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  1. Does house go back to me?
  2. creating our own Living Trust
  3. When a father dies without making a will do ALL children have 2 give permission befor
  4. What does it mean to "compromise" a tax?
  5. Disabled Mom
  6. A living trust and a will both exist
  7. Survivorship
  8. End of Life Legalities Questions
  9. Mother passed, I'm only child from mom, but step dad still alive
  10. Supplemental Needs Trust
  11. I need the following wording interpeted please
  12. Inherited Commericial Building - Florida Law - Over 500k with Tenant
  13. DIY sites versus seeing a lawyer -- Legal Zoom, Nolo and Rocket Lawyer
  14. Very Complicated Generation-Skipping Trust Problem
  15. Estate Planning-P.O.A. questions
  16. Trust Distribution Timing
  17. What Does This Language Mean?
  18. Is that legal for Chief Executive ING Bank ask for C.O.T. fee ?
  19. Trust misuse nets probation
  20. Car note in deceased name
  21. Exceuting will in other state than resident state.
  22. Miamian Realty Luxury Homes
  23. How to remove a home from a Living Trust
  24. Dual Power of Attorney to handle business affairs in Los Angeles County
  25. one child named in parent's will predeceases the parent
  26. L-9 submitted but wrong
  27. Parents passed aways with no will
  28. Transfer of Real Property Out of Revocable Living Trust
  29. New York will
  30. Grandmother died, no will.
  31. Need information
  32. Irrevocable Living Trust to protect assets against grantors future decisions
  33. Will & Seperation
  34. Vehicle in deceased fathers name has been volunarily repossessed and.....
  35. Issues with an amendment to a Revocable living trust, grantor deceased
  36. Land Trust for family homes
  37. Adding y name to my dad's house deed which is named in a trust
  38. Survivor Deed
  39. Estate and Executor
  40. Questions about a trust
  41. Can the executor of a will pass-on the title/duties to someone else in Maine?
  42. Property split laws step parent/step children
  43. Legal Beneficiary Who Has Not Been Contacted...
  44. What would happen if my sister died without a will?
  45. Advance Directive
  46. Items not included in Living Trust
  47. Benefit Concert
  48. An old will !?
  49. My step-father left me money in a trust before he passed and my mother spent it befor
  50. recording requested by (california)
  51. I am a Successor Trustee. What is Fair and Reasonable Compensation?
  52. Is it possible to request to see the will of a living parent?
  53. Can he take my half?
  54. Good starting place to make a will?
  55. When is a probate attorney required?
  56. Trust, Will & Probate
  57. Only doing half the job
  58. How do I find out if I was a beneficiary on my fathers will...(complicated!!)
  59. joint accounts being hidden
  60. Daughter in will with maiden name, got married. Do I need a new will?
  61. Revocable trust requests by insurance
  62. Can step mom sell house if dad made a will?
  63. Two names on a deed
  64. Transfer of property?
  65. Count Record Events
  66. Question about executor of fathers will.
  67. What do you think future estate tax law exemption will be?
  68. What else do I need to do?
  69. Need Advice Regarding a Will
  70. Does co-owner/co-beneficiary have right to be kept informed about house sale?
  71. Will vs Medicaid
  72. Need Will advice for elderly friend
  73. Trust Conundrum
  74. estate tax rate NJ
  75. Filing an L-9
  76. There is a will but...
  77. Fathers will
  78. seeing a will
  79. Adding Someone To A Real Estate Deed
  80. HAve revocable living trust - should auto be included in it?
  81. 401k beneficiary vs will
  82. Help with breach of fidiciary duty
  83. what is a fair price for a living trust
  84. Deceased account recovery?
  85. Co-Trustee Anxious
  86. Testamentary trust
  87. Mother's estate has judgement against our home
  88. trustee has god complex
  89. What can I do to help my sisters?
  90. Help
  91. Definition of "reasonably available"?
  92. Beneficiary Status on Retirement Account
  93. adjustable taxable gifts
  94. Property transfer illegal? NY
  95. Alxheimers/wills
  96. living will trust
  97. beneficary
  98. Trust person trust is for has passed
  99. Avoiding Inheritance Tax
  100. Help! Requesting copies of a trust
  101. Questions On How Will Is (not?) Being Executed
  102. Hand Written Codicil
  103. Adult children's rights
  104. Executor question
  105. Can she do that
  106. Manipulative parents say that moving abroad means no inheritance...
  107. Co-Executor not distributing funds
  108. Estate
  109. Question about unsettled estate passing to grandchildren
  110. Can a transferred deed be invalid? NJ
  111. Laws about disclaiming a portion of inheritance
  112. Question about closed estate
  113. Estate fraud.
  114. inventory of estate
  115. two non family executors
  116. Property of deceased grandparents
  117. How do I legally disown an adult child?
  118. Testamentary Trust Issues - High distribution age, adoption inclusion, grandparents
  119. Dad wants to share grandmother's estate with us- up to $13k/year tax-free?
  120. Mom died after Grandma but before Grandma's trust monies were distributed.
  121. fraud by claiming no will
  122. Question about will
  123. living will and will
  124. Attempt to circumvent an ILIT by claiming there was never a trust
  125. Step-father in control of mother's estate
  126. revoked Power of Attorney?
  127. Withholding a will
  128. I think successor is not playing fair
  129. Is this conduct lawful?
  130. How can I set up an estate for deceased mother?
  131. jesse jones
  132. jesse jones
  133. Trust or Family Limited Partnership
  134. Gift tax form 709
  135. Trust Funds
  136. distribution changes to an estate
  137. Jointed & Survivorship Deed
  138. Paying off dept from estate ?
  139. Paying off dept from estate ?
  140. Executors Request Release of Liability to Distribute Funds
  141. Power of attorney in state of KY
  142. Issues with Tenancy in Common
  143. 95 yr old mother and problems
  144. Do I have to pay taxes on a testamentary trust in California?
  145. can an estate inherit property?
  146. Newly minted trustee: Need advice re: CPA/Attorney
  147. Part of will, but its in uk.
  148. Federal and state estate taxes
  149. Not licensed as Home Health Aide
  150. living trusts
  151. statute of limitations of a living trust
  152. Bank Loans
  153. Ending a Trust
  154. Will Storage
  155. Distributing funds
  156. How to find out what was listed in a will
  157. Widow responsible for Spouse medical bills?
  158. Protecting Property
  159. how long after one's death are siblings contacted for the reading of the will?
  160. No will, dead person gave me item
  161. can a beneficiary see the trust
  162. Estate & Trust Taxes
  163. time limit for contesting will
  164. questions about per stirpes?
  165. condo inheritance and sale of property
  166. trust planning
  167. can i contest my father's will?
  168. what determines "next of kin"
  169. Mom passed but got married months before
  170. Does a will need to be notarized?
  171. what kind of lawyer do I need? And is this even possible?
  172. Combining trust assets
  173. Question re: a friends mother
  174. Unclaimed Funds
  175. Should We Write our Own Wills?
  176. No Will, Who gets the house?
  177. How to protect our inheritance and still be kind about it...
  178. will
  179. Dad died with no will, does Stepmom get everything?
  180. Will question
  181. scary will
  182. Please help!!
  183. Intestate Estate
  184. Probate
  185. Brother as Executor
  186. Should I file a judgment in NJ for back child support?
  187. Debts of beneficiary
  188. Executing a trust
  189. beneficiary age requirement to collect in NJ?
  190. A Trust Fund that benefits Nobody
  191. Advice on creating a trust to hold land
  192. Brother died - no will- his car
  193. How to amend a trust
  194. Special Cash gift question
  195. In Need of Urgent Information
  196. executor
  197. HELP family in crisis
  198. Executor
  199. Please help me understand the language of this trust
  200. POD accounts?
  201. Funeral expenses and probate
  202. Transfer from Trustee to Successor Trustee
  203. Help with my fathers asbestos settlement
  204. May Minor Serve as Executor, Guardian and Trustee?
  205. Setting up a Trust in NJ
  206. College Savings with a Twist?
  207. How is this Capital Loss in Bypass Trust applied?
  208. Does the Beneficiary in a Last Will Testament replace the Spouse named as Grantee on
  209. Last Will
  210. Trust question
  211. Quit Claim Deed Home Sale Tax Question
  212. Land Contract
  213. Contesting a Will
  214. Please Help Sister Won't Talk to Me About Trust
  215. Divided Land Inheritance
  216. Advice, please.
  217. major problems with will and step children
  218. Starting a trust...
  219. Estate Planning Ideas?
  220. Find the attorny who drafted a will
  221. Estate dilemma
  222. Hopelessly Lost
  223. funding a trust account
  224. Trust/Will discovery
  225. Ct. Gift tax
  226. missing will
  227. Daughters Inheritance after Mother re-marries
  228. Trust distribution problems.
  229. How to settle an estate.....
  230. another question about a will or intestate
  231. Taxes on Cash inheritance from trust
  232. Expectancy of Prospective Heir
  233. Joint Tenants with the Right of Survivorship
  234. AB trust gifting
  235. Next of Kin question-Illinois
  236. stolen inheritance
  237. Paying for college
  238. life insurance precidence
  239. Drafting NFA Trust
  240. Confused on trusts
  241. Can you sign away future inheritance
  242. help pls
  243. No will
  244. Distribution of income after death
  245. Inheritence laws
  246. Will - Couple of specific questions
  247. Please need assistance with screenplay
  248. Divorce and Will
  249. Closing of an Estate Soon
  250. Are heirs legally required to continue paying deceased fathers timeshare dues?