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  1. van I file motion with Court and also file complaint to NV BAR?
  2. Is this slander or unethical behavior
  3. Sex offender status
  4. lawyer grievences
  5. Unethical Police Officer
  6. Police Misconduct? Michigan
  7. Do I need a contract lawyer to make my personal injury lawyer uphold changes in our a
  8. Legal Malpractice concerning estate case
  9. Attorney Business Lawsuit and effects on Spouse
  10. legal representation of a NYS partnership
  11. My attorney failed to file case in Federal Court
  12. Subpoena question
  13. Judge question
  14. What are my options?
  15. Lawyer changed ruling
  16. Reviewing an open case?
  17. what shall a young man do ?
  18. Ethics and fraternities
  19. No case, legal fees, counter suite.
  20. HELP!! Just hired attorney for Divorce Found this.
  21. Lawyer of the Year in TC? For real?
  22. prosecutorial misconduct?
  23. Who pays sanctions?
  24. Defendant fasified an expired HIPPA document
  25. What to do about unethical non performing attorney
  26. overpayment
  27. can a public figure influence a judge?
  28. Help meeting judge 9/13 Defendant fasified an expired HIPAA document
  29. Prosecutial Misconduct//Defense Attorney Misconduct//FBI Agent Misconduct
  30. Legal Malpractice - Criminal Charges
  31. Attorney stalling on escrow account
  32. guilty by hearsay, no audio or video from squad car
  33. Ethics & Liability???
  34. Were Trustee's Impartial?
  35. How long do you have to be barred in a state as an attorney?
  36. Unethical
  37. Substitution of Attorney
  38. Just Dont Know Anymore....
  39. deceased childs rights
  40. Legal Malpractice or Breach of Contract
  41. Can I sue my lawyer?
  42. intellectual property lawsuit
  43. The Judge Judyfication of the court system
  44. please help !!me--Doe one have to accept a settlement
  45. is it normal for a lawyer to try to secure aditional collateral?
  46. My Attorney lost 60,000.00 in alimony for me
  47. Fraud or forgery?
  48. Being sued by a lawyer thats not mine...
  49. Lawyer Signed my Name to Documents..I didnt see!
  50. please help
  51. Plz Help, Am i responsible for my spouses medical bills?
  52. This is way wrong. What can be done?
  53. Are Judges/Magistrates Ever Reprimanded?
  54. Can't reach attorney
  55. Being hassled by Injury Center - Lawyer Unresponsive
  56. Is this a violation of Rules of Conduct?
  57. pay to terminate attorney?
  58. Question about reporting cyber crime
  59. Writing bad reviews about a lawyer
  60. Freinds email hacked into
  61. Wrongful Lawyer
  62. Will not return my personal property
  63. legal document preparer nightmare from ....
  64. Status Hearing
  65. Conflict of Interest Question
  66. Statute of Limitation issue in California
  67. Can a fugitive hire a lawyer?
  68. TASING, Bias Judge
  69. question of ethics I guess
  70. Is this fraud?
  71. Co-Counsel
  72. Is this grounds for a bar complaint?
  73. Amended financial after mediation?
  74. Court appointed attorney
  75. lawyer knows of a crime
  76. What can I do about this???
  77. driving while susepded
  78. Do I Have A Case?
  79. complaint against City Building Inspector
  80. if you can't trust a lawyer......
  81. Church Ethics Question
  82. What happens when a lawyer dies?
  83. how to get documents returned that were never filed
  84. Improper Investigation from opposing attorney
  85. Misconduct?
  86. lawyer representation
  87. conflict of intrest
  88. conflict of intrest
  89. Retainer Refund Question
  90. court appointed attorney
  91. Questions about legal ethics/self represented
  92. Questions about legal ethics/self represented
  93. My discovery
  94. Paralegal getting Attorney in a bind?
  95. Attorney listed me as plaintiff without my knowledge and against my will.
  96. Unlicensed practice of law
  97. Fraud??
  98. timber
  99. ethics
  100. lawyer ethics/court procedures
  101. Letterhead contents -- is this a law office?
  102. Dispute with Lawyer/Bar Complaint
  103. Is impersonating a legal representative for a client illegal?
  104. Can a lawyer...
  105. Above the law
  106. business attorney not providing my records
  107. Urgent legal ethics question(s)
  108. Class Action settlement dispute
  109. Legality in reference to lies about evidence in Discovery
  110. Unauthorized practice of a law and larceny
  111. 911 caller info released
  112. Checking Attorney Background through Bar
  113. Lawyer telling truth?
  114. Former Representation
  115. Reconventional Demand
  116. conflict of interest
  117. Shady lawyer coverup- now property is in foreclosure
  118. Can a lawyer legally ask a judge to sign an order 5 months later?
  119. Disclosure
  120. Attorney didn't file response
  121. My home went to foreclosure due to bankruptcy not being filed
  122. Attorney- conflict of interest...
  123. What can I do
  124. refund of retainer's fee
  125. Attorney lied and never filed case. ? huh?
  126. Lawyer will not turn over settlement
  127. No Consent to a consent order
  128. Practicing Law by downloading contract?
  129. Attorney fee
  130. Lawyer Made Me Sign New Contract
  131. Statute of Limitations for Malpractice suit
  132. are withholding fees legal
  133. Ricky Davis
  134. Ricky Davis
  135. Question about nursing ethics in a jail setting?
  136. Finding out the name of public defender
  137. Overbilling
  138. Truth or Lie
  139. Unused portion of my retainer
  140. Judge not impartial condones abuse.
  141. Is this a malpractice?
  142. ignorance
  143. what do i need to know about proving a lawyer has been unethical in divorce case?
  144. Lawyers
  145. Do I have a case?
  146. Lawyer had disappeared
  147. why is that my lawyer holding my settelement money
  148. Fraud upon the court
  149. Can I Sue my attorney?
  150. Exective of an estate
  151. Defense attorney related to victim
  152. deposit refund
  153. Not sure about the attorney fee agreement
  154. Change of Address - Family Court
  155. ADA Ethics
  156. lawyer has my case file paperwork! help!
  157. Errors and Omissions
  158. Sending Written Discovery Addressed to Wrong Court
  159. Unethical Lawyer
  160. Dishonest Lawyer (sorry long...)
  161. Lawyer will not send Bill
  162. How Do I Locate A Willing Malpractice Attorney?
  163. Bad bankrupcy advice cost me $125K
  164. Lawyer Won't Pay
  165. Failure to disclose
  166. Lawyer "allegedly" takes a dive.
  167. Still sitting after six months of waiting
  168. Return deposit / retainer
  169. denied right to represent myself from paid attorney who dropped me
  170. Gary Smith malpractice
  171. Malpractice
  172. Attorney Fraud Upon The Court
  173. Kicked out of nursing program 6weeks before graduation!!
  174. what if opposing counsel lied?
  175. With holding lab results
  176. Threatened subponea if I no response by specific date, but mailed out after said date
  177. Are the entire contents of my case file available me?
  178. pro bono
  179. Florida
  180. OverBilling and Unethical conduct
  181. Is it Malpractice or Fraud upon the Court?
  182. Conflict Of Interest?
  183. conflict of interest
  184. finding a decent attorney
  185. conflict of interest
  186. Major omission....
  187. RICO Conduct Appeal Mishandled?
  188. Lied at Depo
  189. Lawyer Communication
  190. Need understanding about Attorney fee
  191. legal malpractice suite
  192. Lawyer Malpractice??
  193. Is it true that Attorneys will pay for good ratings on certain websites?
  194. Attorney says I can't fire them
  195. Work Product
  196. How does court enforce additional attorney fees award?
  197. Needed evidence in convicting adults with sex crimes post 1994
  198. Is offer from out-of-state attorney UPL?
  199. Privacy Issue
  200. Confidentiality
  201. Inadequate Representation: Family Law
  202. Lawyers mistake
  203. attorney conflict of interest?
  204. Please help my Wife
  205. Should I be signing forms
  206. Urgently need reply
  207. Attorney not Honoring my Request
  208. Annuity Fraud?
  209. Issue with Lawyer
  210. recluse a judge in pa
  211. Attorney ethics
  212. lets try this again
  213. appeal dismissal - late filing
  214. Don't I gotta sign something?
  215. laywers retire
  216. Can my previous divorce attorney hold my files back
  217. Pressured by Lawyer to pay additional retainer
  218. Under the Influence, no objection to claim
  219. Condition of bail
  220. Involvement with lawyer negatively affecting my case
  221. disability rep. failed to file.
  222. Public defender tells me to wait after deadline to file claim
  223. Attorney served a Motion To Quash and never served the court
  224. misleading and mathmatical error on divorce settlement
  225. Charged after"Free" 30 minute consultation
  226. can a praticing defence lawyer be an acting judge?
  227. Lawyer makes all decisions in divorce case?
  228. spousal support
  229. GAL's vs Family advocate
  230. Question on Moral Application
  231. another one charged for "free" consultation
  232. Lawyer Kept Court Payment For Her Fee
  233. Extortion
  234. Withdrawal
  235. This forum the closest match for this question
  236. Court hearing SNAFU
  237. Is this kind of Fraud considered legal malpractice?
  238. Lawyer stealing med-pay, not on lien...
  239. Is this harrassment by the lawyer?
  240. Can I appeal order denying sanctions from district court division to COA
  241. Lawyer did not do what was in the agreement and also stole $3000
  242. Want to know if I have a case of legal malpractice
  243. Malpractice?
  244. Wrongful Lawyer Billing.
  245. Juror Misconduct
  246. Legal Malpractice?
  247. Therapist client confidentiality
  248. bringing lawyers to court?
  249. impersonating an attorney
  250. car title forged