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  1. Closed business, all equipment taken by business neighbor. HELP!
  2. small claims question
  3. Small Claims Question (Merit Trial)
  4. Need help serving someone w/a summons
  5. Warrant in debt
  6. New York State Law
  7. About to sue 4 loosers. I need direction please!
  8. Malicious Mischief Car Keying Victim
  9. An Old Good Friend
  10. Purchased a car with salvage title but didn't know
  11. Need Emergency Advice
  12. urgent please
  13. Do I have to travel to another state if subpoena for small claims court
  14. CA Judgment Collection Process
  15. How to sue Auto Transporter
  16. How do I serve a Summons Dodger in FL?
  17. Could I win this claim against my ex?
  18. Small Claims for Labor -- Help...
  19. Please help. Worried and scared!!
  20. Virbal contract
  21. Help with Small Claim against my father
  22. Small Claims Court Delays
  23. Veterinarian Malpractice or Abuse
  24. Damage to Vehicle
  25. Small claims court procedures (tX)
  26. Salvage Title / Full Disclosure
  27. Former Boyfriend threathening to counter
  28. Wage Garnishment/changing jobs
  29. won't return concert tickets
  30. Defamation of Character
  31. red light camera ticket
  32. collecting
  33. Help - Lawsuit
  34. Frivolous Small Claims Suits
  35. Sold car to a private individual who is now taking me to samll claims for repairs
  36. Stopping a check to a negligent contractor
  37. Re-File Claim after Mediation Reached?
  38. Please help!
  39. Bought a vehicle and the seller left the country
  40. Property Damage
  41. Collecting a judgement
  42. tree cut down
  43. Debt Collection Agency Served Complaint/Summons...
  44. Family Problems
  45. Dont want to lose!
  46. Small Claims and more
  47. Need help quick
  48. How can I collect my money for hours worked?
  49. Collecting
  50. How do I make arguments in a courtroom where I state the law instead of presenting po
  51. Car repair wthout a receipt
  52. Do I have a case?
  53. Puppy Sale Fiasco Please Help
  54. small claims
  55. Duke energy fried my property only paying depriciated value
  56. small claims
  57. Shoplifting
  58. being sued
  59. Notice of exemptions
  60. Can they take your car
  61. Harassment and my Civil Case
  62. wage garnishment
  63. Get Back My Rental Deposit
  64. Is it worth going to Court?
  65. Verbal agreement about a car
  66. My brother has cheated and he got cheated in business issue
  67. Do I have a Case? Tax guy problems
  68. Miscarriage/Hospitol bill payment
  69. Do I stand a chance in court?
  70. What are my odds?
  71. Filing Claim Remotely
  72. Need advice about Small Claims Court
  73. Need some help on SOL prooving begin date
  74. asking the judge to set aside judgement
  75. Theft by Deception?
  76. Missing trumpet
  77. utility bill
  78. Small Claims-Seller vs. Buyer
  79. Demand of Reimbursment Repayment
  80. ripped off by county
  81. broken job offer
  82. Suing someone from another state?
  83. doesn't anyone have any feedback?
  84. Basic info needed on small claims suits in Texas
  85. electrician killed my saltwater fish doesn't want to pay me!
  86. Minor Automobile Seller
  87. That's it. I want to get my refund back.
  88. Car repair
  89. capias undelivered--out of state
  90. follow up materialman's lien with small claim?
  91. Out of State Small Claims
  92. Never trust "family"
  93. Default on a co-signer & the consequences?
  94. Ordered a computer, given wrong information
  95. Once case settled...can it be reopened?
  96. Government contract
  97. Sue for harassment?
  98. small claim question
  99. Can a judge revisit a settlement to add triple damages?
  100. child damages computer
  101. How to sue a municipality
  102. question
  103. Can I sue the agent of an LLC?
  104. Is this down payment refundabe???
  105. What kind of trick is the LLC planning at pretrial?
  106. Not paid for sold property...PLEASE HELP!
  107. Emotional Distress
  108. What should I expect at my pre-trial, from the LLC?
  109. Question about Comcast:
  110. do I sue my sister?
  111. Person reneges on deal from Craig's List
  112. Is Small Claims Court the Best Option?
  113. Filing in Small Claims COurt
  114. Recording conversation and appropriate action for situation
  115. Not Paid for Services Rendered - Case Pending....
  116. Check stolen, forged, cashed; Bank won't reimburse me
  117. Landord trying to sue!
  118. We need help
  119. Is small claims court my best approach
  120. Old Story: Scammed By Beautifiul Girl
  121. What's the next step?
  122. Being sued unlawfully for ending a relationship.
  123. Reasons that stand up in small claims court to countersue
  124. Issue with Landlord...
  125. Being sued for bad pictures!!!HELP!!
  126. Garnish wages?
  127. Quick question
  128. Maybe more of question on whether I can/should file theft charges.
  129. Small Claims
  130. Can't find defendant, have his SSN, what else?
  131. Parent's of Ex want money
  132. clarification for statute of unpaid wages penalty
  133. Motion for Continuance
  134. What should I sue for?
  135. Sound like i have a good case???
  136. Case Dismissed W/O Prejudice
  137. dismissal question
  138. Attorney's appear in small claims
  139. do I have a case against a ford dealer>
  140. Landlor sue tenant for the damage of the property
  141. uh-oh!
  142. Can someone file a suite against you for rumors?
  143. Money Issues
  144. College Counselor--Bad Advice
  145. Incompetent Phone Company
  146. Automotive Purchase
  147. Restaurant overcharged my debit card x 10!
  148. Harrassment in Las Vegas
  149. Dealership Advertising
  150. Doggy legal drama
  151. Long, complex situation involving stolen items
  152. Do i have a shot?
  153. Deciding whether to include documentation along with complaint -- mult. plaintiffs
  154. Defendant: myself or the family trust
  155. Laptop LLC Store broke then stole my laptop,now claiming I never even existed..HELP
  156. stolen property and left out in the cold
  157. Need Advice
  158. identity theft?
  159. Statute of limitations for a period of employment: starts at beginning or end?
  160. meter reader nightmare
  161. Dentist Suing me in Small Claims
  162. Quick question about small claims court
  163. need help asap!!
  164. What happens if I don't pay?
  165. Small Claims
  166. Summons with no previous notification of debt?
  167. Jurisdiction question...
  168. Old Dental Bill - Need advice
  169. Texas Small Claims Suit by Credit Union
  170. please help
  171. Small Claims Court Extension
  172. Help!!!
  173. Subpoenaed Records & Non-compliance
  174. I was wrong, but I pretty sure this isn't right either
  175. Would this need to be done in small claims? PLS HELP
  176. Advice needed on interstate suit
  177. Contract deposit
  178. Sold My Car and now being sued in Small Claims???
  179. Small Claims Questions...need help...thanks.
  180. "What can I do if a company does not send me Validation of a debt?"
  181. Ex Burned all Belongings
  182. Request for disclosure
  183. Can I modify a closed case?
  184. enjoyment of the home
  185. small claims case
  186. Answerphone Message possibly from Defendant
  187. Serve claim to landlord about deposit?
  188. Dog Breeder will not refund deposit - Suggestions?
  189. Stolen Phone Numbers
  190. Late Paying Ex
  191. Daycare Contract Dispute
  192. Please help: contract signed, $5,000 owed... am I ok? (statute of limitations?)
  193. Damaged Instrument
  194. Summons to Answer Interrogatories
  195. Dog at Large
  196. Quick Business Question
  197. how can i keep it from happening again?
  198. money loaned
  199. what to do next
  200. Ex roommate suing for $30.00???
  201. How do I file evidence?
  202. Negligence or not?
  203. What form(s) might I need to stop a judgement enforcement?
  204. Friend signed a contract; won't give me the money
  205. carpet gone wrong
  206. Help! I need legal advice re: parking tickets
  207. Roommate won't pay back the months of rent money
  208. What else do I need?
  209. What do I do now? Is this fair? (Microsoft)
  210. "Motion to Compel", now what?
  211. Wage garnishments
  212. Small claims court date tuesday
  213. X-boyfriend owes me money- do I have a case?-VA.
  214. Accident with uninsured driver.
  215. Counter suing and timelines in NY?
  216. Default judgement from a former employer
  217. Can a Banquet Hall Sue Me?
  218. A judgement from a claim from a former emplyer just showed up on my credit report...
  219. Small Claims-Defendant has lawyer
  220. car sold without title
  221. Suing for lost wages and out of pocket expenses
  222. how Request Plaintiff to supply evidence
  223. threatening to garnish wages!! do I have a case?
  224. Judgment Enforcement Company...share a judgment?
  225. small court
  226. Sponsorship
  227. Enforcing Contract after 6 months
  228. buying a car from a probate estate
  229. Civil Judgment on my Credit Report
  230. Can text messages be used as proof in small claims court?
  231. Customer won't pay
  232. ex boyfriend owes me money - Indiana
  233. Legal action for borrowed goods
  234. Small Claims Courts
  235. How to file a partition law suit
  236. Reimbirsment
  237. terminating a written agreement
  238. Stautue of limitations
  239. can i sue them
  240. being sued for back rent- but have made payments?
  241. Can I claim loss wages or punitive damages ?
  242. Contractor not paying supplier
  243. Non Paying Client
  244. Skipped out on lease with NO notice prior
  245. Need Answers please!
  246. when to file a motion of discovery
  247. Co-signed a loan
  248. Help!!
  249. Not served, what if they fake it? (California)
  250. Missed Court Date, Can I re-file?