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Victim Of Group Mobbing/defamation

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Junior Member
What is the name of your state? Ohio

Basically, I graduated college a while back and lost all my friends who went on to the "real" world. I on the other hand, stuck around and went to graduate school to further my education. Due to the fact that I lost all my main friends, I decided I might as well take a more proactive approach to meeting people, and I became a regular at a local bar, often going out alone. I began talking to a lot of people with good results and became known as a sociable guy.

However, I soon ran into trouble. One night I talked to some guys girlfriend, which of course was interpreted as hitting on her by both her an her boyfriend, who proceeded to come after me that night. I managed to avoid a fight, but was eventually from then on targeted for harrassment and verbal assault. I was labeled as "creepy" and malicious rumors were being spread about me. Eventually, the same guy who was angry about me talking to his girlfriend, gave me a closed-fisted slap across the face after I repeatedly refused to fight him.

I continued to go to the bar, because it was my right, and I did nothing wrong however. One night some girl came up to me screaming "YOU'RE CREEPY, YOU'RE CREEPY!!! WHY ARE YOU STILL COMING HERE, YOU GOT PUNCHED IN THE FACE LAST NIGHT!?!?!" I ignored this and walked outside. She followed me out, and when I turned around I saw her talking to the bouncer, presumably telling him that I need to be banned from the bar or somthing like that. The bouncer did nothing since I didn't do anything wrong. However, I didn't like to see her conspirating against me so I approached her and tried to reason with her. I was shouted down, not permitted to speak. She kept screaming that I was creepy to my face. I asked her "why am I creepy?" which did not get an answer.

Soon enough, the cops approached the seen, after observing her erratic behavior, and asked her what she was upset about. She paused and told them "he's creepy!" They were like, "well, why is he creepy?" She looked dumbfounded then eventually said "he hits on every girl at the bar!" They were just like "come on, he's not allowed to talk to girls?" The officer then talked to me I told my side of the story, that I wasn't doing anything wrong, breaking laws etc, and I told him that I had been previously hit by another guy that frequently went to the bar. The cop told me to "stay away from 'that'" as he pointed to the girl, which clearly indicated that he recognized that she was disturbed and basically sided with me, viewing her as the aggressor.

Although the cop sided with me I am still a bit anxious about this situation. Particularly, I am worried that this incident may show up on a background check. Im not sure the officer took my name or DOB down. He checked my I.D. but handed it back so I don't know if he memorized my information or what, or if someone else supplied it to him. Would an incident like this should up on a background check? Would an incident report have been made? I know he viewed me as more likely to be the victim here but some of the information may be viewed as stigmatizing if it were uncovered by a prospective employer. My career plans suggest government work, which likely will entail a comprehensive background check.

Also, I'm a bit shaken up and psychologically damaged by all this. I'm also worried about some false accusations or complaints being made to the police due to all this. Apparently, some people out there still think I'm a demon, and the girl that got the police to roll up to the scene is still harassing me and being aggressive towards me in public, even though this was like 8 months ago. Unlike these people, I have a life ahead of me and things to lose. If there were ever to be a false accusation made to the polce would I know about it for sure? Would they contact me to let me know? I'm just a little freaked out about having my name attached to some document in the police station that contains injurious information about me.

I apologize for the length of this post, and also if it sounds like excessive worrying. But I'd really appreciate a response. Thanks.


Senior Member
It sounds like you might be worrying excessively.

An incident report will not show up in a background check.

Being called "creepy" is not a nice thing to be called, but it is not defamatory. It is just opinion.

I recommend that you stop frequenting that bar. I KNOW it is your legal right to go there, but, honestly, find some place where people don't hit you and call you creepy.


Junior Member
thanks for the reply. And yes, I am trying to avoid the place; but a lot of times if I'm hanging out with people they'll want to go there and I'll have to do. Thanks for helping.

About the other question thugh. If someone did, hypothetically, make some false allegations/accusations/complaints to the police, would I be sure to know about it? Would the police contact me to let me know? Thanks.

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