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Verification & Credigy giving info wrongly

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What is the name of your state? Florida
Brief history- I was recieving letters threating law suit from credigy...I requested account verification from credigy via Certified Return Reciept twice, once in March then again in June..never recieved. I notified equifax and experian in August due to both the original debt from the bank AND this debt from Credigy being on my credit report. Experian and Equifax "confirmed" the debt and informed me that it was verified by Credigy to be legitimate and they kept both the bank and credigy on the report. In the meantime, I sent a letter informing Credigy that I was disputing there amount and that the SOL had expired and to cease calling my house, and I considered the matter closed on 8/15/05 (CRR). Credigy is telling me I owe them and amount that is three times the amount the bank has listed and this amount is increasing.
Today I recieved a letter from Credigy dated back to August 20th, postmarked 9/8/05 with a verification statement attached, but it doesn't say anywhere how they are coming up with their dollar amount??
Question: Can they charge interest? And why can both the orignal collector with an outstanding balance of 1540 and Credigy at 3423 be on my credit report....different account numbers?

Debt Guy

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What the creditor can charge (or the JDB as successor) depends on the terms of the original cardholder agreement and the laws of your state.

In most cases, they are allowed to charge interest and sometimes other costs. For sure, they will stick on anything they think they can get away with and maybe even some more.

This particular CA has a bad reputation for such things.

What can you do about it? Not much. You can write letters and demand all sorts of things but you are not likely to get a response. If and when they sue you, you will have the right to conduct discovery and make them prove everything.

Or, you can file a lawsuit. To do so, you will need to be able to prove they broke some specific law. You should obtain and read the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act. If you can document violations of these laws, then your leverage in dealing with these bums will increase dramatically.


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Bud Hibbs - America's Consumer Credit Expert says

This organization is a major scam that should send a lot of Credigy/Stewart people to prison. These low life debt collectors have taken the bottom-feeder industry to yet, a new low. GA Attorney Steven Jeffrey Stewart, who is rumored to be financed by South American “investors” purchases old, mostly worthless, out of statute debts from entities such as Providian/First Select, which is considered by the industry as trash.

My insider information is that employees in their legal department prepare and manufacture documentation for at least 75 bogus lawsuits every day, with little or no regard to authenticity of the information. Most are on a quota system for production, under intense pressure by management to produce lawsuits that can be filed nationally by a sub group of rent a lawyers, most with little or no experience in debt collection laws. In many cases, their rental attorneys fail to show up, hoping to take default judgments on unsuspecting consumers.

Consumers must realize that anything with the name Providian or First Select collected or litigated MUST be treated as tainted, bogus and manufactured information. Factor that with the idiots at Stewart/Credigy and you have a bunch of criminals out to rip you off. Scumbags like Steven Stewart pay almost nothing for this paper, and then allows his “legal teams” to remanufacture the data so that it appears to be legal, when it is not. Lying on affidavits, changing dates of last activity, manufacturing data is all a part of this criminal enterprise headed by bottom-feeder Stewart and the liars working for him. Nothing this organization says, does or files should ever be believed or taken at face value. They are out to steal your money and don’t car what the consequences are.

A ‘TIME BARRED DEBT’ means it is past the statute for taking actions in your state. That does NOT mean anything to these con men, they file anyway. They will lie about your military status, they will lie about the date of last activity, and this is what criminal’s do, they lie to extort monies they are not entitled to. Stewart and the attorneys working there know this; they allow it to continue, because the money they make is incredible. Their goal is to extort monies from consumers, or file a lawsuit and get a judgment they can use to inflate their net worth. It is important that you never allow them to get a judgment, contested cases can be dismissed, they cannot prove all the lies they file.

They use a network of attorneys that make you wonder how they ever even got a law license. Most don’t even show up for court hearings, the majority don’t have a clue how to litigate collection cases. Stewart is counter-sued by defense lawyers, he almost always pays. That is why I urge anyone involved in litigation with Credigy/Stewart to utilize the consumer law professionals from www.naca.net These are REAL lawyers who know what they are doing, not the bumbling idiots employed by Stewart/Credigy.

CONSUMERS: Answer every notice sent out by Credigy/Stewart, demand validation of every debt. Check your credit reports for accuracy; compare what these liars say, to what the original creditors have reported. File complaints against Stewart and his lawless lawyers with the GA State Bar Ethics Committee at: 1-800-334-6865 and use the REAL consumer law professionals at:

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