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  1. Can I make references to Celebrities, Songs, Movies, or Bands?
  2. Linking to website from android app
  3. engagement ring design stolen
  4. Importation of counterfeit NHL jerseys
  5. E-Book copyright/trademark basics
  6. Copyright laws for students
  7. Cease and desist letter, 2nd notice NHL
  8. To aram
  9. Company with similiar name claims infringement on their trademark
  10. Someone using my music on CDs w/o my permission
  11. trademark infringment
  12. Quoting Twitter in Ebook
  13. High School Play
  14. publishing a found journal/diary
  15. Standing to sue
  16. Using sports logos for charity
  17. Copyright Law on books
  18. Confused on Copyright
  19. High-Traffic Website Using My Photo W/O Permission
  20. Digital Piracy
  21. Using recording artist music in a dvd
  22. Using recording artist music in a dvd
  23. Copyright, Museums and Public Domain Artworks
  24. Q about intellectual property rights and trade dress infringement.
  25. I need an advice Regarding my domain name.
  26. Company using images without permission
  27. Copyright infringement on Harry Potter?
  28. Can this idea/method be protected?
  29. Sugarland took and used my art without permission or Recognition
  30. Replicas of Historial Buildings sold as "art"
  31. I was blamed for copying a photo from another website.
  32. Is rejiggering an algorithm considered Fair Use.
  33. Work made for hire contract (minor)
  34. comic book and art question
  35. Non-Commercial Use
  36. graphic novel-character copyright and trademark question please help
  37. Infringement
  38. Copyright Infringement
  39. Similar sounding domain names concern
  40. Is this infringment or bullying?
  41. Rights to Photographs of Me
  42. Trademark, Domain Scenario
  43. Entering without Permission; Copyright Photos
  44. Trademark
  45. Use Of A Mugshot Photo
  46. On the topic of online television episode streaming websites
  47. Employee filed for trademark ownership
  48. Artist in Michigan, not credited in Artwork published in widely available Book.
  49. Copyright liability for websites, question regarding ownership
  50. ecommerce and copyright
  51. Copyrighting a Visual Idea
  52. Two copyright questions
  53. Domain name ownership contested
  54. Importing data and Fair Use
  55. Copyright and Right of First Sale
  56. Can I legally use Domo-kun's image as my clubs mascot?
  57. Using photos from a book in a video documentary
  58. LLC and Trademark
  59. Trademark application
  60. Question about title of satirical work
  61. Trademarked Food Question
  62. Posting voluntary videos
  63. Illegall's Very Own Thread
  64. Tattoo
  65. Song Copyright
  66. Music copywritten by me, but used by company
  67. Should I or Shouldn't I ?
  68. Trademark
  69. How to legally obtain Music Videos?
  70. How to buy a web platform/script?
  71. Video Music Rights
  72. similar corporate name
  73. Bracelet copyright
  74. Do I have a claim
  75. Video game footage
  76. Sampling Music
  77. Infringement
  78. Are vintage Brochures, Owners and Service Manuals considered "Published"
  79. Can i copyright this?
  80. International edition textbook lawsuit
  81. scared out of mind: infringement notice.
  82. NFL - use of team, player names
  83. Copyrighting my work not using last name?
  84. Forced to sign my name to a project
  85. I've done it this time.
  86. Crossing the Copyright Line
  87. Copyright on code from a tutorial web page
  88. Name of a city for my business trademark
  89. illegally selling pictures
  90. Found copyrighted images on GettyImages for sale is this legit?
  91. Similar book format
  92. Recent IP subpoena
  93. Quoting Radio Broadcast in EBook
  94. Band name Trademark question
  95. Written Comedy
  96. Similar Company name for local service business
  97. I just received a C&D...wasn't my fault.
  98. Copyright Settlement of $200 before lawsuit?
  99. Website
  100. Website considered "work for hire" if produced by non-employee?
  101. Website Image T-Shirt Prints - Unknown Image Orgins
  102. Song Copyright, Deceased Collaborator
  103. "Esports" Trademark?
  104. Fair Use of trademark on app at Amazon
  105. domain squatter - ICANN's UDRP
  106. Transfer of Copyright from deceased relative
  107. Copyright??
  108. What's the percentage split between a music publisher and a songwriter with Sync Fees
  109. Modifying a copyrighted tag line
  110. Legally License Music for Videography
  111. TRADEMARK !!!???!!! little help.
  112. Photography
  113. Website/Copyright
  114. PC game art/movie scenes/comics/copyright/derivative works - need advice, please
  115. Domain Infringement Trademark?
  116. Google VS My Intellectual Property
  117. Providing Test Answers Copyright?
  118. Using Statistic Definitions on a Website:
  119. copyright possession of unauthorized info
  120. Showing of Films for Educational Purposes
  121. Copyright infringement
  122. Initial Disclosure!
  123. Is this infringment?
  124. copyright infringment suit?
  125. Images grabbed from my site
  126. Getty Images Copyrighted Images and Settlement
  127. Derivative infringement on unpublished, unpaid sketches.
  128. Private Search Engine
  129. Ebook scanning service?
  130. I want to kill myself!!!!1111
  131. Scanning books for personal use
  132. Questions about Fair Use with Copyrights
  133. IP subpoena
  134. Is this infringment?
  135. Use of a logo that looks similar to a Professional Sport's Team's logo
  136. Home Exchange Member Posted Copyright Picture in their Online Listing
  137. How does one write a transfer of copyright ownership/authorship?
  138. Use copyrighted material for educational purposes
  139. Copyrights and Publishing rights from a large textbook company
  140. photocopy a book for my ise
  141. Bakery - please help!
  142. Recording Audio at parade with dance teams passing while dancing to Copyrighted Music
  143. What constitutes criminal copyright infringement?
  144. Nonprofit fair use more fair?
  145. My name
  146. Cover Band License?
  147. Music laws
  148. finding copyright registration number
  149. TV / Movie Copyright Law
  150. Do I have permission to keep this video on youtube?
  151. Domain name ownership being handed over to Plantiff
  152. Photgraphs
  153. Music/Music Video Rights
  154. Movie Song
  155. Regarding musical copy write of sheet music:
  156. Who owns my columns?
  157. Publishing Copyright
  158. Graphics and duplicating
  159. Copyright Infringement/Fair Use
  160. Using a bible verse for fundraising
  161. Battle of the Bands (Copyright Infringement)
  162. Public Domain Material on the Web
  163. Copyright Loophole?
  164. Legalities surrounding satirical works
  165. Copyright - old book
  166. Copyright - old book
  167. The michigan mitten
  168. Music copyrights...Lyrics
  169. Do I have any rights to my logo and or forum name before filing for Trademark?
  170. Can i get in trouble if my boss makes me knowingly violate copyright?
  171. Picture Copyrights
  172. TM when it's your name
  173. Using A Celebrities Likeness Without Authorization
  174. Profile Not Removed.
  175. How different is different enough?
  176. Need legal advice in regards to a Website and claims of copyright infrigement
  177. Right to publish letters from penpal
  178. Publication Rights
  179. Another question about copyrights in song lyrics
  180. Art Copyright Issue
  181. CAD file ownership
  182. Releasing one's voice for podcasting
  183. Possible copyright infringement/plagerism
  184. A question of derivative works
  185. Intellectual Propert
  186. Using derivatives of public domain work
  187. Trademark or copyright
  188. Fair Use Of Trademarked Name
  189. Publishing family genealogy
  190. Trademark Infringement
  191. Question about intellectual property when it comes to novels
  192. Trademark vs Art Work
  193. Possible Trademark Issues
  194. Trademark Infringement
  195. xwa ohio copyrights being infringed
  196. Copyright After Death
  197. Trademark Infringement
  198. Infringment Question
  199. Could I get in trouble for writing this book?
  200. Clothing Brand threating Band Merch
  201. Web streaming piano arrangements for popular songs
  202. Trademark infringment
  203. trademark infridgement?
  204. Copyright protecting Game
  205. Use product name trademarks and images in my application
  206. Is my site legal?
  207. Visual arts copyright question regarding discarded works.
  208. Do my own trademark search or hire patent attorney?
  209. Publishing rights
  210. Does my parody music video qualify for a fair use copyright dispute?
  211. Fair Use?
  212. is there any thing called OEM cases?
  213. Help Please!!!!!
  214. Web Design Ownership
  215. Copyright on general questions?
  216. Stolen pictures of the dental work posted elsewhere online
  217. copy right issue for a image.
  218. Whether goods of two companies using the same trademark fall under separate classes
  219. Product Copyright Law
  220. can you copyright public domain text if you....
  221. Videos that have copyright content and Terms Of Service
  222. Can a copyright trump a trademark?
  223. Federal Trademark Questions
  224. Trademark drug names?
  225. Can you copyright numbering system in a public domain work?
  226. Image use for retail
  227. Copyright and Clearance
  228. Pictures on blogs
  229. Peoples cars printed on t shirts
  230. Stolen image being used for commercial usage
  231. Should I try to use the cash from the game I want to patent to patent the game itself
  232. emding footage from a holliwood movie into a video clip I'm making
  233. Is a similar logo infringement?
  234. Open Source License: Copyleft Questions
  235. Image Use
  236. Are fictional languages public domain?
  237. I stole someones Artist Name???
  238. Similar business names. Entirely different entities.
  239. Quick question about copyright / IP infringement?
  240. Simple copyright agreement
  241. I'm in a Pickle
  242. Can i be sued for this?
  243. Can I trademark this?
  244. Can i get in trouble Legally for this
  245. STarting new local independent magazine, permissions needed?
  246. Help :: TM similarity
  247. Website/Code Copyright Ownership?
  248. Trademark infringement on words?
  249. Jeep copyright questions
  250. Can I draw a copyrighted item and sell the drawing.