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  1. selling a Trademark
  2. Online Sheet Music
  3. Is this design a copyright infringement?
  4. Using places and characters from Star Wars
  5. Attorney threat letter--What do I do?
  6. Gaming Journalism Website?
  7. thinking about starting fitness mp3 business
  8. Should I pay the fee even if there was no sale?
  9. Cease and Desist Ignored
  10. Domain Name Take Over
  11. Copyright
  12. MP3 Downloads
  13. Infringement if I copy ideas from a health related book and sell in my own words?
  14. Copyrights, patents and websites and software? Help!
  15. User uploaded music
  16. Are Latin Mottos copyrighted?
  17. Writings deleted without notice
  18. Worlds in public domain?
  19. Use of University name?
  20. Portfolio & Copyright Infringement.
  21. DMCA, derivative works, and boardgames
  22. Star naming
  23. aggragate info from several sites to sell
  24. Using excerpts of Diaries
  25. Can we copyright a beer recipe?
  26. Selling copyrighted goods
  27. California Association Of Realtor's-Preprinted Contracts-No Fair Use?
  28. Trademark infringement?
  29. Cancer Awareness Ribbon
  30. Craigslist Trademark Question
  31. Need to trademark blog/forum name- help!
  32. Copyright Infringement - Source Code physically stolen - California
  33. Website Copy-write
  34. What does the "rights and permission" section on the copyright entail?
  35. If the copright is in my name, does the material belong to me?
  36. DMCA take down notice and repeat offenders
  37. Existing Company Names
  38. How to obtain copyrights from indie record labels
  39. copy a product size
  40. What if I kept the items for myself?
  41. FCC Name and Logo
  42. Re-selling bicycles in USA
  43. Is it illegal to download Music from YouTube?
  44. Protecting my Lessons and Book
  45. Shirt Designs, Images, and Statement Lines.
  46. educational use of downloaded materials, fair use?
  47. Plain vs Stylized Text...help!
  48. same type of product similar instructions
  49. Rewriting ideas with a twist- is this illegal?
  50. Taking credit for giving worldwide rights?
  51. Youtube copyright infringement
  52. Copyright Infringement & Fraud?
  53. Copyright Infringement & Fraud?
  54. Using companies logos / names in point of purchase advertising systeem
  55. Legality of website about cannabis / trademark with word "cannabis" in it?
  56. Revamped art work
  57. celebrity image usage on map
  58. Using Company Name & Brand Name on the Internet
  59. Reproducing a free magazine on the internet.
  60. Usage of my name...
  61. copyright. my bands name
  62. Paragraph Interpretation
  63. Enforcing an unrelated EULA?
  64. Possible Copyright Violation
  65. Copyright dispute over fanmade flash games
  66. Celebrity Domain Name
  67. Trademark is about 6 years old what do I need to file?
  68. Fair Use of My Content - Sites "lifting" content and blocking access to my site.
  69. Threatened to pay for listing software (not sold); should I pay or defy?
  70. Copyright and images of products
  71. Trademark Question
  72. Contact by attorney demanding I remove my website/app.
  73. Threatened To Be Sued If I Don't Pay Up. Do They Have Grounds?
  74. Declaration from a manufacter to use pictures for commercial use
  75. Product In Movie?
  76. Copyright infringement: ARTgirls vs. ARTstrippers?
  77. Regarding Television Rights and Sales...
  78. Question regarding domain copyright infringement
  79. profit of images of elected officals and media
  80. Public domain government and public publications
  81. Copying printed classifieds ads
  82. Use of addresses/contact details published in a book.
  83. Would paraphrasing the contents of a scientific journal be infringement?
  84. Creating TOS for site
  85. Where, or which web sites can I check up a book, or books for free copyrights?
  86. Where, or which web sites can I check up a book, or books for free copyrights?
  87. how do i get permission to use a copyrighted image i altered for my album cover?
  88. question about copyright laws on videos for youtube
  89. Is it RIGHT for them to sue me? (gibney)
  90. Litigation as Intimidation
  91. Pro-see Pro-say what juristiction
  92. copyright infringement or fair use
  93. Image Copyright violation?
  94. Copyrighting my (deceased) Grandmother's short stories
  95. trademark in email address trouble
  96. Use of Trademark in domain where confusion not likely from context
  97. Is it ok to use a recorded screen of websites for video course?
  98. Brand names and extensions
  99. Free design work is getting expensive.
  100. Internet Archive?
  101. car design and IP/trademark rights
  102. Information Republishing
  103. Understanding Fair Use
  104. Quick Trademark Question
  105. Clothing Name infringement?
  106. "published" Copyright question
  107. Trademark a phrase for every class of use?
  108. Fair use
  109. Car Dealership Trademark Question
  110. Can a disclaimer be in the back of the book
  111. About to publish a book
  112. DMCA: How to withdraw?
  113. Copyrighted book. Can I claim?
  114. Audio recording of a list
  115. Website Ownership-Copyright laws
  116. copying a design?
  117. Trademark questions!!!
  118. Is this infringement?
  119. Name infringement
  120. Declaration from a manufacter to use pictures for commercial use
  121. Dead famous person's name
  122. LLC or trademark
  123. Children's CD
  124. Printed and Website Content
  125. Mark name conflict
  126. Internet domain name and trademark Infringement
  127. Shareware name and trademark name
  128. would i get in trouble for this...
  129. Fair use of Trademarked Phrase/Name
  130. What constitutes an "implied contract"
  131. Is someone using this business name already?
  132. Trademarks and domain names
  133. Can I sue a new owner for copyright infringement?
  134. Book Introduction and Back Cover
  135. Videotaping live musical performance
  136. YouTube embed videos
  137. New artist wondering about reference material copyrights
  138. Writing a musical play based on work of another author
  139. can clip art be trademarked?
  140. Domain name and potential trademark issue
  141. Music Copyright Question
  142. Can I sell a domain that has been trademarked after I registered it?
  143. Incorporating Material From Book Into A Seminar Program
  144. Selling a Work that Quotes and Cites Other Works
  145. Can I ask someone to stop using a video I created?
  146. Is this illegal?
  147. Two trademark questions regarding publishing
  148. Personal information posted on public site
  149. Logo Usage
  150. Publishing book with similar name to preexisting work
  151. I'm in the documentary "HellHouse" by George Ratliff, am I due royalties?
  152. Can A Web Site Domain Name be Sued for Copyright Infringement?
  153. Copyright vs. Photosuite
  154. Will a part of my website's name infringe a famous trademark?
  155. Copying Files with a License
  156. Using a firms name in a web domain name...
  157. Google recieved civil subpoena related to my google account
  158. Posting other website content? Is it wrong if I ack them?
  159. Is radio dialog between a host and caller public domain?
  160. I was sued by publisher for selling international edition books
  161. Fun Trademark Application Question and Infrigement
  162. Selling Items from Patterns
  163. Copyright music for a deceased individual
  164. Trademark Enforcement
  165. Using a college mascot in a domain name?
  166. Former Bandmates Using My Name
  167. Google and other Search Engine Protection
  168. Music Purchase and Resale
  169. Voice Recording/I may be in the wrong forum sry.
  170. Intellectual Property Infringement by Directv
  171. Question about Creative Commons
  172. Legality of recording audio over internet
  173. How do I get a court order to stop people from posting infringing material on YouTube
  174. Trademark and Public Domain
  175. what is the need to put a disclamer on a religious book?
  176. Photography copyright question
  177. Toyota Recall
  178. nat'l elect code/copyrights/ enacted as law
  179. Transfer of Copyright
  180. quoting from very old news articles
  181. South Butt sued by North Face
  182. Trademark questions
  183. Is it legal to use my image in business's web site without written consent?
  184. Trademark Sharing Among Partners?
  185. Prison art copyright
  186. FAILBlog.org Cease & Desist on DailyFAILBlog.com
  187. Do I need to Trademark my Blog Name?
  188. How to serve an Answer to a summons
  189. Photography & Copyrights (3 different questions)
  190. Use of music for online talent show
  191. advertisment layout
  192. Being sued for trademark and copyright infringement
  193. Legal Letter from AutoTrader.com
  194. Copyright Laws and Public Domain?
  195. Use of sound samples in mobile application
  196. Instruction Video
  197. Successful First Use in Commerce Specimen
  198. Automatic language translations
  199. Pending Trademark Search, using TESS?
  200. Using company logos at resale store?
  201. Terms of Use and copyright
  202. Flash media player themed after Microsoft's Windows Media Player
  203. Social Networking Trademark Infringement Username
  204. Unauthorized filming and usage for commercial purposes
  205. Third Party Press Release?
  206. cease and desist letter I received
  207. Internation Trademark VS USA Trademark
  208. Being Threatened with Cease & Decist
  209. Picture rights
  210. Any way to oppose a pending copyright application?
  211. Fair Use of Video Clips of Me
  212. Unintentional infringement
  213. Cease and desist e-mail
  214. Selling notes? Infringement?
  215. Copyright Infringment?
  216. Mistakenly filed copyright claim on youtube, which was retracted.
  217. Can I own a trademark personally for a company I own shares in?
  218. Is this really an intellectual property infringement? - Urgent question
  219. Filled out a copyright form incorrectly?
  220. What is the process to stop someone from using my trademark?
  221. C2C Resources
  222. imposter on facebook
  223. photographs / internet
  224. Band Names
  225. Brainstormed Idea
  226. Ex-publisher won't remove Google listing
  227. Company Name Search Engine Results
  228. Can a company call a trademark violation on my domain?
  229. Domian owner violate Trademark?
  230. CEASE/DESIST...extortion
  231. Copyright Question
  232. Using a Song Name on a product for resale
  233. Is YouTube obligated under DMCA to provide me with claimants contact info?
  234. trademark of descriptive phrase :(
  235. Finding excellent IP and contractual law attorney
  236. Ski area name useage
  237. Online Directory standing
  238. C
  239. Taking product information from another company
  240. Use of Nintendo screen shot images for one-time use
  241. Fictional characters, real enterprises
  242. Permission to Write a Business Book?
  243. Trademark font copy advise need
  244. Using trademarks without direct reference to brand
  245. Can you put a coypright symbol if your book is copyright pending?
  246. Does the location matter for finding a IP attorney?
  247. Fees for Trademark Infringement Attorney
  248. Local Web design company domain name dispute
  249. Are Government Forms Copyrighted?
  250. Seeking Litigation Attorney in St Paul, Minnesota