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Tenant VS Tenant, small claims court and clear and present danger HELP?

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What is the name of your state? California
I have a doozy of a situation here in Oakland.
I have a former business partner and friend annnd cotenant doing some pretty nasty things to me when I revealed via my open book accounting that he was likely to use money from rents for himself. Its been quite a coup please read the statment below (I tried to add something funny because of its maudlin tone) I have began the process to have restraining orders issued to both me but how exactly and what steps do I take next to file lawsuit and eviction proceedings. please help.

Heres is an overview of my problem
sorry but its a bit redundant I have been researching and writing and filing paper work for what seems like days..oh wait it has been days...
1. breach of oral agreement regarding salaries and business acumen
2. violating my right to peaceful living
3. violating my right to the quiet enjoyment of my home
4. releasing contaminated and hazardous air into the living area
by parking their cars inside
5 defacing artwork created by me.
a. Defacing artwork by others in my possession
b. Destruction of artwork belonging to me
6. threatening physical violence upon me with words and actions
7. causing severe emotional distress
8. committing libel and tarnishing my reputation
9 breaking an oral contract between the both of us regarding cleanliness and accountability.
10. engineering the suppression of accurate accounting thus hindering the objectives of the enterprise
11.slandering my name and intention
12 sabotaging my business out of retaliation
13 obstructing my right to work thus jeopardizing my tenancy
14.causing me disturbance and nuisance by playing loud music at inappropriate hours.
15. Using the common area irresponsibly and dangerously.
16. monopolizing the rentable areas for own personal gain thus forcing the tenants to cater to Johns whims because of the larger amount of monies needed to pay if he defaulted
17. Being accomplice to the theft and vandalizing of my personal belongings
18. Compromising the safety of the roommates by operating an illegal grow room.
19 Retaliation
20. Taking the refrigerator from the appropriate area after one of the men cut my phone line a third time
21 Having knowledge thus being accomplice to the installation of an infrared security camera to monitor common area, violating our rights to freedom of unrestricted or monitored movement within a community household
22 Falsified accounting documents in order to redirect inability to produce his own portion of rent
23 Created an air of hostility towards me
----to many to put here but I have affidavits by roomates that state that to be true
24 Threatened to build a wall which would separate me from living area which I pay rent for causing me severe emotional anxiety
25. Threatened and acted out the destruction of my phone service. IE THEY CUT MY PHONE AND WEB ACCESS OFF by citerally cutting the cable.

26. have brought into our home without consent a disreputable person thus knowingly compromising everyone’s safety. IE Our new roomate is a FELON and is currently on trial for POSSESION OF NARCOTICS, STOLEN GOODS AND RESISTING ARREST
27. Generated loud music and construction noise and disruption at inappropriate times ie LIKE THE PLAY ELECTRIC GUITARS (and horribly I might add) AT 4 AND 5AM IN THE MORNING. and there not really the easiest guys to approach.
28. Made the common areas uninhabitable and or unusable
------IE. Worst pack rat ever and he gets most of his stuff from dumpsters its like living in a dump. I live in a 7300sq ft warehouse and a good 70%is his junk piled up high, unusable gross.
29. brought waste in our home
----see above and then some, car parts, cars, discarded paint anything and everything really
30. harassed my friends and associates
---------he has barged into my friends work they wouldnt allow people to speak to me, and they turned away people at the door. Clients have left because they made such a violent scene once.
31. operated an illegal grow room and distributed marijuana without a proper license and to people without prescriptions
---nuff said
32. have physically harmed his girlfriend in our home bring about further disruptive behavior

----who I video taped when my things were bieng broken mocking me
33. Inviting a criminal element into a community house hold
----dealing from home
34. having forcibly entered my closet friends place of employment and demanded payment for work done in a very hostile manner.
So as you can see I'm a bit of a jam, I just got my web again by rerounting the inside wiring for the phone and thankfully got it going again and have a new client but I have no money to pay rent because of these jerks. where can I go for immediate aid.
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One question before I give you advice :

Why haven't YOU called the Police for Illegal Activities ?

Now my advice , Consult an Attorney in your area .

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