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voluntary relinquishment of parental rights

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i wrote you a few days ago, but i don't see an answer from you, i musta missed it. how long after posting a question is it before the answer is put on from you. it was over grandchildren wanting to live with grandparents. i now have a new question in regarding to same topic sorta. last night our daughter called from illinois, she was very up-set, crying. she said, "dad we are going to give perment custody of both girls' to you & mom." "but in order to do this, bub (he's the father) says you will have to sign papers saying he doesnot have to pay child susport to you, & you will have to send a ticket up here for tiff to get back down to florida on a plane, bub says he's not paying you one dime for anything for the girls." you can call the airline & get a ticket up here. she then said, "this is what tiff wants is to live with you". then she said,"were going to keep her till end of mo. so she can finish school up here then after we get the ticket we'll send her down to you". then she said,"both the girls will have to sign papers at the attonery's office for this "after" tiff gets down there>", then she said."i will call the detective in the morrning & tell him were signing the papers. then she said, "you will have to call the attonery bubs tomorrow & get all the papers to sign." my husband said,"OK, he would call the attonery, & told her we donot want child susport," he's never paid in before,my husband didnot say that to her tho, my husband called to talk to our daughter this morrning in illinois & her husband answered, he started yelling & accuseing my husband again, & saying we have the other one when we donot & never have sense she ran a-way. anyway, bub was yelling at my husband calling him names, & saying "you aren't going to get one dime of my money (he sold his house in fl this is the money he's talking about) & you won't get child susport from me, & i'm not signing no custody until the girls sign the papers, & untill the 16 yr. old (not gonna use her name) is surfaced & goes down to "MY" attonery's office & to the detective's office & signs the papers, he said, "she (the 16 yr. old) "HAS TO" surface "FIRST" & "BOTH GIRLS" "HAVE TO SIGN THE PAPERS AT THE SAME TIME" well they have the 14 yr. old in IL with them, & he says "he's "NOT" sending her back to FL until the 16 yr. old surfaces" the 16 yr. old "will not" surface until the papers are signed she says." we donot know where she is as i told you before. my questions are> "does the girls have to be present to sign custody papers, why would they need to sign a custody paper, the parents are voluntary relinquishing their parental rights, in the florida statues chapter 39 judicial branch title 5; it says; that their only need be a written report must include a statement of the wishes of the child", it also says, "NO anwser required-No answer to the petition or any pleading need be filed by any child/parent, but any matters which might be set forth in an answer or pleading may be pleaded orrally before the court or filed "IN WRITING" as any person may choose.notwithstanding the filling of any answer or pleading the child/parent shall prior to the adjudicatory hearing be advised by the court of the right to counsel & shall be given an oppurniity to deny the allegations in the petition before the court.> does this apply to when the parents voluntary relinquish their parental rights, & exactly what does it mean. also it says on the part i mentioned about the written ststement that the child has 72 hrs. of the dispostion to make written report. "BUT" these girls have both already done this & courts have seen this & bub's attonery has a copy of this. "IF" the girls had to be present, we have to be present to sign these papers, "THEN DOESN'T" their parents have to be present also????? "NOW CAN THE GIRLS JUST HAVE A WRITTEN STATEMENT FOR THIS NOTERIZED & NOT BE PRESENT" "OR" "DO THEY "NOT HAVE TO BE THERE AT ALL"? i had one attonery here in fl. tell me they "DONOT HAVE TO BE THRE TO SIGN ANYTHING, IT IS BETWEEN THE PARENTS & US THAT HAS TO DO THE SIGNING" "NOT THE KIDS" is this true? also in the florida constitution section 9- due process- No person shall be "DEPRIVED OF "LIFE" LIBERTY OR PROPERTY WITHOUT DUE PROCESS OF LAW "OR" "BE PUT "TWICE" IN "JERPODY" FOR SAME OFFENSE OR BE COMPELLED IN ANY CRIMINAL MATTER TO A WITTNESS AGAINST ONESELF". their father "HAS THRENETED THEIR LIFES, HE PUT A SCREWDRIVER TO THE TEMPLE OF THE 16 YR. OLD TOLD HER HE WAS GONNA SHOVE IT THRU OTHER SIDE, PUT A RAG WITH CHIMICALES ON IT IN THE 14 YR. OLDS FACE, & MUCH MORE, & THE CONSTUCTION SAYS, "NO PERSON SHALL BE DEPRIVED THEIR LIFE", PLEASE COMMENT ON THIS. also he is still saying he is going to have us arrested for hideing the 16 yr. old. WE ARE NOT & HAVE NOT BEEN OR EVER HAVE"!he says that detective told him he could have us arrested. "IS THIS TRUE"? my husband & his own daughters' told cops & court the judge about him selling, growing & smokeing pot, they "DIDNOT" do "NOUTHING" about it at all. they said "WE HAVE TO SEE HIM OURSELF" well "ISN'T IT THE SAME WITH US, DON'T THEY HAVE TO SEE US WITH THE 16 YR. OLD TO ARREST US"? Please answer my questions please, "NO-ONE SEEMS TO CARE ABOUT THIS/US & NO-ONE SEEMS TO HELP US" please "HELP" i didn't get no answer from my last question to you that i seen. thank you!

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