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  1. Arizona Title 14
  2. Bar Application - Moral Character Question
  3. Is the Law tougher on Lawyers in certain cases?
  4. Does anyone have the "inside track to help me?
  5. Is this being handled properly?
  6. what should I do with my Lawyer?
  7. Lawyer no longer ours
  8. SCRAM:a couple of independant study results
  9. fraud
  10. Is a permanent restraining order transferable
  11. restraining order against me
  12. still would like an answer.
  13. misrepresented
  14. how many names?
  15. Public Defender not prepared in Georgia
  16. Who is responsible???
  17. County att, release confidental info.
  18. Where to file
  19. Can I request an accounting of time?
  20. Fee Agreement
  21. Attorney licensed in other state
  22. Addicted & abandonded by Physician
  23. Bill Dispute
  24. Power of Attorney - Lawyers Signature
  25. what shall i do??
  26. False advertising
  27. Convicted on an assumption!
  28. fee dispute arising from no return of phone calls
  29. My lawyer faked a letter ??
  30. What Does Cfts Mean...
  31. did my attorney mess up?
  32. Lawyer wimps out of trial/not prepared!
  33. what can I do?
  34. I want my attorneys fees back.
  35. Motion Of Discovery
  36. What can I do?
  37. Can a lawyer preside over case if he represented one of the parties previously?
  38. Workers' Comp Lawyer negligence
  39. Malpractice or not?
  40. extreme porn video shown at work
  41. what to do?
  42. A Question of Ethics
  43. Attorney did not bring up domestic abuse in divorce!!!
  44. truth?
  45. Attorney turned in fraudulent documentation
  46. lawyer lost my file
  47. awarding attorney fees
  48. Child Support
  49. waived fee later reinstated
  50. Can I contact HIS attorney??
  51. Website Banter Leads to Ethical Debate..
  52. atty deception - ongoing malpractice
  53. Recording From One Party State To A Two Party State
  54. monitored or recorded phone calls
  55. Public Defender
  56. fee dispute
  57. Won Judgement but my lawyer has abandoned me.
  58. Please read!!!! Lawyer unethical/may lose child/last hope
  59. Can my property be taken away to pay for my husband's debt?
  60. competency to write a will
  61. subpoena woes
  62. Need Advice
  63. desperatley neeed help
  64. need help with lawyer
  65. Judicial ethics?
  66. Case settled 3yrs ago why don't they pay my doctors bills?
  67. How do you fire an attorney?
  68. Lawyers practice unethical
  69. Not sure who he's representing...
  70. Is there any help out there?
  71. Assault by attorney
  72. Bar complaints and Privledge
  73. Taped conversation and Florida Bar complaints
  74. Railroading.
  75. How long to process payment?
  76. Normally Fair, Recusal?
  77. Help Regarding Practicing Law in Illinois
  78. Conflict of interest?
  79. Choosing the right attorney?
  80. tax fraud
  81. Question of conduct
  82. Court appointed atty worthless
  83. Lawyer Malpractice?
  84. Lawyer never contacted me about the settlement
  85. Contridicting Witness Testimony - You make the Call
  86. Complicated - conflict of interest?
  87. Please Help!!
  88. dismissal procedures
  89. conflict of interest?
  90. Lawyer cause foreclosure?
  91. Release of interlocatories?
  92. Lawyer dropped the ball at closing.
  93. Need Help Asap
  94. Probate in oklahoma laywer is very unprofessional
  95. Attorney required to share
  96. Please give me some help with this
  97. Lawyer is not doing job
  98. Spousal Support
  99. Recording My Attorney
  100. Mr. Tucci
  101. Need 2 File PL Opp to Mtn to Withdraw, Now...
  102. Contingency Basis, no Settlement, still owe $$?
  103. Help in Tx
  104. Messages won't send
  105. Kids need help
  106. Email forward from ex but written by atty!
  107. Awhale of a tale!!Seeing is believing or not!!
  108. IAAL-help please-long, but please read...
  109. Reasonable Time Frame for Return Phone Call
  110. Lawyer had me lie
  111. Summons incorrectly served - lawyer's fault, can we sue?
  112. lawyer conflict of interest?
  113. Perjury was committed
  114. Who can be deposed? Don't think state matters
  115. Lawyer suspended
  116. How to file a sanction?
  117. Hired Lawyer That's Not Working For Me
  118. Help
  119. Can I sue?
  120. what to do about delays caused by lawyers
  121. assault in county jail
  122. Any rules or laws against this?
  123. Holding a case file until payment is made?
  124. Is this sexual harassment by my attorney?
  125. Malpractice or Errors & Omissions
  126. Legal Ethics, Malpractace or ?
  127. Firing a Pub Def for my brother's tainted case?
  128. Executor Ethics
  129. Attorney having affair with husband
  130. Lawyer Prepared Documents
  131. Laws regarding refunding Attorney fees? I need help!
  132. Violation of privacy
  133. signed settlement...no money in time period
  134. Attorney gives out Privelliged info to opposing team, causes big problems
  135. Has the world gone mad??Need ASAP help!!
  136. Attorney never gave clients discovery requests.
  137. What do you call the defense when the client has to get another lawyer?
  138. Judicial Ethics/responsibility
  139. Lawyer-Client Privilege
  140. Is there anything I can do about missing attorney?
  141. Contingent Fee on Receiving Child Support
  142. Whats your opinion on Merrell Williams documents
  143. Attorney Fees
  144. Grounds for a suit?
  145. retainer refund
  146. Recording Phone Messages Between Two Parties
  147. Attorney Lost Document?!?!
  148. Pro Se help
  149. Retract a lawyer retainer?
  150. Attorney missed claim filing date - can i sue?
  151. Lawyer contact
  152. Lawyer harrassment
  153. inproper questions
  154. Need help conducting an asset search.
  155. Privilege
  156. Don't know what category this goes under, but I think it also falls under classaction
  157. Criminal Court Rules
  158. misrepresentation
  159. Inappropriate questions by an attorney
  160. Attorney gave bad advice and has nearly admitted it. Do I have recourse?
  161. loans against lawuits?
  162. practicing without a license
  163. Amending Restrictions
  164. not following guidelines set by the court
  165. Contingency Fee
  166. guige me to the right place.... Please.
  167. my lawyer screwed me
  168. Ethical
  169. Conflict of Interest?
  170. Lawyer did not render services
  171. Attorney ineligible to receive public work contract
  172. Please help!!!!!
  173. What was my ex's attorney thinking?
  174. Legal Malpractice
  175. Can I get my own lawyer?
  176. Profanities used in court case
  177. letter from lawyer
  178. Attorney information
  179. Can someone record a phone conversation without my knowledge?
  180. Questionable court tactics
  181. Lawyer Fees Upto $50.000 Now For A Simple Divorce
  182. Can you please help me?
  183. juvenile subpoena for murder case- need info FAST
  184. Fees
  185. charging too much
  186. Lawyer quit less than 60 days before dead line time.
  187. extradition law
  188. Attoroney malpractice & missed a court date
  189. lawyer withholding case record for appeal/overbilling
  190. bank or attorney at fault for lien in our name?
  191. HELP!!! how much time does the law allow an attorney to hold settlement money ??
  192. Please help me...
  193. Lawyer ex-husband blackmailing ex-wife...need suggestions
  194. Professional Negligence or Conspiracy?
  195. Contract voidable
  196. I want to join the NY Bar. Guidance please.
  197. Non-Profit General Counsel behavior
  198. ethics question?
  199. Information disclosure on 3rd party?
  200. Attorney Libel
  201. Judge is no-show
  202. Legal Malpractice
  203. Recourse on Tax "expert" lawyer California
  204. two appendectomys in the same year
  205. Could Someone Help Me?
  206. Sexual Abuse Case Not Followed By Law
  207. Desperately Needing Any Advice!
  208. Lawyer flew the coop
  209. atty/client privilege question
  210. Shady Lawyer/ Need Refund!
  211. Atty Staff lied in Affidavits
  212. contempt charges
  213. subpenas
  214. Being sued
  215. Cosigner Problem with Real Estate
  216. Lawyer No Show
  217. Concerned
  218. Is this right?
  219. Lawyer holding money in escrow
  220. Help Me Please
  221. Best recource?
  222. Conflicting Information
  223. statue of limitations
  224. Any recourse?
  225. passing bar with no formal education
  226. Becoming a Lawyer in PA
  227. District attorney screwed up,another girl raped!
  228. Statute of limitations on malpractice after appeal
  229. Legal Malpractice or not?
  230. Response for record?
  231. Attorney Held Documents Hostage
  232. I paid for representation, not getting what I paid for!
  233. Temporary custody order??? Sorry its long
  234. ethical practices
  235. Can I File Civil Suit
  236. Pro-bono
  237. To fire or not to fire
  238. Lawyer didnt pay medical bills!!
  239. Judicial accountability
  240. Attorney Ethics ???
  241. letter to courts...
  242. billign rate
  243. Should I report my lawyer to the bar?
  244. Document retention?
  245. Is my attorney at fault?
  246. complete honesty with your lawyer
  247. Certificate of Trial Readiness
  248. Malpractice
  249. Need desperate Help does this case belong to civil law suit
  250. please help me