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  1. Being sued for copyright infringement
  2. Renegotiating reproduction rights
  3. Corporate Logo Use on Commissioned Sample Products
  4. Pen Names and Copyright
  5. Can they do this
  6. Artistic Copyright infringement
  7. What are my rights after someone copied my publication?
  8. Can I use "Like" or "Type" when talking about my product
  9. modifying cartoon characters
  10. Custom-made Product for Resale? Copyright it?
  11. Song Title/Lyrics
  12. My webiste was copied down to the picture of me
  13. Fast Food Logo Trademark
  14. Possible to Trademark Living Name?
  15. unauthorized picture
  16. Input on sale of webstore that has licensed a name
  17. Similar Product Names Question
  18. Stole my niche in a small market.
  19. Online TradeMark Violation ?
  20. Government copyright
  21. Domain Name
  22. Using photos on a website
  23. Photo's Taken Of You Without Signing a Model release Form
  24. Intellectual Property regarding Fandango movie ticket sales
  25. Copyright - The name of a band
  26. Book writing
  27. Trademark Question
  28. Creating a new product
  29. Anagrams of Real Names in Game
  30. Is it okay to use non profit's non trademarked name during unendorsed fundraising?
  31. General legal question
  32. I am being sued by Beachbody
  33. emailed information-can this be used in print
  34. recording copyrighted songs for free distribution
  35. High School Design Issue
  36. Not payed for designs
  37. Not payed for design, new owner to company
  38. Can there be a trademark for something that doesn't exist?
  39. Three Letter Acronyms
  40. Can I not register my first name for a website?
  41. What is the law regarding "Replica Items" and being sold as such.
  42. Creative Commons Question
  43. iPhone Application Copyright Issues?
  44. Opposition has been filed against my Trademark
  45. Are images of fabric copyright infringment
  46. Is this considered copyright infringemen?
  47. What exactly is the Law on TV Shows Like Dateline Secretly Filming & Broadcasting
  48. Software developed while being employed
  49. Right to distribute video interview
  50. disgruntled former employee website problem
  51. Creating Software for a Trademarked Game
  52. Abandoned Tradmark or no longer used
  53. Use of trademarked items in a custom T-shirt
  54. Selling homemade item on eBay
  55. Separation of Corporation and Division
  56. Trademark Advice ?
  57. Copyright Partnership issue
  58. All Rights Reserved
  59. Record Label Contract
  60. Website logo use and trademarks
  61. MP3 player album pictures for song
  62. Shooting video in a location, didn't get a release, can I use the footage?
  63. Questions about filing my first trademark application
  64. Using lyrics and celebrity faces on my merchandise
  65. UK copyright infringement - settlement or court or ignore?
  66. We are Using a Trademark Name as Part of a Published Book Title > Received Letter
  67. Audacity
  68. Podcast copyright question
  69. I used images on the web that I shouldn't have... now what?
  70. Using "Quotes"
  71. Copyright of databases
  72. Can images of US coins/bills be copyrighted?
  73. Can you re-post webcam images?
  74. Evony Makers are Saying I violated their copyright
  75. what "limited" means in software license and other licens issues
  76. Downloading a film I own
  77. Using a product name - Is this infringement?
  78. Canada/US Trademark?
  79. copyrighting original artwork
  80. TM names
  81. Photography and source image copyright questions
  82. Demanding sales-specific compensation from copyright violators?
  83. Registering a domain name--in the mist of a trademark despute
  84. Will registering my name fix this issue?
  85. Walt Disney & Literary Theft
  86. Selling a product online
  87. Celebrity names and trademarks allowed in user-created content?
  88. using song names / band names in describing t-shirt line
  89. Rights to our canceled trademarks/servicemarks
  90. Taking from the dead
  91. copyright infringement?
  92. When do I need a model release?
  93. Do we own the intellectual property?
  94. Copyrighted album illegally for sale
  95. GREAT new business idea where to start?
  96. Emails sent through a forum - private or public?
  97. Offering playable NES games through your website browser?
  98. Copyright on Assessments
  99. Stock Footage Copyrights
  100. Does sears.pro infringe on trademark laws
  101. Legality of posting amateur pictures with nudity
  102. Are Remixes Legal?
  103. Quoting Politicians from Newspaper stories
  104. CD artwork celebrity photo question
  105. Can you get sued for selling International Edition Textbooks through abebooks.com?
  106. What permission do I need to use pictures of brand name products in gift baskets ?
  107. Copyright a design?
  108. Overseas Company has Stolen Company Brand!
  109. Post a song on Youtube
  110. Band name
  111. Could I possibly be facing a copyright lawsuit?
  112. Business Startup, Where do i stand?
  113. Work for hire contract for music>>simple questions
  114. Is Email Communication Copyrighted
  115. music copyright
  116. Photo reproduction
  117. Trademark on "Superhero"
  118. Need contract relenquishing ownership of property images from realtor
  119. May have picture infringement
  120. Verification of trademarked Latin Mottos
  121. Event Coverage
  122. Copyright Infringement by Converting Files?
  123. Trademark infringement - Do Capitals and medium count.
  124. Where do I stand? Image issues, follow up.
  125. Drawing picture of stuffed animal
  126. competitor using images
  127. just a quick query to settle an argument
  128. Where do I stand? Image issues.
  129. Asked a hundred times but.. Trademark or Registered Trademark?
  130. What type of trademark to get?
  131. Is advertising like this infringing on a company's trademark?
  132. Remixing movies and music
  133. TV Show copywrite
  134. iPhone Unlocking... Is it Illegal?
  135. fraud on us copyright office
  136. Domain name demand to transfer rights
  137. Choosing Business Name - previous use found, but in Canada and not in use now
  138. Fair use on images question.
  139. Filming iPhone Apps
  140. Is this brand name subject to trademark infringement ?
  141. How to prove to PTO your Trademark has secondary meaning before any sales are made?
  142. Copyright on organization's name
  143. Is online streaming videos legal?
  144. Selling copyrighted books.
  145. Fight cease and desist?
  146. Copyrighting and editing?
  147. Forms related to video interview
  148. copy write protected. **** Air Jordan's
  149. Name Abandonment Question
  150. Using scanned images in a video?
  151. Is it legal to use automobile images in advertising without getting permission?
  152. Book Publisher used image output from my software.
  153. What is the difference between Trademark and Copyright?
  154. Is Cheesecakefactorymenu.com an infringement of The Cheesecake Factory
  155. Can I sell merchandise which quotes celebrity Tweets?
  156. printing pictures from a public website
  157. Is it copyright/trademark infringment is your create a design to share, not sell?
  158. Using a poem quote in an art exhibit
  159. school name/team name/colors
  160. Do I have to start business?
  161. Can my acronym nickname be copyrighted?
  162. Protecting your copyrighted works from use by those who have not paid for them
  163. Does Cliff Notes infringe on the copyrights owned by F. Scott Fitzgerald's estate?
  164. Threat letter for Copyright infringement
  165. Taking text ads from magazines and putting them online?
  166. Celebrity names and images on t-shrits
  167. Digital Recording and Ownership - Recorder vs Recordee
  168. Numbered, text-based key to diagram
  169. Youtube: Is it legal to create slideshows from Internet Pics?
  170. Who owns forum users or are user grabbers legal?
  171. Legal to scan a yearbook, keep the scans and sell the actual book?
  172. www.myfreecopyright.com
  173. Watermarks on NON owned PDFs
  174. trademark, patent or copywrite?
  175. Weight Watchers Points & Restaurants
  176. Apple Mac OS X License Agreement Question
  177. selling a Trademark
  178. Online Sheet Music
  179. Is this design a copyright infringement?
  180. Using places and characters from Star Wars
  181. Attorney threat letter--What do I do?
  182. Gaming Journalism Website?
  183. thinking about starting fitness mp3 business
  184. Should I pay the fee even if there was no sale?
  185. Cease and Desist Ignored
  186. Domain Name Take Over
  187. Copyright
  188. MP3 Downloads
  189. Infringement if I copy ideas from a health related book and sell in my own words?
  190. Copyrights, patents and websites and software? Help!
  191. User uploaded music
  192. Are Latin Mottos copyrighted?
  193. Writings deleted without notice
  194. Worlds in public domain?
  195. Use of University name?
  196. Portfolio & Copyright Infringement.
  197. DMCA, derivative works, and boardgames
  198. Star naming
  199. aggragate info from several sites to sell
  200. Using excerpts of Diaries
  201. Can we copyright a beer recipe?
  202. Selling copyrighted goods
  203. California Association Of Realtor's-Preprinted Contracts-No Fair Use?
  204. Trademark infringement?
  205. Cancer Awareness Ribbon
  206. Craigslist Trademark Question
  207. Need to trademark blog/forum name- help!
  208. Copyright Infringement - Source Code physically stolen - California
  209. Website Copy-write
  210. What does the "rights and permission" section on the copyright entail?
  211. If the copright is in my name, does the material belong to me?
  212. DMCA take down notice and repeat offenders
  213. Existing Company Names
  214. How to obtain copyrights from indie record labels
  215. copy a product size
  216. What if I kept the items for myself?
  217. FCC Name and Logo
  218. Re-selling bicycles in USA
  219. Is it illegal to download Music from YouTube?
  220. Protecting my Lessons and Book
  221. Shirt Designs, Images, and Statement Lines.
  222. educational use of downloaded materials, fair use?
  223. Plain vs Stylized Text...help!
  224. same type of product similar instructions
  225. Rewriting ideas with a twist- is this illegal?
  226. Taking credit for giving worldwide rights?
  227. Youtube copyright infringement
  228. Copyright Infringement & Fraud?
  229. Copyright Infringement & Fraud?
  230. Using companies logos / names in point of purchase advertising systeem
  231. Legality of website about cannabis / trademark with word "cannabis" in it?
  232. Revamped art work
  233. celebrity image usage on map
  234. Using Company Name & Brand Name on the Internet
  235. Reproducing a free magazine on the internet.
  236. Usage of my name...
  237. copyright. my bands name
  238. Paragraph Interpretation
  239. Enforcing an unrelated EULA?
  240. Possible Copyright Violation
  241. Copyright dispute over fanmade flash games
  242. Celebrity Domain Name
  243. Trademark is about 6 years old what do I need to file?
  244. Fair Use of My Content - Sites "lifting" content and blocking access to my site.
  245. Threatened to pay for listing software (not sold); should I pay or defy?
  246. Copyright and images of products
  247. Trademark Question
  248. Contact by attorney demanding I remove my website/app.
  249. Threatened To Be Sued If I Don't Pay Up. Do They Have Grounds?
  250. Declaration from a manufacter to use pictures for commercial use