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Underage Drinking and Driving

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What is the name of your state? MN Heres the story. It's my first night ever in Minneapolis. I came up here to see the Warped Tour with my friend that I am going to be rooming with for the school year. We were camping outside the city a little ways, so we decide to come into the city to hangout with one of my friends friends from school. Over a period of 5-6 hours I have 3 1/2 beers. Its getting late and everyone wants to go home. The 3 of us get into my car and start driving. I pull up to the stop sign right outside the driveway. Look at the stop sign, dont see a one-way sign so i turn right heading back toward the interstate. As soon as i turn i see headlights facing me, I say "hey guys this is a one-way isnt it?" I turn around and then flashing lights are in my mirror. He pulls us over, walks back from his car with a breathalizer. I blew a .0529 or something around that. He writes up a citation for underage drinking and driving and wrong way on a one-way. My car gets impounded, and he lets us leave. I do have a prior underage drinking ticket in WI awhile back. Driving record is really clean. one speeding ticket around 3 years ago. im 19 years old, 20 in september. Well what do you think, I plan on going in monday and asking for a continuance to consult with an attorney based on advice from some attorney in the yellow pages. Whats up?


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You did what most of us did at your age, but don't like to think about now that we're older and "wiser". You just got caught. Problem is, you have some evidence stacked against you. There's not alot you can do except tell the judge that you screwed up, have a clean record (I hope) and then accept what comes to you. You'll get through it and be more careful and mindful of the law in the future.

I was no smarter than you when I was your age, but I'm glad I grew up in the seventies. Things were simpler.


The first underage drink and drive is nothing. You'll get slapped with probation for a year and supension of your liscense for 30 days. Just don't get another one thats all. I have two in mn already and a ****load of other tickets... BTW how was the warped tour this year at the metrodome? I live in st paul I had to work so I couldn't make it this year.

Note: Underage drink and drive is considered less than a DUI. You were just drinking underage and driving you weren't OVER the legal limit in MN. Which just changed to .08. If your PBT was higher than that you would have been charged with a DUI which is a harsher penalty.

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