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Victim Lied & I was arrested

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What is the name of your state?What is the name of your state? - This happened in Arizona.

I was in an argument with an apartment complex manager because she verbally abused me and my sister. When I realized there was no more talking to this woman, out of frustration I picked up the candy dish on her desk and slammed it back down. My sister grabbed me and we walked towards the exit and tried to leave. The manager instructed her emplyees to call the police. They did not allow me or my sister to leave, they even had someon standing at the door to stop us. The manager continued to verbally harrass us. Out of much frustration, I knocked over the coffee machine that they had on a table. The police came and they arrested me even though I apologized and I told them I would pay the damages. I explained her harrassment to me and my sister which lead me to the frustration that I felt. I believed I was being arrested because of the damage that I caused.
I just received the police report and it seems as though this manager is lying and said that I threw the candy dish at her and then I grabbed her and assaulted her. Then it says that we were asked to leave, and they even held the door open for us - but we refused to leave. Other than the breaking of the coffee machine, everything else in her statement as well as some of her employees are lies.
I am so upset, I spent a night in jail because this woman flat out lied!
I cannot afford an attorney and I am still waiting to see if I will be charged.
Whether I am charge or not, I am so upset that this woman can get away with this. Do I have any kind of chance of filing a suit against her, or suing her for emotional distress, both to me and my sister?
Please help!


The problem lies with when you crossed the line of verbal into physical. You showed aggression and that doesn't sit well with the police. You had a choice when the manager first started harrassing you... you and your sister should have simply walked out the door... No one was forcing you to stay there... you were on her property and damaged her things... whether or not she lied is irrelevant right now...

How old are you? is this your first time with any legal trouble? How could you have not been charged with something? Didn't you state you went to jail? what did you go to jail for? How did you get out?

You have no cause to sue her because you crossed the line first... people can say mean rude things, but you don't have the right to pick up objects and toss them around because of it.


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Victim Lied & I was arrested.

Thanks for your reply.
I guess just by reaading my short paragraph, I must sound like a lunatic. There is such a long story that leads up to her harrassment of me and my sister. I just want to make it clear that when I heard her insulting my sister and my sister broke down in tears, I knew it was useless speaking with this woman. It was then that I picked up the dish - I did not throw the candy dish, I picked it up and slammed it back down in its original spot. Then the manager directed her employees to phone the police. We were on our way to the door to leave and they did not allow us to. They had one of their employees standing guard at the door to keep up there. The throwing of the objects happened after all of that.
I was arrested and I spent the night in jail. The judge released me ROR. I live in NY and I was told to return to AZ in Sept for a hearing. I was told that my case was scratched and it was sent to the city of Phoenix. I am waiting to see if I will be charged by the city.
Based on the statement that the manager gave - I believe the reason I was arrested was because she said I threw the candy dish directly at her and that afterwards I grabbed her. Then she said that they asked us to leave and we refused. These things never happened - her statement was completely fabricated. The throwing of the items happened after they refused us to exit. If they would have just let us leave, it would not have escalated as much as it did.
I am just upset that I went to jail for something she completely lied about. I am willing to take ownership of the damages that I made - but I do not take responsibility for the lies she made up.
I believe that keeping us there only made matters worse, and it was also illegal for them to do so.
Now, because of the verbal abuse that this woman put my sister through, her medical condition is even worse than it was.
Sorry for the rambling - thanks for reading this far!

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