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This is to Hex

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What is the name of your state? IL

I was wondering what is your story? You leave lots of messages (some negative some postive). What brings you here to this site?

Did or do you have problems with divorce, visitation, custody issues. I always see you leave replys and seem to know what you are talking about. Are a lawyer, attorney or some court order person that knows the rules?

I'm not being mean I was just wondering.



My 'story' is long and grizzled. As many here have already experienced it. For the purposes of brevity and not to bore the pants off anyone (except of course LMSP :D) suffice it to say I have extensive experience as a legal analyst for the NSA and NATO in International Affairs, have attended one of the best law schools in the country (although I never completed the course of study because frankly, law bores me) and have shall we say, "OTHER" experience from a different side of the law that has given me a perspective few see.

And I have an attorney on retainer with whom I consult if I feel compelled to answer but just don't know. (But even then I've been know to be wrong :eek:)

As for my answering child custody and visitation matters almost exclusively, I am a father of two great little girls who reside with their mother and who have been through International wars just to get to see me. And somehow, despite their parents, they are growing up with self-identity and pride in who they are and what they believe in.

Yes, I'm an old hippy and as liberal as you'll find on this forum. But I also went through the wars of the 60s and learned a valuable lesson that Jefferson tried to teach us all many years ago..."The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of Patriots."

In other words, fight for your freedoms, but be willing to pay a dear price if they are worth having.

So sometimes I have righteous indignation at people who use this forum trying to find a way out of the mess they got themselves into or trying to win a battle that no one can win. I have been and will continue to be nasty when I feel it warranted, ask questions I believe need to be answered to throw light on the real issues and state my opinion when I think someone needs a swift kick in the ass.

Why? Because that's why I'm here.


Waaaaah waaaah Waaaaah

I swear Hex, you act like you were born in the EIGHTIES, so it's hard to believe you've even seen the 60's anywhere other than on TV, or in a book.

EVERYone has a sob story... what is it about YOURS that makes you think you can treat people like crap? Well, whatever. Since it's okay for you to be a dick to others, you can always count on ME to be a dick to you... when I have time to be.

"Righteous indignation"??? You MUST be frikkin insane. Do you even know what righteous means?!!?

And Wyatt? Nothing worse than a kiss ass. ;)


You're a joke.

And I'm tired of wasting time on you.

have fun with the mental masterbation.


Senior Member
What is with the negativity?

The public is rudest, most self righteous, hanus (hanus/slang...defintion-Someone who is hanus is being, or resembling a hairy anus)entity.

So this forum mirrors life...does it not...and there is a wealth of advice for those who seriously ask and then there are those who are simply making excuses for their bad life decisions and wish to blame, or find an easy way out, they get what they deserve...

I have been in court and the judge has answered some of these sorry excuses for crimes with the same disgust as the people you are complaining about...so in fact the replies are saving the poster public embarrasment.

I enjoy the replies, and the ones I do not agree to or think are harsh...well, those are the ones I disregard....But the threats and names that are thrown around offend me. The posts which include those are not from senior members....go figure.


Huh. Funny how Hex can be an ass to whoever he wants, but when someone is an ass to him it's a big deal. If you can't take it, best not to dish it.

And Queen, all of the sudden you notice MY negativity? Where were you when Mr. Negative hisself, Hex, was posting his bile to people just asking questions? Nowhere to be found.

And if your life mirrors the rudeness and holier-than-thou attitudes that you can find from certain "senior members", I pity you. Just wait until YOU are the one being judged without any info.


Senior Member
I did not say you, did I---f guy?

I see alot of the negative posts all over the place now.

Where was I when Mr negative, hiMself was posting? I read it. So?

I did not say MY life mirrored that but I am a *gag* public servant, and I have experienced the negativity and the excuses and the ways out people use.

Don't pity me, I do not need it. Thank you anyway.

I also have been judged without proof and I cannot explain to you the experience. Terrible. Not to mention the way I am judged every last damn time I do my job.

By the way have YOU noticed the posts with phrases such as... calling persons A$$holes, f-words, and threats...I mean physical threats? THOSE bother me....thank God it is just a forum, huh.

and I believe it is More than just a forum, but a good one.

Stop taking things so personally. This is how you get your feelings hurt and I too have had mine hurt on here. But, I will not say it was with malice and not without cause.

I lived and I suspect the others will too.

Last edited:


dequeendistress said:
Hurry and say something, I know you will and the reload button is showing signs of wear...
LMAO...regardless of the rest of this thread...that is funny!


I apologize... I assumed since I was the only one being negative in THIS particular post, you were talking to me... wonder how I got that idea?

I try never to be negative. But I get irritated by self righteous, judgemental people that don't even bother to get the full story before assuming things based on their own limited life experiences. So I figure if they want to dish attitude, I will give them attitude. Fair is fair. If they don't like it, they should try to be nicer, and understand what their "victims" feel like after being ragged on.

Hey who made a physical threat by the way? I must have missed that one... that's funny! I guess everyone online can be 6'5" and a solid 250lbs of muscle, eh?

Oh and just between us? My feelings aren't easily hurt... that was a sarcastic remark I made. ;)

And as far as I'm concerned, a person that sits back and watches someone mis-treat someone else is just as bad as that person. It's like a bully beating on someone and kids laughing as it happens.

So who do YOU want to be?

Lil Miss Smarty Panties

FJ1200guy said:
So who do YOU want to be?

I want to be a ballerina. Or maybe the wife of Bill Gates. Or IAAL's concubine.



LOL! How do you go from ballerina to concubine?

Dang... getting a mental image here... help! :D

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