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  1. legal files
  2. Bad Lawyer lost my babies
  3. Client Confidentiality
  4. Censured Lawyer
  5. Overbilling
  6. UNdue process
  7. Discrimination Claim - Attorney accepted on Contingency
  8. Detailed billing...
  9. Professional Procedure
  10. Certificate of Service
  11. Chili Sauce Laywer Is On The Chill
  12. Hearing is Today
  13. Attorney drops case
  14. Powerboard allowed a 3rd party to commit fraud on my account
  15. Please help...
  16. Questions on atty billing
  17. Engagement Agreement To Counsel
  18. Paralegal giving legal advice Wisconsin
  19. Harrington case hearing
  20. dewie, cheatem, and howe
  21. Interviewing for job in law firm
  22. Lawyer is Charging me Double
  23. Lawyer fowled-up Land Contract/Home up for Sheriffs Sale/Lawyer FLED
  24. Stop Yourself
  25. Can an attorney take their fees before payments are made?
  26. Can allegations in atty letter be actioned as defamatory
  27. Legal Malpractice?
  28. Looking for a couple of other opinions/anecdotes
  29. threat of forclosue do to late payments to a community association in fl
  30. Lawyers & Judges
  31. Lawyers Fees - No written agreement
  32. Paying to have documents returned?
  33. What can be done if Atty is told to STOP settlement offer and DOES NOT STOP?
  34. I work for an attorney, help.
  35. representing myself now
  36. Attorny charging for services I did not authorize?
  37. denied, dened, denied....
  38. Did my lawyer do something(s) wrong?
  39. Attorney's Negligence/Mistake
  40. lawyer incompetance/laziness
  41. Cell phone and eatting while driving?
  42. Saying bomb outloud
  43. Judge or No Judge
  44. district attorneys
  45. Can you ever get a new judge
  46. Lawyer being rude
  47. Is there anything I can do about this???
  48. TRO Abuse
  49. Negligence And Abuse
  50. Breach of Contract?
  51. Does this wording have any meaning
  52. Lawyer falsifying cour paperwork?
  53. lawyer problems
  54. Professional ethics
  55. Attorney Won't Disburse $400,000 Settlement
  56. Help-crooked lawyer/crooked court system
  57. Dispute w/attorney
  58. Lawyer not doing his job
  59. Copy and paste issue on blog
  60. what do I do constitutional rights violated
  61. shunned by d.a.
  62. Poor work habits & poor judgment or bad strategy
  63. lawyers violating privacy
  64. Getting Rid of a 36 year old felony charge
  65. Can judge force me to represent myself?
  66. pro se question
  67. Lawyer not doing his job
  68. Legal Malpractice
  69. Do I have to pay this?
  70. Phone Tag With Lawyer
  71. Nationwide is not on my side!!
  72. HIPPA applied to the individual?
  73. Is this misconduct
  74. messed up bankruptcy
  75. Can I sue a lawyer?
  76. Conflict in representing me
  77. Racism in the Workplace
  78. Lie Detector Tests
  79. legal ethics
  80. Is this lawyer doing his job?
  81. Adding to a Journal Entry
  82. Lawyer Non-Responsive
  83. Executor represented by old Administrator.
  84. Is this right?
  85. incomplete statute code on ticket
  86. Talked with Defendant's Lawyer
  87. ethical ??
  88. Statue of limitations
  89. New Jersey Probate
  90. who to hold accountable?
  91. County Attorney/Private attorney/Conflict of Interest?
  92. Does this guy even know what he's doing?
  93. Lawyer lost our file...told us to now sue him
  94. My Lawyer?
  95. Attorney Dropped Case and Kept Money
  96. Is a tape cassette....????
  97. True story: need help
  98. Attorney's Trust Fund Account
  99. IOLTA Account.....
  100. Help....Divorcing Husband who is an Attorney
  101. wrongful ex-employer practice
  102. To Melodee
  103. Attorney refusing to continue a case
  104. Attorney refusing to continue a case
  105. Right to sue in LA?
  106. Constitutional Right
  107. Malpractice- Filing Agreed orders no agreement?
  108. Attorney's Negligence/Mistake
  109. Criminal malpractice suit
  110. Duty to communicate
  111. Attorney didn't order all medical records, case botched
  112. Improper communication with the judge?
  113. Attorney negligent???
  114. minor's and subpeonas without parents
  115. Courthouse Intern running background checks on employees at a different job
  116. County Prosecutor and city detective overstepping bounds?
  117. I have his client files.....
  118. a quick ?
  119. Judge hands down order after unethical communication...
  120. Lawyer inaction caused case to be dismissed
  121. Is this normal?
  122. Doesn't a settlement have to be in writing?
  123. lawyers used excusses instead of facts
  124. Bar Association reporting
  125. Where can you report bad lawyer's in NJ
  126. Seeking Advice For A Friend For a Malpractice Lawsuit
  127. Multiple owners - how to sell?
  128. How can you get rid of a court appointed attorney.
  129. legal ethics
  130. Discovery
  131. Hired attorney was possibly working against me
  132. Request for Resources
  133. Attorney Lien
  134. Is this ethical and legal?
  135. Getting information to the Judge
  136. Escrow woes with Real Estate Lawyer
  137. Interesting site ... question to follow
  138. Interesting site ... question to follow
  139. Legal Malpractice?
  140. Attorney Negligence
  141. Paying for a trial that was dismissed
  142. Can she do this?
  143. friviuos statments by attorney
  144. Attorney sold my mother's entire estate
  145. court reporters
  146. $160k legal contract - undue influence?
  147. Unethical lawyer acting as commissioner on deed?
  148. california/arizona - unethical attorney
  149. Michigan Living Trust - Can I get any money back?
  150. Chapter 13 in disarray! Is this considered negligence ?
  151. Help - Process Server Did Not Serve.
  152. Falsifying documents?
  153. Release of Information
  154. Ex-husband lawyer abusings the system
  155. I'm lost here...
  156. Do I Have Grounds For Filing A Grievance?
  157. To Senior Judge
  158. Paid the lawyer and court declared default..
  159. no contact order (is this the right place?)
  160. public records
  161. Delaying Until it is to late, Mass
  162. Need help getting $ back
  163. Can your attorney settle a civil suit without your consent?
  164. Squashed like a bug!
  165. Retrieving legal papers
  166. abandoned by divorce lawyer... now what?
  167. Help in Georgia
  168. Is this ethical?
  169. sued by collec. agency even though I made pmts.?
  170. need help filing motion
  171. Step father stole deceased mothers insur..
  172. lawyers in collusion?
  173. ex-husband lawyer
  174. City attorney direct Police Chief not to investigate?
  175. Question concerning Open Meeting Act
  176. Hitler in Springtime
  177. Client & Family Lives with Lawyer
  178. Attorney abandoned ship
  179. theresa
  180. Attorney Malpractice in a Divorce?
  181. practicing without a license
  182. Being sued by my attorneys
  183. is this justice?
  184. Lawyer Malpractice...?
  185. fee agreement question
  186. Lawyer malpratice?
  187. Firing Contigency Fee Attorney - Texas
  188. Is this malpractice?
  189. States Attorney Fails To Protect
  190. Is this information privileged?
  191. Fraudulent Lawyer
  192. Small Claims case gone sour
  193. Question about Conflict of Interest
  194. Our Attorneys advice
  195. Statute of Limitations
  196. Legal Ethics
  197. Layer Intimidation
  198. how can we force a public defender to work?
  199. custody question
  200. Fair Fee Collection
  201. Malpractice and fraud
  202. Judge Stripped Me Of All Rights
  203. Garrula Lingua
  204. Worth Pursuing Legal Fees?
  205. Lawyer and guardian say different things
  206. I believe Atty lying to me - best way to get info I need for case
  207. Legal Ethics & Lawyer Malpractice
  208. Court room entrapment?
  209. Lawyer Failed to Appear
  210. Can I sue my lawyer for malpractise
  211. Lawyer failed to appear to court
  212. Can I sue opposing counsil?
  213. I beleive the prosecutor is a liar
  214. how long should it take to file a claim
  215. Should attorney report malpractice lawsuit to ins co
  216. unethical lawyer
  217. What to do next?
  218. my attorney was disbarred, can i sue?
  219. Get My Bail Money Back
  220. Wrongly prosecuted?
  221. Attorey Signing Settlement I didn't know for two years!
  222. Contingent fee question, please help
  223. Can I sue ex's lawyer for botched divorce/?
  224. kids church fund raising money
  225. Practicing Law without a license
  226. Sataute of limitations
  227. bill
  228. heya
  229. federal grand jury duty???
  230. Arbitration for legal malpractice
  231. Becoming a Paralegal and Grant Writer
  232. putting or continuing off cases
  233. Lawyer fees
  234. Lazy Lawyer..??? Poor Ethics??...Lawyer Malpractice??
  235. unethical PI lawyer working with doctor???
  236. Lawyers or Ripoff Artists?
  237. Who pays for copies of file?
  238. Lawyer wont give up the Decree. Why?!
  239. Poor Communication
  240. lawyers
  241. videotaping
  242. Can I be charged with credit card fraud by my law firm?
  243. Defendant Attorney letter to in pro per plaintiff
  244. When is Discovery Too Brudensome
  245. Letter from atty considered also from client?
  246. Missed court appeal deadline
  247. conflict of interest?
  248. Lawyer trying to mess up the case?
  249. online forum ethics
  250. If You Plead Not Guilty For a Traffic Ticket Can The Judge Pronounce You Guilty Then?