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Trying to find proper channels to go through for my husband who is currently deployed

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What is the name of your state?What is the name of your state? Ohio

Hello all. I am in need of desperate help for my husband who is a National Guardsman in Ohio. His Unit was deployed last year to Iraq. Prior to the deployment, he was put on orders for advance party at the Unit to get the items together that they needed. At that time, he was a platoon SGT. He is an E-7 and has 4 years active duty with the army and 10 years with the National Guards. So, my husband helps get things together at the Armory and gets his platoon safely to their MOB site. He is in a transportation unit and once they got to their MOB site, they were told that they would also be gunner trucks supporting the civilian drivers in Iraq. This meant getting everyone in his platoon qualified on different guns, etc. Ok so he gets his platoon qualified - this takes place between January 5 and Jauary 25. On January 25, 2004, he receives a counseling statement for one of the soldiers in his platoon for missing an appointment. On January 29, 2004, he received a counseling from his Lt regarding the initial counseling onto Title 10 active duty. On February 3, 2004, he receives a second counseling statement for inaccurate report of soldiers equipment. (He had sent numbers to supply as to how many camel baks were needed - supply lost the first list so a second list was sent to supply - in the meantime, more soldiers were being sent to the MOB site to fill in for those that were deemed non-deployable.) On February 5, 2004, he received yet another counseling statement for disrespect toward a superior commissioned officer - Lt for 3rd Plt, who also happens to be the CO's best friend. At any rate, my husband was given an Article-89-Disrespect toward a superior commissioned officer. My husband was taken in for an Article 15 hearing regarding this allegation. On February 6, 2004, my husband received yet another counseling statement. This one was for alleged confiscation of soldiers equipment. A soldier had a laptop computer with a web cam attached - at that time, my husband was concerned with security issues and secured the computer and camera - he did not look at the files that were contained on the computer, simply secured it until he could speak with the soldier to make certain no information was being broadcast - again for security purposes. My husband had an Article 15 hearing and after the hearing was over, my husband asked the CO for help as it seemed that he was getting yelled at all the time, all of a sudden. The CO responded by stating what all my husband's problems are (in his opinion), for as far back as 3 years prior to this time, that my husband doesn't listen, can't be trusted, always having problems within his platoon, leaders rely on my husband too much, etc., etc. After a few more things that the CO raised, he stated to my husband that he was thinking of giving him an Article 15 for the "computer issue." My huband asked him if he was getting another Article 15. The CO stated that "it depends on your choice." My husband was told that he either takes a voluntary transer to the Mess section and allow SFC Miller to become the new 1st PLT SGT or if not, my husand would receive another Article 15. It is clear that there was a pre-meditation on moving my husband by the CO at this point as we have written statements from two soldiers who over heard a conversation whereby SFC Miller was talking about being the new 1ST PLT SGT even before my husband's talk with the CO. My huband stated that was a lot to think about and didn't want to answer right away. At that point, the CO gave my husband the weekend to think about it and to let him know his answer at 0800 hrs on Monday, Feb. 8, 2004. That night was the first pass the soldiers had since they had left Akron, Ohio on January 5, 2004. The family members were allowed to go and stay with them for the weekend. After I picked my husband up and we went to a hotel, we spent the first four hours talking about all of what was going on. Trust me, after six weeks of not seeing my husband, talking about this was the last thing on my mind, but I saw how upset he was about it. That weekend, instead of shopping and going out for dinner as our friends were, we were sitting in our hotel room surfing the internet to get information as to what my husband could do to fight these allegations and the fact that he was given an ultimatum by the CO. Upon his return from the weekend pass, he met with the CO and once again,the CO asked him what his decision was. My husband made the CO clarify, move to the mess section or receive an Article 15. At that point, my husband responded with "I'm first platoon SGT and I'm not going to move over to mess." CO stated he would get the paperwork started. At this point, my husband contacted the JAG office at Ft. Knox and met with a Jag officer the next morning. The Officer told my husband that the counseling statements meant nothing and that he had every right to secure the soldier's computer. She then informed him that the ultimatum that the CO gave him was not legal and he (CO) could not do that. My huband returned to his MOB site and remained 1st PLT SGT - that is until they hit Kuwait. Two weeks after arriving in Kuwait, the CO moved my husband into the Mess section. Apparently another counseling statement was written up but my husband does not have a copy of it. The allegations were that the soldiers did not trust my husband. There are many other things that have gone on since my husband has been stationed in Iraq, but I will not continue to bore any of you with that. Let's just say, my husband has documented everything and he wrote a 22 page synopsis as to what had happened up until Friday, August 6, 2004. Let me also state that the CO is African-American and SFC Miller is also African-American, so is the Lt from 3rd PLT (CO's best friend). My husband is caucasion and I am in no way making any accusations here, but it does look rather suspicious of reverse prejudice. The CO had the 1SG sent home back in June, did not put my husband in for a promotion the year previous - this was just discovered during the latter part of this deployment - has created a hostile work environment not only for my husband but for several of the other soldiers there - they are all affraid to speak up though for fear of repercussions. My husband's Lt was home during a break in december, I spoke with the Lt directly and he told me that "since I have been the Lt in 1st Plt, I was told to get rid of Williamson." He further went on to state that he (Lt) had been fighting to keep my husband as Plt Sgt. My husand has always received average or better than average on all of his NCOER's, why now was he written up for every little thing? Why just weeks before they were moving into Iraq was he moved out of the position of 1st Plt Sgt? Why now that he has been out on missions, SPC and below don't give him any respect? Why was my husband passed over for promotion or not put in for promotion? Why is it that if my husband was not qualified to be a good Plt SGt, was he entrusted to take a class to become a HAZMAT Certifier four weeks before they departed for their MOB site? This was the second time he was certified for this job. I want to know what, if anything, we can do to this CO? Please, any advice would be greatly appreciated. The papers I have read like a book. Everything has been meticulously documented. Thanking you in advance for any advice you can give me.

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