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Hey y’all. So I moved in to where I live almost 5 years ago. After breaking up with crazy boyfriend. His family said hey we need someone to live with and take care of our aunt. I agreed,I got to know all the neighbors, am very friendly with them. Well the row home directly attracted to the on I live in. Is a rental, as is many other homes on this block, but tenants have been in most of them for at least 15+ years. Well it’s going on 2 years now. That the tenant who was there originally has moved out and we have this new group of people. It seems to have a revolving front door with my different kinds of friends at various different hours of the day and night. Which was causing the lady with dementia to be scared. I tried to reach out to her at first that got me called out and bullied on the street by every guy that had she had known. So I went to contacting the owner. He laughs at me and says what do you want me to do about it. So now taunting and bullying gets worse including her hitting my car repeatedly with hers while she would try to park. Make it so I can’t park anywhere near my house. Well I got video cameras CCTV surveillance systems. That also record audio. Which in my state is legal. And started recording this pattern. The police either know her family or know the owner real well because now I am marked as harassing her. The police don’t want to see my evidence. Anytime I call them on her I get harassed or a false police report is made in retaliation immediately. I tried to get the state senator involved I have sent emails all the way up to the chief of police. Everyone is very concerned and empathetic to what is going on till they leave my house. Then I can’t get in touch with them again. She is breaking a Delaware state law by doing this. So I had an animal control offer in my backyard when her pit bulls broke through my fence trying to get us. Now this past Saturday I had an incident unrelated to her. Where a man was high on heroine was chasing me through my house. I called 911, 2 times and then the guys brother called 911 from a different state once. It took them 4 hours to get to my house because I am a problem to them. What do I do. I am the victim I have proof I am disabled and I can’t retain a lawyer myself I have called and hit brick walls for a year. Can someone tell me what todo please


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Is it possible for you to move? That seems to be the best solution to the problems you are experiencing.


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It was great that the lady in the home was able to stay longer because she was able to have someone live there who could help keep a eye on her and do things BUT in the end here its up to you to take steps to self preserve. SO as to calling 911 and they wouldn't come out Id suggest its time to go to your city council and mayor and insist on a explanation as to why they wouldn't come out after being called twice ( since this seems to be a problem they need to be aware of ) as to the neighbors if you feel that its worth staying on then do so but go over peoples heads when you also talk to them about video footage and ask those same officials why local police refuse to look at your footage. the so called higher ups you speak to remind them that this is their opportunity to address this before local media becomes aware of it and covers it on tv - news - community action types of coverage. Last it is true , moving out would be simpler for you and the relatives of the woman you live with will have to address her care. ( and its sad to say there is a chance that she could be placed in a nursing home type of facility in order to keep her safe)


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Thank you for your replies adjusterjack. You are very right about that response. It is a shame that I have made friends here and feel like I have to turn tail and run. But it looks like I am looking for a new place to live.

FarmerJ thank you also I have spoken to the senator of Delaware and he seemed concerned at first now it’s the same thing. So I think I will have to try to move and draw media attention to this because I have already made those threats and everyone who has grown up in WILMINGTON DELAWARE say that the police have and are corrupt. Which I totally agree. But I don’t exactly know how to get the media involved and insure my safety. As for the woman I live with, I am tired, I am done taking care of people so I guess I am supposed to be an activist. Lol.

Thank you

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