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  1. Lemon Law MN
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  7. Classic Car sold from Internet Message board
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  19. Please help
  20. Odomemeter is off....
  21. used car dealer
  22. Personal car sale and no title
  23. Need Help
  24. New car question
  25. Personal Car Sales Question!
  26. Have serious Q about Inspection laws
  27. Private Owner Purchase Cant Get Title
  28. Should private seller disclose prior accident damage?
  29. help for this consummer.
  30. Tennessee laws on used cars
  31. used car troubles in NC
  32. need help
  33. need help
  34. As is question
  35. Lemon Laws
  36. kind of different-does this apply to bogus veterinarian bill?
  37. Buyer wants to sue over boat sale
  38. Cash or voucher
  39. private car sale
  40. Property Abandonment by Finance Company
  41. Property Abandonment by Fiance Company
  42. Unsafe And Dishonest
  43. New Car Lemon Law
  44. private car sale
  45. Buyer threatens to sue
  46. car stop running with in 12 hours from used car dealer
  47. Help Please
  48. Lemon Laws/New Car
  49. Okla cosigner needs help/owner has false identity
  50. Fraudulent sale??
  51. lemon law
  52. What are my options?
  53. Wrong diagnosis from the mechanic
  54. Need help asap!!!!
  55. Florida Certified car in prior accident
  56. New Car in the shop again
  57. Mazda6 smoking @ 33,800 miles!
  58. Complicated disclosure and BUYER fraud issue.
  59. Private car sale
  60. Selling my car
  61. Nissan Dealership in Santa Monica made me drive an unsafe car....
  62. dealership reimbursment
  63. Used Car Lemon Law?
  64. cheated $3,000
  65. lemon law
  66. Used dealer fraud?
  67. Seller has no title
  68. used car repairs
  69. a friend bought a used car
  70. engine block breaks after 2 weeks of driving
  71. car keeps breaking down
  72. Sold boat, buyer claims problem, threatening legal action. Need advice
  73. Odometer tampering
  74. Is it worth it to buy a potential out of state lemon
  75. Stolen Vehicle on Mechanics Property
  76. Panasonic Class Action Lawsuit
  77. Any Suggestions????
  78. Odometer discrepency/ Vehicle Fraud Question
  79. help help help
  80. Ex Son-in-Law's Abandoned Vehicles
  81. Sale without smog certificate
  82. Defective Sony 43" television
  83. What if...?
  84. pest control service poisoned my fruit garden
  85. Offer below KBB?
  86. What are my options
  87. Need Help Time Short!!!
  88. misrepresented vehicle
  89. what are my options
  90. Computer Lemon Laws
  91. Keyless in NC
  92. Grossly Misrepresented vehicle?
  93. Need To Get a Car Title
  94. Who pays?
  95. Was lied too sure sale of car!
  96. I sold a puppy(need advice)
  97. Puppy Lemon Law?
  98. Want out of New Car
  99. Texas Salvage Title
  100. Sold Mini Van
  101. Signed contract as a minor
  102. 98 Pontiac Grand Prix
  103. Screwed by dealer
  104. New Car with Defective Break
  105. Is it a salvage title?
  106. Salvaged/ Junk Title
  107. Salvaged Title not known till trade in
  108. Mislead by dealer
  109. lemon law
  110. I Sold A Puppy...
  111. new car problems
  112. Used motorcycle seller being ripped off!!! What are my rights?
  113. wrog miles
  114. Is this car abandoned?
  115. Gentleman's agreement w/ no receipt?
  116. Brand New Car w/ Hail Damage? Recourse?
  117. Restoring an old VW...
  118. new used car/dealer problems
  119. What is the point of Lemon Laws, anyways?
  120. advice for a "lemon" used boat
  121. USED CAR LEMON LAW bill trying to get passed - GET INVOLVED!
  122. Sold Boat
  123. Falsified Title
  124. mitchellj
  125. Dead 99 Honda Passport
  126. purchased private party used car w/written warrenty "lemon"
  127. My New Used Car ~ HELP!
  128. primary on car threatening to sell
  129. Out Of State Buyer
  130. Pearl Harbored By Mitsubishi
  131. Bought a bad car...
  132. I dont know what to do.. please help
  133. Intake Gasket Leak
  134. Do we have any recourse?
  135. Help, purchased a bad car!!!
  136. Sold Boat; Now Buyer is Threatening
  137. Used car test drive.
  138. Auction fraud
  139. bought a motorcycle - original owner did not register the bike to his name
  140. purchased motorcycle from someone - he didn't renew title to his name
  141. MARYLAND - Boat w/o title or sale agreement - NEW TITLE?
  142. does missouri have a used car lemon law??
  143. Abandoned Cars on my residential property
  144. Odometer rollback
  145. need to know where to turn?
  146. Up a creek?
  147. No Title, No Purchase Agreement
  148. Car has Water Damage
  149. Didn't know trade was a salvage!!
  150. Implied warranty & bad ck from dealer
  151. Can They Do This
  152. caveat emptor???
  153. Sold car now buyer demanding to return
  154. Maryland Malibu Maxx
  155. Texas Odometer Rollback
  156. Is my car a Lemon?
  157. sold car back to dealer
  158. Used Lemon Boat
  159. dealer lied about condition
  160. Dealership sold a car that won't pass State Inspection
  161. I sold a car and now its having problems..
  162. car dealer sold a ****ed up car!!!!!
  163. Lemon law from private individual?
  164. Dealer wont stand behind promise....
  165. Slick 50'd
  166. Used car from private individual totally misrepresented, help!
  167. Maybe not lemon, but pretty CRAZY CASE!! HELP!!!!!
  168. Hey bluff man.
  169. Auto dealership Deceptive Trade practices?
  170. Leaky used pickup dilemma
  171. Shady Friend
  172. My car was stolen
  173. In The Same Boat
  174. Help please...SC used car "as-is" smoking day 3!
  175. Odometer Fraud
  176. Used car dealer's obligation to disclose
  177. 1999 Honda Passport
  178. 2004 Chevy Malibu lemon law case, 4 weeks to complete?
  179. son is gettin the shaft HELP
  180. Car Dealer's Misrepresentation and Fraudulent Trade Practices
  181. Boat that don't float!!
  182. Salvage vehicle expenses California
  183. three times you should be out
  184. MA/NH car laws
  185. sold car as is what is my responsibility?
  186. Moon Roof Leak/new Car
  187. Settlement Reached - Standard Percentages?
  188. help with lemon law on new BMW
  189. was sold a junk vehicle
  190. can't get a title!
  191. What recourse to frame damage discovered??
  192. Salvage title
  193. Buying a car from a relative....
  194. HELP!! private party used car purchase hell
  195. Bad Motor/Salvage Title Woes
  196. NY odometer rollback
  197. south carolina lemon
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  199. Misleading information on used car... Fraud?
  200. Victim of title washing, dealer wants more money on trade-in
  201. mental mayham
  202. Used Car Sale
  203. changed mind for used car sale
  204. 03 silverado lemon law
  205. Help with Lemon Law Attorney
  206. Shady Dealership???
  207. Broken down
  208. Private Car Sale
  209. How to sell without smog certificate, legally?
  210. Boss Sold Me Jeep
  211. Dealership misinformed me!
  212. Car Smog Cert.
  213. private car sale
  214. Bought a used car from individual who said everything was good with car
  215. Charged Off Vehicle??
  216. Lemon laws in Georgia
  217. Lemon laws in Georgia
  218. Friend bought a lemon
  219. lemon law, signing lawyer papers and extra costs?
  220. bought lemon from dealer and did not know
  221. Sister sold me a bum car and never sent me the title. Legal rights?
  222. CA- Private Car Sale / Smog Problems / As is
  223. Help with a Kia
  224. Bought a Lemon - Title not in seller's name
  225. Need help about what I can do
  226. mom of stupid 18 yr old help!
  227. Vehicle Return
  228. Fraud and Theft
  229. I need help PLEASE LOOK
  230. bad purchase
  231. I sold car with a salvage title, buyer is taking be to court for repairs.
  232. transmission woes
  233. Warranty problems
  234. Used Car issue
  235. Wrong Carfax report fraud?
  236. Possible Kind of Lemon Law - Lawsuit
  237. dealer intentionally disconnects the heater from my car after service visit
  238. How does lemon law work with new vehicles?
  239. Dealer claimed car accident free, lies...
  240. new car has repainted parts
  241. Lemon
  242. Used Car
  243. return of used
  244. What can we do?
  245. HELP! Car died first day I bought it
  246. Failure to disclose vehicle damage by mitsubishi dealer
  247. Private Party - Used Car Purchase...clearly a lemon....
  248. Need advise on the Lemon Law
  249. Used car misrepresented? Lawsuit possible?
  250. dealer in violation WA state