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What can I do (If anything)

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This is kinda complicated. I am currently employed by the same employer as my ex. He put in the word to get me a better job than the one I already had because we had a child together. We were not together at that time. Then about a month after I started, my ex filed to take me to court for visitation and child support issues. He has been at this place for about 2 years and the owners are alomost like family to him. So every paper my lawyer filed, he had to tell my boss. Then my boss would ask me why I was doing all this. My response was always "I'm doing what it takes to defend myself and my family". I have wanted to quit numerous times, but feel that would look bad when we go to court over all this child visitaion stuff. I am in charge of personnel files and bookkeeping. I was suppose to have a review after 90 days. I asked my boss about it and she said it was company policy to do reviews at 6 months (which would make mine after court), when all the while I have to inform her when 90 days are up for other employees. They have given me other responsibilities as time goes on. Now my lawyer has ordered our boss to be in court and she is angry with me. I haven't told my boss my side of the story of why we are going to court for 2 reasons. 1- they are very close to my ex and didn't want to be the typical ex and try to bash him or ruin his character image. 2- for all I know, I could have said something and they would have told him and somehow it could be used against me in court. But I don't know if I could use the issue of not having a review after 90 days, being excluded from parties and confrences, and being given responsibilities to only have them taken away after she is ordered to go to court, to prove some kind of favoritism. I don't know if I should quit or not. It feels as if they are waiting for me to screw up so they can fire me. This is such a stressful atmosphere and all I'm trying to do is be a working single mother of 2 kids. I also would like to point out that I am extremely under paid for the position I have. Like I said, I have access to personnel files and know the person before me was paid 3 dollars more on the hour than me and had less responsibilities. Everyone else gets 90 day reviews, and I am also the least paid employee in the company. What should I do? Also, my ex has stated that I used my position to obtain information to use against him in court, such as pay rate, insurance info, and so on.

Sorry this was so long. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!



My personal opinion -- you are never going to "win" in this kind of situation -- "they treat my x like family." I think you should try to line up another job as soon as possible. I realize that you are going through a lot of grief and confusion now and this is probably another thing on your plate that you don't want to deal with, but you really have no choice. One way or the other you are going to lose working there -- money or sanity.
Thank you for such a quick response! Will quitting look bad on a resume? I'm close to 30 and only been in the work force for 5 years. This would be the third job I've quit.

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