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VA - Stationary radar 74 in a 55

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Last night I was stopped by the VA state police in Fauquier County for allegedly going 74 in a posted 55 on Route 29 (which is one long speed trap). He told me why he stopped me, asked if there was an emergency (I responded that I was trying to make a flight at Dulles Airport as my flight from Charlottesville had been canceled and said I did not know how fast I was going but never acknowledged speeding), and collected my license and registration.

He returned about 10 minutes later, asked me why my car smelled of beer (I pointed to the recycling bin in the back of my SUV and explained that I had intended to take a cab to the local airport but instead had to drive to DC with a load of recycling), he inspected my car's exterior and interior (via flashlight from outside only), asked why I had no suitcase if I was going to the airport (it was in a seat well, which he confirmed), issued me a summons and court date, thanked me for my cooperation, and asked me to sign the summons (which I did). Before I did, I explained that I had never received a moving violation in 16 years as a licensed driver and asked if he might cite me for a non-moving, expensive violation that I could pay to the county's coffers (this earned me a polite chuckle).

I am far more concerned with the potential points and resulting insurance than the actual fine. A stranger on an airplane once told me that requesting the last engineering and traffic review from Virginia DOT would bounce a ticket if they weren't up to date, but that's anecdotal and probably BS.

If anyone here has some ideas on how I might fight/mitigate this, I'd be very appreciative. FWIW, I am very sure that I was not going 74. I wouldn't be prepared to swear that I was going the speed limit, however.

Edited to note that the summons states I have hazel eyes (mine are blue and my license reflects this) and that my hair is brown (it's blonde, also reflected on my license).


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FWIW, I am very sure that I was not going 74. I wouldn't be prepared to swear that I was going the speed limit, however.

If you don't know then you really don't have a shot. What is your defense going to be, "Your Honor, I didn't feel like I was going 74, more like 65." ?

In Fairfax county you would be looking at a $100 to $200 fine, not sure about Faquier. When I had to go to court I saw a lot of people fines in that range that were going roughly as fast as you. They didn't have lawyers.

BTW, you are looking at a 6 point fine for an RD. :/ My lawyer told me to go to driving school after the conviction since I had a perfect record. This then allowed me to immediately boost my point rating. Driving school before the fact is only good for people with sketchy history.


PS It might behoove you to go to court well before your date to get a gauge on how the action flows in Fauqier.

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