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  1. Can I take the USPS to small claims court?
  2. Do I have to repay a personal loan back 10 years after it was forgiven?
  3. Problem with co worker
  4. Private party auto sale question
  5. Check Deception
  6. Selling car 2 sister
  7. Home Inspection Refund - Is It Possible?
  8. Suing Bank of America...
  9. Not a smart person....
  10. Suing for unfinished work
  11. I have a question
  12. Going after landlord - What address?
  13. Time limit on a personal loan
  14. Is this filing improper
  15. Can I sue if I pay for truck and owner doesn't have title?
  16. Can I file a motion for contempt Pro Se?
  17. Debt collection sueing me
  18. Being sued by closed partnership
  19. Ex-Roommate is Suing me for a damaged computer.
  20. Verbal Agreement to pay $6,500 in MD
  21. given property without permission
  22. Misplaced property question
  23. Wedding Photographer - Lost Pictures
  24. wifes brother passed before car title was signed
  25. Does she have to pay?
  26. Being Sued for Bill that's not Mine
  27. Small Claims HELP Thanks in advance
  28. Help with home contractors:
  29. Stolen Vehicle (this is a long one)
  30. appeal to small claims court judgement
  31. small claims judgement and credit
  32. Personal Loan/Verbal Agreement
  33. Valid reasons to Vacate a default Judgement?
  34. joey82941
  35. Hipaa Violation??
  36. Automobile mech refused to release my car
  37. loan given to friend
  38. can i recover funds on stop payment on a personal check?
  39. Please Help - Co-signed Vehicle
  40. Sold dog - got Parvo
  41. Garnishments
  42. I want my dog back but my boyfriend says no
  43. Juradition
  44. Automobile Repair Shop Rip-Off
  45. Satisfaction of Judgment
  46. How do I get my dog back or get the money for her???
  47. Dog Attack Issue - HELP!
  48. Dog at large charges
  49. Cancelled Event
  50. Debtors examination no-show
  51. smallclaims court?
  52. Body Attachment/Oral Exam
  53. Plumber threatening to sue for unauthorized work
  54. car issues :(
  55. Small claims against a web forum?
  56. private schools
  57. small claims
  58. Car Rental-PLEASE HELP!
  59. Ex-roomate owes money
  60. Received Summons for entering a Judgement
  61. What are my rights
  62. how may plaintiffs can i file in one action?
  63. Personal Loan Default
  64. Using Discovery in Small Claims
  65. question about compensation for travel time
  66. Executing A Foreign Judgment
  67. Purchase of vehicle, seller misrepresented condition of engine
  68. Interragatories in Aid of execution
  69. Being harassed...is this a valid request?
  70. What does final judgement disposed by judge mean?
  71. Collecting on a Small Claims Judgment
  72. Hsbc
  73. Small claims laws
  74. Me vs. Salvation Army
  75. Tutoring scam
  76. helping out a friend
  77. friends ruined over a wrecked car
  78. Small Claims the Way to Go?
  79. Personal Property Damage
  80. Unfair NYC Mta ticket. Entering without payment
  81. Questions about small claims
  82. question about judgement
  83. Motion to vacate and set aside judgement in GA
  84. Business owner (bailee) won't relinquish my valuable stuff
  85. FRAUD from purchased motorcycle
  86. Wage Garnishment
  87. Suing Landlord for Deposit check in NY state.
  88. Contractor Fraud. Relief?
  89. Could I win?
  90. Judgement against former friend for DUI rental car damages
  91. Unwelcome Guest
  92. filing
  93. CO law on abandoned personal property?
  94. Is this a legitimate case againt bank?
  95. Finding Bank info for judgement collection?
  97. Plead for help!
  98. What can i do if i am being sued but feel im right.
  99. Small Claims Court inquiry
  100. Ex Girlfriend "lost" class ring
  101. autozone issue
  102. Satisfaction of Judgment
  103. small claims court question
  104. Looking for Advice on Stop Payment Check
  105. suing for damages
  106. Proceedings Supplemental
  107. Inaccurate soil contamination test. Do I have a case?
  108. vehicle storage lein
  109. Being sued..please read and help if you can!
  110. I need to sue a company from another state.
  111. My Father's Property
  112. Collecting a debt
  113. forgery
  114. Can I sue my ex for money that I owe?
  115. Writ of Execution
  116. Help...EX-MIL sueing me for sons loan!!!!
  117. 2 Legal Questions Please Help
  118. Request motor vehicle record in CA
  119. Want My Puppy Back
  120. collecting $debt
  121. Small claims court, I have to have an answer on monday.
  122. HELP! I've been bamboozled
  123. Small claims procedure for requesting proof from defendant
  124. He left me with the bills
  125. Can she do this to me?
  126. Breach of Contract - Do I have a case?
  127. Warrant In Debit
  128. Should I and how do I sue an LLC in small claims?
  129. Garnishment
  130. Bridesmaid dress
  131. how do I handle small claims in another state?
  132. Is there anything I can do??
  133. old boss says I still owe for Tahoe
  134. Help
  135. My property was sold w/out my permission; can I sue?
  136. Collecting A Judgment
  137. Thieving lawyer?
  138. Verbal warranty
  139. Small claims court
  140. Defendant Prevails
  141. Do I have a case? what can i do
  142. Maritime Law
  143. Small Claims Process
  144. Help me please
  145. "Stop Payment" Question
  146. Enforcing Judgement
  147. Nonpayment of personal loan
  148. bad work done on my car helppppppp
  149. Do I have a claim?
  150. Default Judgment Received
  151. Does the Ex have a case?
  152. contract signed by deceased.....
  153. how to file a motion to dimiss a case
  154. Repairs Not Done by Mobile Home Seller
  155. Aparment damages
  156. kes
  157. My dog was attacked by my neighbors dog and died who should pay for vet expenses?
  158. Help needed urgently------small claims
  159. Statute of limitations
  160. Calculating Interest
  161. Overdraft fees
  162. Auto repair shop taking tooo long
  163. Small Claims or Mediation?
  164. debtors exam
  165. Gun Gift
  166. Do I have to demand for payment again before I sue?
  167. sublet in NY issue - advice please!
  168. Whats my legal recourse to get car out of name or sold
  169. Double charges by airlines
  170. Stolen item, still owe money?!?
  171. Vacation Home Management Company have run off owing money
  172. Car Towed from Apartment complex
  173. Car Title Obtained by deception-fraud
  174. What can I sue for?
  175. what if I avoid service?
  176. Wedding Fiasco
  177. heirloom jewlry
  178. Trying To Collect An Ignored Lawn Maintenance Account
  179. Suing Corp. and an LLC, piercing corp veil, breach of fiduciary duty to unsec credito
  180. Bouncer broke my phone
  181. Cosigner Problems
  182. Truck ownership
  183. Truck ownership
  184. my landlord doesn't give me the exact apt on the lease
  185. Realitor took money
  186. can i take him to court
  187. Father steals from underage daughter
  188. Judgement Collection
  189. Small Claims question
  190. Collecting a Debt from a Family member...
  191. Oklahoma Plaintiff vs Ohio Defendant
  192. Suing My Ex-Girlfriend
  193. Can I File For Material Things
  194. Suing a Big company
  195. How can I locate a business that seems to be hiding?
  196. A Plumber has taking advantage of me.
  197. Taken Advantage of! Now my credit is bad.
  198. Did I wait too long?
  199. Small claims stipulation question
  200. Being slandered and evicted
  201. Can I sue a LLC? Business to Business issue:
  202. Explanation of dates...
  203. suing over phone recordings
  204. Wedding DJ/Videographer Bails on Services...no refund given
  205. Help for two boys who are banned from playing soccer ever again
  206. remedies after judgment on civil case
  207. Silent Investor Rights
  208. Small Claims default judgment atty fees
  209. Still Looking For Advise!!
  210. Cancel Airline Ticket.
  211. Business vs. Business Suit
  212. small claims clarification
  213. What address do I use to sue?...
  214. How to enforce a money judgment?
  215. Collecting Judgement against a company.
  216. Kansas Small Claims Court questions
  217. Gift or Not
  218. Is this blackmail or a good deal?
  219. Evidence
  220. Forgery of check to multiple recipients
  221. turbojock
  222. Statue of Limitations for Small claims?
  223. Small Claims credit card collection
  224. won eBay auction, have not paid - seller threatens lawsuit
  225. Theft of Services
  226. URGENT: Case of They Paid the Wrong Person
  227. vicki
  228. Can I sue ?
  229. Garage Door Installers Did Not Fix Problem and I Got Robbed
  230. Small Claims
  231. Buyer didn't pay additional money
  232. Please help! Can I sue?
  233. Seller Cancel Sale
  234. Puppy Death
  235. Can I sue Electric Company in Texas
  236. Small claims filing questions
  237. How to get back a rental deposit from an agent???
  238. Auto repairs not paid by credit card company
  239. Contractor ran from unfinished job
  240. small claims case
  241. friend refuses to pay
  242. Small Claims Court - motion to dismiss
  243. Do I have a case?
  244. Taken Advantage of?....
  245. can you sell property that is being disputed in smal claims
  246. Enagagement Ring
  247. Need a Court Order in order to apply for my car title
  248. Need a Court Order in order to apply for my car title
  249. Apply for a court order to apply for the tittle of my car
  250. Animal Control, And Neighbors