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What is the "law"

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What is the name of your state?What is the name of your state? delaware

I have complained since 1999 about the actions of the family court with no response, also reading the law, I understand most but not all “since there is so much of it, I would need 10 pages to cite areas of law”. Anyway, what I would like to know about Delaware courts is what law do you follow or is it a mix of several as I think it is? I know that it is a court of equity not law That I get. My question is both of jurisdiction and equity law, I realize the court has jurisdiction to hear cases of equity but what I understand is that courts of equity are a some kind of alleged “contract” and I lose all my constitutional rights entering the court “since contract law is not used”. What person in their right mind would knowingly do that? Furthermore if you don’t surrender to the jurisdiction you are then a criminal under their law,” that’s a clever flaw in law”. now back to equity law, ok now I am forced into a court where there are no protections and am subject to a judge that has no hard set of rules or laws that I can defend myself because the only “rules” are a few federal and state codes and divorce laws none of witch are for purpose of defense and the 20 equity maxims the judge is supposed to use in their “discretionary findings” I Don’t know about anyone else but now understand being striped of all protections and being subject to the “interpretation and discretion “of one person is not where you want to be.
I lost to find the reason for this system that is so anti-American where you can’t use any law to defend against whether it is civil, constitutional, contract, or common law they cant be used therefore in my opinion the law is flawed and ineffective. I know most lawyers in Delaware don’t or wont get this or comment because it is alleged theory


1: Constitutional rights and protections do not exist in courts of equity that is why all lawsuits will fail. How are those protections lost? What is the root basis do they operate, admiralty, maritime, law? I understand the vague domestic part “I think we all do!”

2: are they alleging a contract exists? If so where is it? “if I went out on street and told someone they are subject to my “contract” discretion and rules which there is no defense, I would be tried for countless criminal and civil violations! “and locked up for being crazy” imagine that.

3: Jurisdiction is obtained by entering the court, therefore they enforce the nonexistent “contract” by appearance and signing documents? If you do not appear, you are a criminal. Correct? Then can I draft a document that they have to sign stating I understand their right to personal “jurisdiction” but advise them I do not agree too, acknowledge, knowingly enter into any “contract” or loss of privilege, rights that I enjoy as a sovereign person as a us citizen.

4: There is no recourse to redress grievances, since no other court in the land will say they did anything wrong since everything is subject to “discretion” you will always end up back were you started ‘at their mercy’ their has got to be a way around this! Any ideas?
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Your post and questions are far too complex to answer on a FREE legal advice forum.
I suggest you either go to law school to determine the answers.... or pay a local attorney to give you the benefit of his first two years of law school.


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your right

your right, I was just looking for some genius that might use their mind to buck the system geeez what was I thinking their to busy making “their living from it”
The Federal Bill of Rights was drawn and adopted to guarantee an estoppel (or bar) to the abhorrent Federal Executive and Legislative Equity jurisdiction, and therefore, the State Bill of Rights is also a guaranteed estoppel against any actual or de facto abhorrent State Executive and Legislative Equity jurisdiction; this is an abhorrent and oppressive Equity, because it purports to be able to administer, adjust and deny said Common Law Rights without first pursuing the appropriate remedy at Common Law and thus denying due process. Equity administration is in fact theft of Our Rights and a vicious dictatorship by those who exercise it.

“I never let my education get in the way of learning”- mark twain

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