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withholding goods for payment

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What is the name of your state? georgia

i have a child who had attended a private school last year.
i can not pay the fees any longer. he went through the year
at the school and took all the required exams etc.
now, because i can not pay the fees that i owe them, they
will not release his grades so that he can attend a public
school. i know i owe the money, but don't they have
to seek the money through the legall system and cannot
withhold "goods" for lack of payment? don't they have
to release all the grades? i can sue them, if they don't
release the grades for the trauma, etc it has caused my
boy? after all, isn't the education the most important
thing? and the public schools are for the public are
they not? i am a tax payer. and i believe i can get those
grades released. h e l p?


Senior Member
Read your contract you signed with the school. In almost all cases, release of the final grades is tied directly to being paid on time. You are the one that is not living up to the contract, not the school. The grades are school property, not yours and the school does not have to release them till they are paid. The private school may release enough information to a public school in the interest of placing your child in the correct grade.


withholding grades

i understand that i am the one that is not holding up
my end of the contract. i understand that i do owe them
the money and i do intend to pay them the money. however
right now i can not because of whatever reason. but it
would seem to me that still, in the interest of the child,
they would release enough of the grades to place him
in the proper grade at the public school and then, if they
wish, seek the money that is owed in the court system if
that is such a big deal to them ie. garnishments, judgements
or whatever, but still at this time, release enough of the
grades. what i am asking is: can they legally withhold the
grades without seeking the money through the courts?
I know for example a car lot can not hold your car
for payment if you can not pay a service related bill. they
must release your car and then seek the money in the
courts. h e l p all i want is what can i do to get enough of
the grades released to get him in the proper grade level.
i can not pay the money right now. (roughly $3,500.00)


You would think the school would find it in their hearts to go ahead and release the grades......................but think again

Chances are very slim that you are going to get any info from these people unless they get the cash, it sounds logical for them to consider the best interest of the child, but to them this is business, nothing more.

See if you can make payment arrangements with the school. Maybe then they will release the grades. It's worth a shot!

Good luck!:D


Senior Member
You said, "I know for example a car lot can not hold your car for payment if you can not pay a service related bill."

Sorry, but you are not correct. A car lot can (and will) hold your car until payment is received. And if you 'bounce' the payment or dispute the charge, they can place a lien on the car and seize it.

I understand your frustration, but YOU agreed to this arrangement (holding of grades until paid) when you completed the application. And don't be so surprised... this is done all the time in everything from public school (grades withheld for books not returned, fees not paid, etc.) to college.

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