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  1. Illinois non resident problems
  2. capital gains clarification
  3. Deceased father's income tax payments being drawn from my bank account
  4. Total penalties to withdraw hard assets from IRA after losses?
  5. CA Tobacco Tax Question
  6. Back taxes / Employer filed W2s in wrong states ... what would you do?
  7. Tax Return
  8. Non registered landlord un reported income
  9. Paid a signing bonus in foreign stock shares
  10. Business Start-up Costs and Business Operations Start Date
  11. Is this revised ca tax return correct?
  12. Flex Spending Account and health insurance
  13. TurboTax gave false information for adoption
  14. Capital gaines
  15. Affordable healthcare Tax Credit
  16. My grandmother wants to give me a house
  17. IRA RMD IRS rule question
  18. Dad's back taxes and annuity with no beneficiary
  19. Stay at home mom helping commission earning spouse
  20. Capital Gains question on sale of house
  21. Business Auto Deduction Question
  22. Cbnrr
  23. Spousal Tax Liability
  24. How can I attach an IRS Form to the 1040 I already filed?
  25. can someone gives me some pointers on form G-4 (georgia's state income tax witholding
  26. Will I be responsible for 50% of ex husband's back taxes if he files bankruptcy?
  27. How to correct filing status New York State Tax Year 2013?
  28. Filing my first tax return (self-employed). No income, little expenses, what do I do?
  29. Does my son needs to file a federal and state tax return for 2015
  30. Help! 1099-MISC
  31. California Tax On Sale of Second Home - Non Resident
  32. Mass Dept of Revenue - Levy Question
  33. Introduction
  34. Any reason to file?
  35. Early Distribution 401k
  36. Schedule C Advice
  37. Partnership husband and wife 50/50
  38. What expenses I can take on 2nd home (non-rental) which I have given to my relatives
  39. HELP!! Tax form 8332
  40. Future loss settlement taxability
  41. Sold apt, need help reporting capital gains.
  42. Mistake on w2
  43. don't even know where to start
  44. Taxed on exercise of stock options
  45. Disability W-2 confusion
  46. Typo in Firm 4868 - extension of tax filing
  47. Capital gains tax
  48. Help needed regarding white collar crime!
  49. Can this year capital losses be deducted against a previous year capital gain?
  50. 10 goto 20; 20 goto 10
  51. Taxes on family trust real estate payout.. Oregon
  52. Living trust
  53. Sole Proprietorship Tax Question
  54. 401K loan mistake by Fidelity
  55. Uncollectable status Lien(s) released?
  56. F1120 - 80% change in stocks for newly created company
  57. Form 8962 and sharing percentage allocations with my non-dependent son.
  58. No transactions of c-corp, how to file taxes?
  59. 1095-A and 8962 Percentage Allocations for Marketplace Health Insurance
  60. Question about cost basis
  61. Itemized deductions (gambling losses)
  62. Help please! Sent a penalty charge, but I never got the business started!
  63. Sole Proprietor with child working with me.
  64. Do I have to file taxes both in the US and internationally?
  65. sale of house not lived in ?
  66. Inheritance in British Pounds tax question:
  67. My stepdad hasn't filed since '07, but has been keeping records...I want to help
  68. Need advice on house flipping tax
  69. worried about not paying enough taxes
  70. Taking a preparer to small claims court- Arizona
  71. Tax code please !!
  72. Tax Fraud
  73. Received personal injury settlement - do i have to file?
  74. Wrongful 1099 was given now IRS wants to discuss?
  75. Check (Tax refund) from IRS was never received by tax's filer and cashed in NY
  76. what state is resident vs nonresident
  77. Homestead exemption when the title is with 2 owners. One already has HE.
  78. Complex 1099-MISC & W-2 Issue/SS-8 Question
  79. claiming a senior relative as a dependent
  80. Amending a previous year's tax
  81. Advice on what to do - no current write off's in our life
  82. Help with Forms 3520 and 8938 for 2015
  83. Need help with form 1098-T
  84. Disabled Adult child recieves SSI
  85. Charitable contribution of concert tickets
  86. 1099 misc
  87. Capital Gains Tax
  88. MA State Tax whilst living abroard
  89. Turbotax
  90. Inherited NQ Annuity Tax Question-TEFRA and Pre 59.5 early withdrawl 10% penalty
  91. 1095 tax form
  92. tax return
  93. 2015 1098T Grant Discrepancy
  94. 1099-g filing question
  95. Is withholding a form of tax itself, or is it a collection method?
  96. sold a investment house
  97. When to change withholding
  98. Are there any future legal ramifications if my wages were illegally garnished?
  99. Claiming a child as dependant
  100. Tax claim on dependent
  101. Should I question my employer about the federal taxes I owe after withholding 7.65%?
  102. Foreign income
  103. Business closed " Dissolution by Proclamation / Annulment of Authority "
  104. I just filed my return and got a 1099-R in the mail
  105. 2013 amended refund was cashed in 2015 but noted on the 2014 return. How do I show it
  106. What statute or code says tax returns are due on April 15
  107. Need answer to a question I have regarding IRA and Tax penalties
  108. I Screwed Up!!!
  109. Taxation for Florida
  110. Deduction related to Filipino Girlfriend for US citizen
  111. Partnership 1065: How do we report mortgage interest and property taxes?
  112. HAFA Relocation expenses taxable income?
  113. Jewelry transactions in China
  114. Can I Combine Contract Labor Income with the income earned with my 9-5?
  115. Filing Taxes Question (Live & Work in one but small business in another)
  116. is Life Estate gift?
  117. Nonresident Alien jointly own a rental property 1040NR question
  118. Gifts Mistaken as Income?
  119. Clerical errors and IRS Audits
  120. HSA excess contribution- which tax year?
  121. LLC + S Corp Set-up
  122. Amend Federal Tax Return to Married Filing Jointly After Filing Separately
  123. Rental income on airplane hanger
  124. Do you have to repay Pell grants?
  125. mileage deduction from 2 homes
  126. Child Care Expenses
  127. Freelancing, PayPal: big tax mistake?
  128. Best way to bring money in from the UK
  129. Forms 1095-A and 1095-B
  130. Business Checking Account for S-Corp
  131. who should claim dependant
  132. Business Mileage and Commuting
  133. Payment to contractor
  134. Side "business" Vehicle Depreciation??
  135. Tax credits
  136. claimed dependent illegally
  137. Can't prove losses (gambling addiction)
  138. Taxes on eBay purchases?
  139. Suspect Falsified W2
  140. Child Tax credit & Cash Assistance
  141. SEC filing on stock beneficial ownership info
  142. Question about parent's assets in hospice
  143. Transportation Expense Deduction
  144. Can I contest IRS audit conclusion?
  145. Tax on income earned outside usa
  146. How do I claim this unique income?
  147. Claiming Dependents on Tax return after divorce
  148. Grandparents & Dependents
  149. 508(c)1
  150. NOL Carryback Timing
  151. I am a merchcant get chargebacks, and also the good old swap on returns.
  152. Gift vs Bonus for Independent Contractor
  153. Student dependency status?
  154. Nonprofit Tax-exemption form 3500 California
  155. H1B travel question
  156. Inherited Property: How can I avoid Property Tax reassessment as a grandchild ?
  157. LLC Guaranteed Payments vs. W-2 Wages
  158. Child credit/protective order no divorce
  159. Is it wise to amend our taxes?
  160. Tax Advice for foreign alien margin account.
  161. 8300 form
  162. Capitol Gains Tax Question
  163. Aspiring tax attorney
  164. Tax Consequences of Dissolving an Indiana LLC
  165. A strategy to attempt to maximize money that can be given to a non-profit.
  166. Non-filer
  167. OIC /lien
  168. Didn't declare money in Form 6059-B on mistake
  169. Need tax directing advice(FL)
  170. As a US citizen, what law requires me to pay income tax?
  171. Family Caregivers and Self-Employment Tax
  172. IRS Revenue Officer Visit
  173. Babysitting Taxes
  174. Live in foreign country, but have US address
  175. Fortune 500 company bullies with 401k and other taxes
  176. Will I need to file a tax return?
  177. Help. Expat. I have not been able to file taxes since 2010.
  178. Related Party or Unrelated?
  179. taxable deduction?
  180. Gift from an Alien to an US Permanent Resident
  181. sweepstakes wins and taxes
  182. I owe irs
  183. Capital gains taxes for the LE and Rem. on the sale of investment property.
  184. NM Gross Receipts Tax
  185. State IRS levied my bank account without notice.
  186. Getting paid partially in earmarked funds (quasi giftcard)
  187. Gift Tax to a corporation
  188. Gift tax from non-citizen
  189. Church 501c3 application
  190. Refuting a State Tax Lien
  191. Kid work at a restaurant not meet minimum age
  192. Thinking of Quitting Job
  193. Capital gains on property in my trust but really owned by my son
  194. State Tax Lien
  195. Capital Gains Tax Exemption While Renting Basement
  196. Foreign Inheritance
  197. MI homestead property tax credit appeal
  198. Children's names on house deed
  199. Youtube Tax
  200. Inheritance split
  201. Can you do a DBA under an S-Corp
  202. Divorce Decree - Child Tax Credit
  203. Is my back tax case simple enough to go straight to IRS or should I hire help?
  204. Estranged Wife Filing Tax Returns
  205. Haven't received IRS notice for taxes due
  206. Is This Reasonable Cause for Penalty Abatement?
  207. Paying quarterly taxes as a new business
  208. Can you sue IRS for the recent hack?
  209. Unreported Income
  210. IRS wants proof of residence
  211. New Car for my Home Business (Schedule C)
  212. Tax free income for travel contract employees
  213. Incorrect withholdings, company was notified of their error
  214. Filing an old federal return?
  215. Can I use a self directed IRA to become limited partner?
  216. Foreign stock capital gain ended up with loss due to currency depreciation (2 of 2).
  217. Foreign stock capital gain end up with loss due to currency depreciation (1 of 2).
  218. IRS wants proof of residency when that is a grey area. Need Help
  219. IRS is holding funds...won't tell me why....
  220. Nonprofit corporation (not 501c3)
  221. Dissolution of nonprofit corporation in New Mexico
  222. Reporting multiple 1099's under my one company
  223. Pension from Cayman Islands
  224. Money from Brazil to US
  225. Question about real estate tax deduction
  226. please help to answer
  227. Depreciation Recapture Tax Question
  228. Amending tax returns due to missed 1098-T
  229. Credit cards and points and sales tax (michigan)
  230. Filing 1040X, what documents to include
  231. 4562 Part 1 Section 179 - How to Fill Out?
  232. Substantial Tax Liability Error on Form 4868
  233. Senior Citizens with Full Healthcare, No Dependants How to Reflect Line 61, Form 1040
  234. Tax return
  235. 1095
  236. Need to file FIL's 2014 taxes and don't know if have everything! Stressing out.
  237. nanny taxes
  238. 1099-B question, please help!
  239. Non-Profit Abroad
  240. File 1040X for 2013 and 1040X for 2012 together
  241. Social security Disability & Homeowner Tax, COMPLICATED SITUATION PLEASE HELP!!!
  242. How to reflect negative 1099-OID amount which is not in IRS record?
  243. What a day.....
  244. Declaring an overseas account.
  245. What do I do if I didn't collect sales tax for my state (California)?
  246. father passed don't know if 2014 taxes have been filed
  247. Innocent Spouse relief ? Will he qualify?
  248. Tax Bill responsibility for separated couple
  249. Overpaid Tax credits
  250. Sale of Family Farm