coming here to find answers because they can't use their fingers for anything more than playing with their underaged girlfriends.

So, bubba, the answer is waiting for you in cyberspace. Use your brain...you know, the OTHER one.


thank you

thanks....i come here for advice n i dont get any except for an answer of "i know the answer im just not gunna tell you"

i can count on my fingers thank you....n all i wanted to know was the answer to my question....but thanks for not giving it to me.

i was under the impression this board was meant to help and not be a bunch of sarcastice.

btw....if i could find the information as fast as you i would not have come to this board....i was online for 3 hours n only found links to lawyers that defend sex offenders....that is obviously not what i was looking for. i asked my question so i wouldnt have to be the one looking for those types of sites. So im sorry i dont have the computer skills you do. I didnt know i was in the middle of a bunch of computer experts asking eachother questions.

I am not a 17 year old "playing" with his girlfriend. I am a responsible 17 year old who is looking out for his and her well being. I dont know where you get off giving opinions about people like that, but i kept my question short and to the point, only to get ridiculed by you for asking it.

anyone willing to help me please answer my question.

she has talked to her parents about it and they dont know the laws. so this information that im looking for is for me, and her parents

thank you to all who have given me theyre best answer's to my question
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I am a responsible 17 year old who is looking out for his and her well being.
If that's the case then you'll keep it in your pants.

she has talked to her parents about it and they dont know the laws.
My god, everyone should have such upstanding parents.

And yes, I'm a computer expert. But if you're not that's no excuse. You're looking for age of consent. And that's all you're looking for.

Now pull your head out of your ass and do some work.


it seems this arguement is about what you know and what other people dont know.

the laws were made to let me know whether or not i should "keep it in my pants"

i would like to know if i should or i shouldnt legally....since you got more into it.

im done with this post and i hope your alot nicer to other people who ask questions that SHOULD be asked on this type of forum.


thank you cbg and bigfoot.

Civil Defense

matic, the age of consent in New Jersey is 16. You should be fine.

As to the other jerks who paraded around preaching their anti-pre-marital sex views, what are you trying to accomplish? Demeaning attitudes aren't going to change the minds of two people who are legally able to make their own decisions. If you don't believe in it, then fine, but this question was NOT "should I be having sex with my girlfriend"; instead, it was "am I legally able to have sex with my girlfriend". If you have nothing of value to contribute to the original question, then don't waste your time or his. Preaching your beliefs says nothing, especially when you follow up with "I know, but I won't tell you". Then why are you here?

Registered just to help you out, matic. :)



I'm a Northern Girl
Keep in mind that the information on the url posted above is incorrect for several states.

BTW, who said anything about anti-pre-marital sex? It's anti-two-kids-who-are-too-young-to-know-what-they're-doing that I'm concerned about. I don't give a damn whether they're married or not.


legally ?!

yo ! m-a-t-i-c- !
while you're at it look up ossification, huh ?!
now, think "21" !
ps-thanks, dave
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