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What are my rights? Condensed version

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What is the name of your state? I am from Mass and I would like some advise on an arrest. On Oct 31 2003 at 3:00 PM I was arrested for creating adisturbance, resisting arrest and threatening to commit a crime.After my wife and I went to pick up 7 yr old son at the bus stop a police cruiser showed up and parked on the corner. After taking our son off the bus the officer called my wife and me over to speak with him. The officer said, "Mr. R you have to stop wasting our time" I said "what are you talking about?" He said "this is a waste of our time." I said " I still have no idea what you are talking about. Who called you? That is the one who is wasting your time." Immediately after I made the last statement the officer grabbed my son by his wrist and pushed him to the ground. He then grabbed my right arm, twisted it and turned me around throwing me up against the police car. The officer forced my arm up behind my back at which time I felt intense pain in my shoulder. He cuffed me and said I was under arrest for creating a disturbance.

My wife and I were having problems with a couple of the residents in our neighborhood one of them being a Watertown Fire Chief, his wife and her twin sister. It was ironic that on this particular day these neighbors came to the bus stop with video and still camera in thier posession. I was taken to the station and booked for disturbing the peace and resisting arrest. Twenty minutes later the arresting officer called the station and added a third offense for threatening to commit a crime. The Fire Chief's wife told the officer that while I was in his custody and as he was driving away I turned, look through the metal protected window and stated "I am going to kill you". Apparently the chiefs wife can read lips through two inch round holes in metal plates on windows. As it turns out and was stated on the police report, the Watertown Fire Chief called the Maynard police at 1:00 PM while at the Watertown Fire station and asked for a police presence for something that he felt might happen. Apparently the police abliged. Ironically my wife went to the police the day before to ask for help at this same bus stop for being verbally harassed and taunted. The police turned her away sighting budget and manpower constraints

The charges against me were eventually dissmissed after 1 1/2 yrs of numerous court appearences and an extreme financial burden on my family. My son had to go thru phsycological treatments and I was diagnosed with rotator cuff injuries that required PT and cortizone shots. I found out through the probation office that the arressting officer had a history of bad arrests.

The Maynard Police even filed a complaint against my wife the same day I was arrested for creating a disturbace because she was emmotional for what happened to me and my son. Additional complaints kept on coming from the police including assaualt, filing false police reports, disturbing the peace, throwing snow on the road, and crimminal harassment. I lived in this town for 20 years and prior to this I never had an issue with the Maynard police.

The Watertown Fire chief eventually got directly involved as well when he forced my wife and son off the road while driving his Fire Chief's car in Maynard. Minutes after picking our son uo from school she noticed a red car tailgating her. Suddenly a siren sounded and red lights began flashing. The car passed her and forced her off the road causing her to strike her chest on the steering wheel. Approx two minutes later she observed the fire chief heading the opposite direction laughing as he passed her. I called the Maynard police to report the event. They took no action and told me the fire chief was taking his daughter to the hospital for a hurt hand and he is entitled to use his car for emergencies. Knowing about all the tension that existed in our neighborhood, I asked the chief if he requested proof from the fire chief. He responded no it wasn't necesssary.

I filed an Internal Affair report against the officers and they never interviewed my wife, son or any of the neighbors who knew what was happening and sided with our family.The officers kept suggesting we move out of Maynard.

Eventually it took its toll. It cost me $33,000 for this defense, we moved out of town and lost many friends. We are still very concened of the Fire Chief and the Maynard police and the powers they hold.

Is there anything I can do to bring these people to justice? I will gladly answer all questions any of you may have.

Thank You


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Instaed of sarcastic respones, how about one that has some intellegent context to it. After all, you know it alls are suppose to have all the answers, aren't you? Any idiot can see I posted this twice. I was adived to condense this thread and repost it on this forum by one of your senior members.

Now how about one of you "so called" experts giving me some advice I can use. You are apparently experts on stating the obviuos but how good are you at providing intellegent responses to legal questions. If you want to be insulting and demeaning why don't you go into a chat room like AIM.

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