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  1. Public Intoxication summons
  2. Questions related to the 911 call with the woman killing the intruder
  3. I am accused of theft, but I DID NOT do it. What can I do and what can I expect?
  4. Plead the fifth
  5. When will it end?
  6. Just went to court now i have a vop
  7. need help
  8. are domestic incident reports available to the public?
  9. statements
  10. arrests
  11. Pub intox, disorderly conduct and interfering with emergency call
  12. bench warrents
  13. Arrested on 2 felonies and 2 misd, but only one arraignment charge as a misd?
  14. Plea Deal or No Plea
  15. Arrested on offensive touching and menacing
  16. Turned away from shelter if you refuse to be frisked and property search?
  17. Help with my 17yr old daugthers arrest
  18. A question or two.
  19. How Do Cops Get Away With Altering Peoples Statements?
  20. sudafed troubles
  21. arrested for violating a civil protection order that didnt exist
  22. theft
  23. help on arrest charges
  24. email harrassment
  25. assault and attempted robbery
  26. Assault? Aggravated Assault?
  27. Second Public Intoxication Law
  28. Victim (me) wants to AVOID TRIAL!
  29. Marijuana possession charge in my home. Washington Sate
  30. statute of limitations-Juvenile
  31. Underage drunk in public
  32. reasonable cause
  33. missed probation appointment
  34. Case nonfiled???
  35. Very confued with harassment charge???
  36. is this legal?
  37. is this legal?
  38. texas
  39. Can You Be Arrested On Your own Protective Order?
  40. legal???
  41. Help... Is this Legal?
  42. Escort Agency driver (CA)
  43. Can i be arrested for...
  44. search of home
  45. How long can a judge take?
  46. What penalties will I recieve for probation violation?
  47. Restraining order I did not put in place.....?
  48. KNOWINGLY had me falsely arrested!
  49. University monitored private communications without warrant
  50. Any Advice
  51. Criminal Tresspassing 3rd Degree
  52. Disorderly Conduct...
  53. UK help
  54. 3rd party release/custody
  55. First and only Arrest: Failure to appear
  56. unfair treatment
  57. Illegal search and seizure
  58. Indictment Laws
  59. Can I go to jail over an argument with my "cop-friend"?
  60. General Assault
  61. Can police search victim's property?
  62. Help plz
  63. Possession
  64. False Charges.
  65. Illegal search?
  66. probation - owning firearm
  67. My word against the police officer's word in court?
  68. Warrant for arrest not search....
  69. Early Termination
  70. Search outside the scope of the warrant
  71. battery charge
  72. Pulled over in Passing lane
  73. neeed help!
  74. Why Not Abolish Guilty Plea, Does Anyone Use It?
  75. Being charged so other charges will stick to someone else?
  76. Underage Drinking Citation?
  77. Craigaslist Stings? Entrapment?
  78. Misdemeanor and employment
  79. Stalking
  80. DA rejected to file charges, what are victim's rights?
  81. Gun permits and expunged Felonies
  82. Do I need to take ID to court?
  83. Unlawful carrying of a weapon in Texas
  84. Oakland California has my car.
  85. Urgent question
  86. Virginia, public intoxication, dxm
  87. How serious do you think the L.A.P.D. will take this?
  88. Petty Theft (CA - Frys Electronics)
  89. erroneous record on my criminal record report
  90. Legal Advice (Statutory Rape)
  91. Impersonating an officer of the law
  92. Emergency Protective Order
  93. DMV Biometric Photo Recognition Software
  94. Falsely accused by ex
  95. After 11 years they are taking him from MO to FL
  96. furnishing alcohol to minors in michigan...
  97. What can I expect in court?
  98. poppy talk
  99. How can I reduce a felony to a misdermeanor?
  100. Perjury??
  101. Out of state court date
  102. Sentence
  103. Performing Services for Medical Marijuana Store?
  104. Passenger's defamatory remarks in drive-thru - am I liable?
  105. Stolen property, hassled by thief - how do I protect myself?
  106. stolen phone, probable cause?
  107. Signed Confession
  108. Want SD Card back!
  109. can they take my phone?
  110. Stolen Car
  111. Bar owner accused, protocol followed?
  112. disbarrment
  113. Statute of limitations
  114. confused
  115. Is you get misdemeanor, do you have to pay all the medical bills?
  116. Help needed. Charged with assualt. is this smart move?
  117. first offenders shoplifting at walmart in minnesota
  118. Client from hell: death threats + breach of ''contract''
  119. obtaining police report
  120. Forgery and fraud
  121. choosing an attorney
  122. Desperately need advice! Would this still be considered criminal??
  123. When do police officers have the right to breathalize you / search you?
  124. trying to avoid jail
  125. Misdemeanor warrants
  126. Walmart Theft Policy
  127. Can police force someone to submit to a drug test?
  128. Citations based on CVC 40000.1 as in Div. 12 of CVC are not traffic infractions
  129. Reason to worry?
  130. Filing an appeal
  131. Incident Reports
  132. Is My Worry Justified?
  133. When Lt. XX made a false citation, is it fraud?
  134. Is this true?
  135. Please help
  136. Criminal Reciprocity: US/Mexico.
  137. Failure to appear
  138. Federal Background Check (possibly for Clearance)
  139. Indicted as Party to a crime with NO PROBABLE CAUSE? - Malicious Prosecution?
  140. Indicted as Party to a crime with NO PROBABLE CAUSE? - Malicious Intent?
  141. My Neighbor May Be Selling Drugs
  142. False sexual assault charges against me, can I fight back?
  143. Wants and Warrants - Legit Place Anyone?
  144. Why do Police Officers Twist the Facts in the Police Reports
  145. Arresting Authority
  146. I need hepl.
  147. house probation
  148. Can I be charged w/ possession for pills found in my property when released from jail
  149. Phone question
  150. Santa Clara Prosecutor Ben Field Convicted of Prosecutory Misconduct
  151. Unlawful Search, can this beat the charge?
  152. Wife forced to give DNA sample.
  153. arrest warrants
  154. Unreasonable search(house raid)
  155. West Law Data Base
  156. Bail bondman in NY
  157. Illegal Search and No Miranda Rights given?
  158. Striped search!!!
  159. Being held in jail over warrent that was lifted
  160. Can You be Violated for Parole Twice? HElp!
  161. European Student on Work&Travel program for the summer of 2009 in USA was arrested..
  162. Whats an arrest?
  163. already on parole and leaving the scene of an accident
  164. Was I arrested?
  165. Was I arrested?
  166. Witness for Prosecutor
  167. Exceptions to Hearsay Evidence
  168. Altering Vehicle Tags
  169. Sheriff Deputy collects gas bill
  170. Neigbor spits in your face.
  171. Arrest on Public intoxication
  172. Underage possesion of beer and open container in public place
  173. Breathalyser
  174. I was arrested making a citizens arrest (or detaining the suspect while police arrive
  175. False Imprisonment Arrest - Georgia
  176. Returning Alleged Stolen Property? Please help!! Someone, Anyone?!
  177. gun charge
  178. Cops said i allowed them to search verbally. nOW THEY WANT ME TO TESTIFY IM SCARED
  179. Furnishing Alcohol to a minor in Vermont
  180. confidential informants procedure guidelines
  181. Underage Drinking-- Cop threatened Arrest if I didn't plea to something I didn't do..
  182. Court resets....
  183. stolen items, owe 450???
  184. Nolle prossed
  185. time limit on indictment
  186. Was I arrested?
  187. Sticky Marijuana Situation, and alc kinda,advice???
  188. Can I be charged if my spouse is charged?
  189. Police Rules?
  190. Was marijuana found legally? (Warning: Verbose!)
  191. unresolved felony
  192. Suspended License?
  193. Can You be arrested For Food Stamp Fraud?
  194. Arrested for possession of stolen property
  195. Need fast advice fast Visiting a common nuisance guilty or not
  196. pot bust??
  197. Unlawful procedure?
  198. Police noticed I was recording him...
  199. Fare evasion metro citation
  200. How Good is a Court-Appointed Lawyer?
  201. pretrial hearing
  202. Seeking Advice
  203. Could i face jail time?
  204. wrong search warrant
  205. Not home at time
  206. terroristic threats made online
  207. penalty for shoplifting?
  208. Can Palmer,Reifler and Associates collect restitution after the case is settled?
  209. my girlfriend
  210. A check was sent to me in my name did i brake any laws by cashing it?
  211. arrests
  212. Fraudulent Business Practice
  213. profiled and assumptions
  214. Public Urination - NYC Pink Summons
  215. Arrested due to Computer Error. Georgia
  216. Satute of Limitations in Arizona
  217. Oregon pot stop
  218. CRRO Criminal Reopen
  219. Son filed false report and had me arrested
  220. Out-Of-State Subpoena
  221. failure to stop at the direction of a peace officer
  222. International Harassment
  223. mic daughter
  224. Drug Traces in Body after Domestic Dispute?
  225. Park after dark out of state - letter to court, Guilty or No contest?
  226. Drunk watching football
  227. Child Pornography
  228. vacate arrest warrant?
  229. How Far Can I Go????
  230. Help!!!!!!!!!! Assault case!
  231. Helllpp!!!!!!
  232. Scared, will I be arrested?
  233. NJ Expungement Question
  234. Arrested then released. Waived my preliminary trial. Can I still sue the state?
  235. Arrested due to ID theft?
  236. Considering Fleeing DUI Charge
  237. municipal courts
  238. What kind of warrant can come from not paying a judgement?
  239. Legal Search Warrant
  240. Driving with a suspended and More
  241. black ball with info
  242. Need help with self representation
  243. Pennsylvania extadition
  244. avoided warrant arrests...
  245. Discovery
  246. Arrested for suspended license... but it isn't.
  247. Violation of restraining order?
  248. I was arrested...
  249. profiled and detained for one hour
  250. How do you get defered ajudification?