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The cops think I'm a terrorist?

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This is long, but please bear with me... It's interesting, and I do have a question at the bottom. Oh, this all takes part in the state of Oklahoma, Grady county.

On April 18th, 2001, someone told the principal of my highschool that there was a simple rumor regarding me planning some sort of school shooting. I was rapidly expelled from the school with no evidence other than a rumor. The school informed the police of the situation. I did NOT make any threats, plans, or jokes regarding what I am accused of.

The police performed an "investigation" at the school, including obtaining a bunch of photos I took at a nearby graveyard. I enjoy photography, and there are some great and interesting items present in the graveyard.

The police came to my place of employment. Before encountering me, they spoke with my manager, and asked if they could borrow me for ahile. Being that there were two Oklahoma City PD Homocide detectives asking for my presense, my manager agreed. I was in the middle of a project which I had to leave there(The customer was standing there with his computer taken apart. I had to leave it like that and have someone else pick up where I left. Not good customer service.) So, I lead the cops to my break room, where they asked me the basic questions, Name, address, family, etc etc. I was not mirandized at this time.

After asking these questions, they asked me to go to the police department for the remaining questions. I denied, wanting to get back to the computer which was torn apart. The police then asked again, and I denied again. They continued to ask with increasing firmness until I stupidly thought "Well, they say it will only be a couple hours, sounds OK." They had also told me that I was NOT under arrest, and was free to leave at ANY time.

They told me to leave my truck at work, and they would drive me in their (unmarked) car. When we arrived there, I was given a drink, and then interrogated in the homocide dept interrogation room. This was a very small claustrophobia-inducing room. It was very cold. I really needed to use the restroom, and they wouldn't let me.

They proceeded to ask me questions regarding things such as my knowledge of the "Aryan Nation," which I told them I knew of. Shocked, they asked me how I knew of it. I replied, simply, "TV." They continued to ask questions about that, and then they brought up my photography. I told them what they were. I had taken the pictures with another friend, who is very sensitive to the cold. He had taken a blanket from my truck, and had it wrapped around him as we wondered around. It was one of those fuzzy off-white warm blankets. They said it looked like I was "dabbling into the occult" from that picture. Appearently, Oklahoma cultists follow those ghostly apparitions set forth from Scooby Doo.

After about an hour of interrogation, never having been mirandized, they asked if they could search my room. I keep nothing illegal in my room. I have one heirloom .22 bolt-action rifle which is completely legal for a person the age of 18 to own. I figured that would be no problem, and agreed to it. They then informed me that they would talk to my parents and let them know where I was. They then asked if they could search my computer. I keep many "sensitive" files on my computer, and not all software is 100% legally licensed. I told them that they could NOT search my computer. The officer said O.K. and left me alone in the room for about another half hour. He then came in and asked if I was SURE I didnt want to sign their waiver. I said no again, and then I told him that I would like to leave, since I was told I could. He told me that I was under 'investigative detention', and could not leave. I had never been informed of this, and was shocked that I was under police detention for this.

After about four or so hours, they took me out of the room, and I got to finally use the restroom. It felt GOOD. It had been getting painful in the last 2 HOURS. After that, I was transported me to another PD, where I sat in a smaller, more uncomfortable, dark and lightless room. After being there for an unknown number of hours there(No clock, locked in a small dark room w/o a bathroom again.)

I was then taken to my house, where my squad cars were EVERYWHERE. There were at LEAST 5 of them. I arrived at my house at 3:30 AM, April 19th. They searched my room, and took my computer. They also took all of my software, my games, my BB gun, my .22 rifle, and lots of other things. At 5:30 I was allowed to finally see my parents and put my stuff, or what remained, back together and go to bed. I learned that my parents had NEVER been informed, and had been really panicing. I was supposed to be home at 9:30 PM. Not 5:30 AM.

They had obtained a search warrant for my PC based on a rumor and some photos of statues I had taken. Nice due process. I was held by police for a total of 9.5 hours. My life, much like my room, has been turned on its ass. Is there anything I could do about this? I know they broke SOME laws, at least the mirandizing thing...

Also, I was told that they are done searching the PC, but have yet to return it to me. They also told me that I would recieve an inventory list within 10 days, which has long since passed without an inventory list.



An update. Advice still quite needed.

Well, it's been some time since the incident first occured, and the police have finished their investigation. I recieved my computer and other seized belongings, only 4 or 5 months after it was taken from me. My school finally gave in and sent me my diploma, but no apology has come from the school or the police.

It is quite nice to have that done with, but the fact still stands that they trampled upon my rights. My lawyer seems to have lost interest in the case, and wont even tell me why. I need to find a new lawyer, but where should I look? Should I go for one just in the same state? The same county as the school which caused all of this? The county that the PD that harassed me? The county that I live in, which also issued the warrant? I'm really unsure what to do at this point. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Humble Warrior

You have to hire a lawyer that has passed the bar exam in your state. If your lawyer has lost interest in this,you can re-gain his/her interest by telling them to move their ass or be fired. Hit a lawyer in the wallet,and they wake right up.
Then you can sue the lawyer for recovery of your money based on ineffective representation,and THAT is one hell of a mark on their career.


Senior Member
Interesting story.... but I really don't see where your 'rights' were abused.

At any time during your questioning, did you ask for an attorney and was refused??

Did you ask for a bathroom 'break' and refused??

The fact that you weren't 'Mirandized' is not relevant, since you weren't charged.

In closing, you said, "Is there anything I could do about this? I know they broke SOME laws, at least the mirandizing thing..."
What laws do you KNOW that they broke??

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