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  1. Estate Planning/Tax question
  2. SSDI vs SSI
  3. Auctioning Personal Residence Real Estate and Federal Tax Deduction
  4. What to do about old SP/EIN record based on erroneous data?
  5. Formal appraisal vs. real estate agent
  6. Contributions to Sep IRA account for previous year
  7. Sale of personal residence by trust after death
  8. Offer In Compromise advice needed
  9. Prize
  10. Final pension payment is IRD
  11. Questions Schedule C EZ and SE
  12. Divorce\Bankruptcy\Taxes
  13. 160k in back taxes
  14. Back taxes -- request for extension question
  15. Tax on non US business
  16. Can I hire my wife to double the foreign earned income exclusion?
  17. Does Internet income qualify for the foreign earned income exclusion?
  18. Pmi
  19. Federal Tax Lien
  20. How long to retain records?
  21. No Withholding Tax!
  22. Contractor (with home office) and Employee Mileage questions
  23. step up basis ??
  24. Wrong marital & exemption status listed on LTD benefit payment stub
  25. Tricky Estate Planning Question
  26. Injured Spouse Forms
  27. Gross payment from Foreign employer
  28. Will the IRS force the sale of property to satisfy lien after Chapter 7.
  29. Federal income tax return - claim delayed over 3mo
  30. Ship medical devices to US without having to pay taxes
  31. One person on Mortgage but 3 people on Warranty Deed and/or Title?
  32. Adding parents as dependants
  33. Audit required or not?
  34. Question on Unpaid Taxes for Deceased
  35. Tax Filing Situation
  36. 1040 form 8398
  37. deed transfer question
  38. Adult dependent?
  39. Taxes on Repurchase of Private Company Restricted Stock Upon Termination
  40. Tax on Disposition Fee Associated with Car Lease
  41. Mortgage Interest Deduction on Vacation Rental
  42. 1098-T and tuition and fees deduction
  43. amusing annecdote
  44. Section 179 and Loan Payment
  45. Pending 501(c)(3) tax filing question
  46. Graduate student stipend
  47. POA and Income Tax Returns
  48. 1120-ST Illinois Tax Return
  49. Probating Will- sending out money
  50. Are there liabilities in closing an account at freelancer.com with funds in it?
  51. LLC to C corp via IRS 8832 form / Fiscal year questions
  52. Confused over US Source or non-US Source income
  53. Divorce and Taxes
  54. Taxes witheld in pay, but got 1099. No witholdings ever sent to IRS.
  55. How can I maximize my net income (after taxes) with my Georgia LLC (S-Corp)?
  56. Ira rmd
  57. Personal Tax
  58. Question about foreign pensions and Form 1099-R
  59. Confusion about claiming my mother as dependent?
  60. Non-business Bad Debt Deduction - Does this qualify?
  61. Adopted Son has SSA-1099
  62. Per Diem pay ?
  63. Does she need to file FBAR even though she has lived less than 90 days in USA?
  64. H1B (work visa) denied tuition as a business expense based on "Students can't deduct"
  65. Tax on an inherited or gifted home
  66. Claiming to go to a different college
  67. Rental property deductions?
  68. What are some tax questions I should ask my CPA for startup business?
  69. F-1 student; Resident or Non Resident Alien for Tax Purposes - FICA tax; Tax Treaty
  70. Virginia State income tax liability for nonresident working abroad
  71. Tax on gift from former employer?
  72. Using trust funds to pay for senior's housing needs
  73. Adjustments to Virginia Withholdings
  74. Foriegn income living IN the US?
  75. unpaid expense reports - can I make a deduction?
  76. 1099 or Employee
  77. Is inheritance tax due?
  78. MA - married filing separately. State requesting info about spouse's income
  79. Franchise Tax Board audit
  80. department of revenue internet tobacco
  81. Mortgage interest deduction?
  82. Charity tax write off?
  83. ssdi and 401k
  84. Form 8332 not in divorce decree
  85. Child dependent tax issues
  86. Employer really screwed up
  87. Is earned income credit taxable?
  88. Out of state Independent Contractor
  89. The first time homebuyers credit
  90. How do I pay myself in my C Corp for last year?
  91. Friend Passed Away
  92. Grandparent cashed out UGMA account, but kept money
  93. Donation money, income, how to do taxes?
  94. Odd Situation
  95. Tax filing after moving
  96. Question about providing lodging to an employee
  97. NY State tax
  98. How Do I Put Future Employee on SS-4 Form for EIN?
  99. Claiming a dependent without a custody order
  100. Who claims forgiven debt in a divorce?
  101. Filing for children that live overseas
  102. Avoiding Income Tax for US Expats
  103. 401k and irs
  104. Contract for Deed Deductions
  105. Roth conversion, inadequate witholdings, avoiding subsequent interest
  106. 1099 reporting
  107. Sub-contractor Provided SS# of deceased person for 1099-Misc
  108. Cailfornia Sales Tax on In-Store Rebates
  109. EIN for C-Corp without SSN, C-Corp Unable to Hire or Do Business in the US?
  110. Pmi
  111. claiming a 20 year old child with income
  112. tax charge appeal
  113. Statute of limitations to file a deceased persons income tax
  114. Casualty loss on rental home from theft ... no insurance reimbursement
  115. 2013
  116. IRA 60 Day Distribution
  117. New LLC Partnership - Basis and distribution questions
  118. Overpaid $4,000 in property taxes. Do I have recourse?
  119. NY star program
  120. What are taxes on this HUD benefit?
  121. Sales tax for prepaid vouchers sold online?
  122. LLC owned by Non-Resident
  123. US Expat temporarily still working for US company
  124. Cam Girl Taxes
  125. State Tax Withholding- Company based out of state
  126. So I'm 23 Years Old and Owe the IRS $81,000
  127. 1099 or W2 ?
  128. pension from overseas for green card holder
  129. Question on Fed and State tax - H1B holder having US citizen kid
  130. does a home office establish tax nexus in Illinois
  131. taxes with split up parents?
  132. Legal way to deduct tuition fees paid for my children ( Oregon)
  133. Legal way to deduct tuition fees paid for my children ( Oregon)
  134. Trust taxation
  135. Can An Individual Claim Unpaid Salary as NOL Carryforwards?
  136. IRS wants $7,000 for filing partnership return late
  137. Deceased dependent?
  138. SREC tax Fed & Massachusetts
  139. Is this tax fraud?
  140. Question of Liability regarding an admitted Tax evader
  141. Bank Tax Levy/SSA Auto Deposits
  142. How do I prove and treat 1099-misc from settlement that is not taxable?
  143. Filling out IRS Offer in Compromise form
  144. Taxes for my new business?
  145. Student Loans
  146. COD make brain dum
  147. Sol irs
  148. Large Consignment Sales
  149. ELectric vehicle tax credit
  150. How do i pay Tax on my business?
  151. Refund of NY State Car Sales Tax
  152. Missed filing
  153. State is asking why I sold my car so cheap. Very odd letter from DOT
  154. Shell PC Inside an LLC - Duplications
  155. MI tax refund wrongfuly witheld?
  156. When exactly is a company supposed to report or issue a 1099?
  157. Can I sue my tax preparer for mistakes that resulted in an audit for 2 years?
  158. Estate Planning - Pennsylvania real estate transfer for estate planning
  159. Overdue Tax
  160. small business has unpaid payroll and sales taxes, and is facing TFRP
  161. Mileage
  162. Need help cp2000 notice
  163. Disburse
  164. LLC taxed as C-Corp: FRINGE BENEFITS not personal income
  165. Tax law on sale of patent and after sale of patent.
  166. Is money gifted to my children taxable under the kiddie tax law?
  167. What are the sales tax laws on an online business?
  168. Internet tax law
  169. VAT law
  170. Federal Tax Lien Withdrawal on Dissolved Entity
  171. Grounds to sue Tax Preparer?
  172. Vehicle sales tax
  173. If I give away a prize that I won am I responsible for paying the taxes?
  174. Filing an amended tax return
  175. Estimated Taxes
  176. Tax Examination (2010) and CP2000-Understatement (2011)
  177. Advice for suing ex business partner
  178. Taxing a Cash distribution from a US LLC to Non Residents
  179. Residency, military dependent, taxes
  180. 401K Levy to Pay Taxes?
  181. County wanting back taxes
  182. back cigarette taxes for online purchases
  183. back cigarette taxes for online purchases
  184. How to dispute a 1099 I got from a shady employer?
  185. Taxes And contract for deed
  186. Can't pay taxes and already in bsnkruptcy
  187. small business
  188. What is the late filing fee in ohio for filing taxes late
  189. Ten year statute of limitations and $33,000 tax debt
  190. Do I have to pay?
  191. Gifts from Parents who are non-US persons
  192. Is there any way to still get any of my 2009 refund?
  193. Corp-to-corp vs 1099
  194. Need help, they have me scared.
  195. Moonshine production with possession of a firearm
  196. Deduct Repayment of Tuition Reimbursement
  197. Does a city have the right to lower rent maximums?
  198. What form should a visa overstay use to file taxes if he/she had no income?
  199. Can I "waive" my Net Operating Loss on my tax return and start back at $0 income?
  200. Currency gains from trading stocks
  201. Reporting over $10,000 transactions
  202. Foreign gifts
  203. Claiming tax on RV if its my permanent address
  204. IRS Dispute - HR Block errors - Amendments - Refund - Dues
  205. Compensatory Damages - House destroyed by foreign government in a foreign country
  206. Legality of Working for Rent
  207. Apartment deposit tax deductable
  208. depreciation recapture when closing a business?
  209. S Corporation shareholder distribution from another state
  210. Sell stocks to reinvest in startup business tax consequences
  211. Where do I enter foreign pensions?
  212. Business Startup Expense Deductions?
  213. Other Income on 1040
  214. S Corp Shareholders Distribution
  215. earning witholding order
  216. Employer Won't Allow Tuition Benefit Under 132(d)
  217. Stock price gain calculation
  218. No 1099-MISC Received
  219. Early Withdrawal of 401k
  220. Excess Roth IRA contributions in shares, how to recharacterize to Traditional IRA?
  221. Tax law for us expats?
  222. Have Questions on Tax Leins
  223. Can I avoid taxes on my inheritance if I receive it before my father passes away?
  224. how to prove residency
  225. 1098E/T deduction eligibility?
  226. 1116 Form preventing Taxes up to 7 years, Myth?
  227. cost basis for a tax exempt dividend
  228. Money Market Gain?
  229. old tax debt owed ohio state
  230. Tax implications when selling a home inherited in a trust
  231. Filing SSA-1099 for Children
  232. Effective date of 2013 soc security tax?
  233. Corporate tax problem
  234. Rental income on a rental
  235. Debt forgiveness in a will....
  236. filing a 1040 as married/joinly and wife DOES NOT WANT a SSN
  237. W-4 vs residuals
  238. 1099-Misc Box 7 Hobby?
  239. is this a legitimate investment and tax strategy?
  240. 1099 for overseas work?
  241. Please help brother
  242. IRA withdrawal & Higher Education
  243. We (IRS) ARE the law!
  244. What would be the best option at this point?
  245. How to file Legally seperated
  246. deductions for future bonus payment?
  247. Federal and immigration issue
  248. Company in GA work remote in KY
  249. C-Corp Losses deduction
  250. Will I get my income money?