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  1. Motion to Vacate Judgement
  2. Judgement
  3. Purchased a Car that was completely misrepresented
  4. need help
  5. A few questions about a past judgement.
  6. Do I have a case against a mechanic?
  7. Pay day advance loans.
  8. Objecting to a Request for Postponement?
  9. child services
  10. Can I sue?
  11. Do I have cause?
  12. Loaned money to Friend
  13. Email submission in Small Claims
  14. Leak from roof of condo damaged hardwood floor....HOA is refusing pay
  15. Property abandonment laws
  16. Breaking a laptop
  17. Yikes! She sues everyone!
  18. What's next if courts won't enforce a judgement?
  19. libel on ebay
  20. possible claim against Chase bank
  21. Screwed
  22. loaned out furniture
  23. Wrong Name
  24. what should i do
  25. Enforcing Settlements and charging interest
  26. Must I pay?
  27. Small Claims contractual agreement
  28. responding to a summons
  29. Is This for Real?
  30. Disorderly Conduct?
  31. Irresponsible Roommate
  32. Destruction of property
  33. Please help us soon
  34. Auto mechanic sold my car to a junkyard
  35. judgement and garnishment
  36. Bail bonds
  37. To Jury or not to Jury?
  38. Screwed by Family
  39. No Will
  40. Need Advice! Wrongfull termination and not payment
  41. Plumber charged for work he didn't do
  42. Wedding Cancelled
  43. Breach of Warranty? Need advice =(
  44. Tattoo a mess
  45. Frivolous Lawsuit???
  46. Served with small claims summons...
  47. Dad's Lawyer Wants Us To Pay
  48. can you reclaim your merchandise ??
  49. What can be done after 9 years of no payment on a civil judgement to an individual???
  50. Demand for reimbursement of gifts
  51. Filing suit in Small Claims Court against HOA/management Company????
  52. Former Roommate threatening to tell police im a drugdealer?
  53. Verbal Loan Agreement NJ
  54. Father refusing to hand over savings bonds in my name.
  55. car vandalism on garage lot, garage liable?
  56. Pa.
  57. used Friends Garage to store my belongings while i got back on my feet
  58. Proper service? Trespass question
  59. small claims amendment for punitive damages
  60. Small claims question...
  61. Builder or Customer responsible?
  62. Sears-How do you sue them?
  63. character assassination???
  64. Liability for interest accrued??
  65. Being Sued Personally for Services Rendered for a Now Defunct LLC
  66. greedy neighbor
  67. RARE - Suing Landlord for Damages! Help Please
  68. friend borrowed xbox, not returning calls
  69. Sent demand letter. Now ready to sue!
  70. small claim suit
  71. I might be taken to court over this... Am I in the right?
  72. General small claims overview
  73. Need Help
  74. Credit Card Debt and Ex Girlfriend
  75. Stolen Laptop
  76. Small claims question
  77. Am I liable for a TV broken at a party?
  78. former friend woes
  79. old roomates wont give dog or property back
  80. transferred ownership of the car to a friend and never got paid, can I sue him?
  81. Reimbursement of Legal Fees Wages Lost
  82. NJ - Electric Company Made a HUGE mistake can I take to Small Claims Court?
  83. Two parties for small claims debt
  84. Take US Bank to small claims?
  85. interests
  86. sueing an ex fiancee for back bills
  87. Sued by an incompetent NYC broker
  88. Buisness w/ a friend of the family
  89. Smalls Claims Court
  90. Civil Small Claims
  91. Clocked car
  92. Property Abandonment laws
  93. Breach of Contract and Statute of Frauds
  94. Credit Card Debt - Can I Reverse Judgment?
  95. Need Legal Advice: Getting Sued by a doctor
  96. Can I Be Sued For My Adult Kid's Actions?
  97. Ex Roomate sold around $1000 in guitar equipment
  98. Text message as evidence?
  99. Perjury Penalties
  100. Car sale gone awry in New Jersey
  101. Please advice.
  102. Does he have grounds to take me to court?
  103. Cosigning on a car Help!
  104. Do they have a case?
  105. Is Small Claims Court the next step?
  106. please help exgirlfriend problems
  107. Help with my son who is being Sued?
  108. I need help please help me
  109. Can the defendent counter-sue???
  110. Do I have a case and enough evidence?
  111. Taking my HOA to court**************
  112. 2 Wrongs
  113. Filing a greivance
  114. Bill non-payment Help
  115. Auto Insurance - Small Claims
  116. Broken Lease
  117. Problems with dentist - Do I have a case?
  118. contractor hasn't finished work paid for
  119. Options for collecting a judgement
  120. Roommate refusing to pay rent
  121. My dog was stolen and need a court ordered paternity test. How do I get one?
  122. I have a unresponsive out of state client.
  123. Would we have a case?
  124. Lended money to a friend
  125. Post-Judgement Collections
  126. Suing the wrong person?
  127. Car Sale/Lien/Collection
  128. I have my judgement - now what
  129. waive right to statute of limitations?
  130. Auto lease problem, Bank trying to fraud
  131. Auto Mechanic Situation
  132. They threw out my art
  133. sold a car the was under lien by chase bank
  134. Can I split a loan into two sums ? 2500 and 2500?
  135. How to collect when landlord doesn't want to pay
  136. Difficult situation.
  137. Small claims CT
  138. WA: Can defendant claim attorney's fees?
  139. Can I take a 17 year old to court, or her gaurdians, for bank account fraud?
  140. Want to settle before Court date
  141. KFC served Bacon without mentioning anywhere on the box
  142. FL Small Claims
  143. Assumptions regarding accuser
  144. F/U : Do I have to accept defendant's offer?
  145. Ex wanting money
  146. Ex sueing over closing costs.
  147. Suit against LLC in NY
  148. Is this even possible?
  149. Out of state options?
  150. Sue FedEx for severely misquoting
  151. Rip-off car repairs
  152. Text Message as Evidence
  153. Information Subpoena
  154. Bad paralegal
  155. Broken lease
  156. Judgement against my husband regarding service performed
  157. sewer damage
  158. Someone drove my car without my permission and totaled it out?
  159. Oregon: Can I recover attorney fees in Small Claims Court?
  160. NYC Sublet Problem
  161. Property Manager from hell wins trial despite doing everything wrong
  162. Dentist/Oral Surgeon wants to take me to small claims court.
  163. Suing my local Dunkin Donuts shop
  164. charge cards in small claims
  165. Out of State Defendent
  166. Pro Se
  167. Home damaged by garbage truck
  168. can you make def' pay expert witness fees
  169. Motion to Dismiss
  170. satisfaction of judgment
  171. How to serve someone who does not want to be found?
  172. COLLECT A JUDGEMENT IN TEXAS...Can I file to garnish his wages in Texas?
  173. Garnishment
  174. Boyfriends stuff
  175. Can my ruling be dismissed?
  176. rental car issue
  177. A college is suing me for courses I never took.
  178. Liability/Due Process: 3rd Party (non-owner) Vehicle Impound
  179. where do I file?
  180. Doctor cashed postdated check and caused financial hardship
  181. Injured horse
  182. small claims court
  183. Friend borrowed $1500, now he left the state i heard and wont pick up calls. AHHHHHHH
  184. Emotional distress from a Car accident..
  185. small claims for malicious prosecution?
  186. can a witness for the other side also be their lawyer
  187. Help Please
  188. vehicle dispute
  189. Joint Checking Acount Money Transfer
  190. What's right is right...Right?
  191. Small Claims Help
  192. Small Claims Suit
  193. Small Claims Citation how do i fight this myself?
  194. Smalls Claims Court Statue of Limitations
  195. Suing a friend
  196. taking legal action against out of state customers for bounced checks
  197. Client Refusing to Pay Invoice
  198. family at risk
  199. Small claim
  200. Ex's Widow will not give my daughter her belongings from their home...
  201. help on a appeal
  202. Verbal Agreement Broken; Debt Unpaid
  203. Case for misrepresentation of training course?
  204. Can I subpoena in small claims? (RE: TCPA & Debt Collector Headache)
  205. Try to get money owed
  206. You honest view point....Please
  207. ex stole money from us
  208. Small claims over unpaid security deposit (rental)
  209. Dealing with a Loan Shark
  210. Dog Trickery
  211. Boat Sale
  212. Suing Daycare for deposit money
  213. USPS noncompliance for valid insurance claim - Small Claims?
  214. Judgement I can't fullfill
  215. Need to know how to get my car back
  216. is there anything I can do?
  217. Sued because I thought a burglar was in my house?
  218. Debtor's Statement of Assets
  219. How to collect on a judgement in IL?
  220. How do I collect on a judgement in SC?
  221. Judgement in North Carolina
  222. Sued over Severence Package!
  223. Garnishment on a Corp.
  224. Garnishment- Bank Specific?
  225. Collecting on a small claims judgemant in Wa.
  226. Do I need to garnish to collect?
  227. Attorney Fees NJ
  228. Court's jurisdiction in other states
  229. Small Claims Court and my neighbor
  230. ebay slander
  231. I'm not sure what to do...
  232. discovery help - 'insufficient' answers?
  233. Civial Warrant in a different state
  234. settling an old repo debt
  235. Storage Unit let someone take a piano out of my unit
  236. need advice
  237. "Cheated" by dentist; should I go to Small Claims Courts
  238. serverance pay
  239. What am I allowed to ask for?
  240. Subpoena Before Case?
  241. After you win, then what?
  242. Small Claims Judgement
  243. my case
  244. underage shoplifting charge Pennsylvania - Palmer Reifler & Assoc
  245. Loan to boss, partial payment
  246. Live with parents, paying for house repairs as form of rent, help me here.
  247. Paying judgement when countersuing?
  248. Customer won't pay for services
  249. Man working on my car, sells it! Please help me
  250. Can this guy take me to court? Need advice