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  1. Help! My lawyer not responding
  2. Statutory Construction
  3. what to do about bad attorney?
  4. bob
  5. Watch Dog Group for "bad attorneys"?
  6. opposing attorney violating judge's order. can attorneys be sanctioned?
  7. What to do?
  8. How to have a good relationship with your lawyer?
  9. Is Proof of Certificate of Service by US mail required?
  10. Out of time
  11. Ethical Behavior?
  12. Privacy Violation
  13. Conflict of interest
  14. Lawyer / Collection Agent - Violation of Bar?
  15. A fraud or malpractice
  16. BAD Public Defender ! ! HELP
  17. Invisable Attorney
  18. is the legal?
  19. Legal advice
  20. Minor shoplifted from work
  21. Victim abused by psychiatric doctor-Baker Act Law
  22. Dealing with Corrupt Judges
  23. bad bail bondsman
  24. As 2 Plaintiffs we filed in Supreme against an attorney
  25. Can I get my $ back from a lawyer
  26. Turmoil between my attorneys
  27. How do I file a complaint concerning a Drug Court Team member
  28. Boy talking about doublespeak, judges have conduct rules but cannot enforce them
  29. How can I get my settlement monies
  30. !?!Why won't someone help me!?!
  31. Nolo?
  32. can i get in trouble for withholding company property until i get the monies owed
  33. Taking Lawyer off case/He has disappeared
  34. judging the judge
  35. judging the judge
  36. Serving papers in MN
  37. laws or policy?
  38. follow-up
  39. Can I prosecute?
  40. What do I do?
  41. poor legal representation
  42. Fact v. Hollywood
  43. DelCo CYS
  44. Assumed human business names
  45. Unauthorized practice of law
  46. Affidavit Service
  47. Bankrupcy Laywer Disappeared!
  48. What is conflict of interest???
  49. DrBishop please unlock your thread
  50. Funds Ripped OFF due to Identity Theft
  51. Lawyer will not return calls for weeks at a time
  52. what does he say to help his case?
  53. Disbarrment or disciplinary action?
  54. Withdrawal of Lawyer Without Justification
  56. Non-Attorney Services
  57. How to file aggravated perjury charges in Bexar County??
  58. Judge misconduct
  59. lawyer submitting false documents
  60. Remedy for reversal of wrongful conviction while on probation
  61. Notary question
  62. Is spouses lawyer illegally representing him
  63. Should this happen?
  64. H1N1 vaccine
  65. Tax firm no help with IRS
  66. charges dropped on assault/w deady weapon /w intent to kill
  67. Can You Suphoena Another Person's Medical Records?
  68. What warrants a mistrial?
  69. Judge Denies PDefender
  70. Is my attorney breaking the law? what do i do?
  71. protect myself from Defamation of Character
  72. please help
  73. please help
  74. School District failing to educate my child
  75. Substitution or Withdraw from case
  76. Malpractice
  77. Malpractice
  78. Malpractice
  79. Attorney Never Got Documents
  80. BAR Complaints
  81. When should a judge recuse themselves?
  82. Can't find my lawyer
  83. city prosecutor slanders in court room
  84. judge unfair ?
  85. Attorney threatening witness
  86. Attorney coaching witness and lying
  87. Confidentiality/Ethical Questions
  88. Ethics?
  89. Question?
  90. Out of State Subpoena
  91. What is this guy up to? Help!
  92. Retainer Refund
  93. NY public defender guidelines?
  94. Is this extortion?
  95. My attorney seems to be on the other side
  96. Criminal attorney question
  97. Concerned Citizen
  98. Blackmail/Stalking Release Information to the US Army
  99. A law firm countersued me and then sent a FDCPA notice of an amount due
  100. do I have a case?
  101. Did the Judge violate my rights?
  102. I was taken advantage of by my Attorney
  103. Dropped Me
  104. Refund of legal fees?
  105. Asking for another retainer?
  106. And he is expected to pay for this?
  107. un titled
  108. Marsden Hearing
  109. Lawyer Malpractice
  110. Motion Filing Deadline
  111. Unethical lawyer practice?
  112. Lawyer Didnt Finish Case/Disappeared
  113. Vehicle seizures
  114. response
  115. Ethics question
  116. Sue immigration lawyer
  117. Is there attorney client privilege in initial consultation?
  118. Is the attorney saying the truth?
  119. Ethnic violations
  120. Lawyer cost us a large settlement
  121. cash donations
  122. Can my attorney really charge me for this?
  123. What to do?
  124. To Object or Not to Object
  125. Respond to attorneys sanctions.
  126. 1 week to trial Lawyer hasnt done anything-HELP!!
  127. Question about legal documents
  128. excessive attorney fees
  129. Searching for an attorney
  130. Law firm couldn't provide qualified attorney after our attorney retired
  131. Suspended Driver License
  132. Lawyer mispelled defendants name, judgement issued against person who does not exit!
  133. Do I have a case?
  134. Don't waste money
  135. Lawyer forgot to file entry...help!
  136. Lawyer took money and didn't do his job, what should i do?
  137. Shouldn't attorney give final bill? or retainer refund?
  138. Can a lawyer keep your retainer if he does nothing & could have cost you your case?!?
  139. Can I Sue the State Attorney Assistant?
  140. Invoicing Issues
  141. Search Warrant.... Rights Violated....? Due Process....?
  142. This can't be ethical.
  143. Please help..
  144. What would you do if you paid a lawyer $1,000 & he didn't go to court, as was agreed?
  145. Missrepresentation from a divorce lawyer
  146. Mad
  147. Advice please...Any is better than none..
  148. Lone Star Ranch Law Suit,Conroe, TX.
  149. Not all lawyers are scumbags but...
  150. granting limited power of attorney to my attorney for a settlement check dispersement
  151. Illegal Sentence
  152. absent judge
  153. Code of Judicial Conduct
  154. Is it ethical
  155. Is this ethical
  156. Is this Malpractice?
  157. Expiration of sentence
  158. Expiration of sentence
  159. Warrant never served
  160. Need Help!!!!
  161. I need advice ASAP
  162. Are these Ethical?
  163. Question about Fees
  164. Business accounts / personal expenses
  165. Is this Fraud or Negligence
  166. need help with no paperwork from lawyer
  167. Need your help, can she sue us?
  168. need help!
  169. Attorney made mistake with cs calculations for many yrs-can I collect amt due?
  170. Motion to Withdraw?
  171. How long is the process for releasing my citizenship?
  172. Do I have to pay for lawyer's error?
  173. Bankruptcy Lawyer isn't moving forward...
  174. Unreasonable Law Firm Billing
  175. The State Bar/discipline
  176. Mediation question
  177. Lawyer is trying to empty my pocket book and not doing her job
  178. lawyer fees
  179. unpaid medical bills after case settled
  180. Long, Issue with attorney
  181. Threat to appeal for free ethical?
  182. Payment plans
  183. Attorney Billing & Records Question
  184. Lawyer's lack of communication and etc
  185. paying lawyer
  186. can you withdraw a guilty plea after sentencing?
  187. Exposed
  188. Attorney fees
  189. unethical billling?
  190. Recourse against judge
  191. municipal court
  192. Sanctions against lawyers
  193. How to file malpractice in Indiana? Emergency
  194. Lawyer
  195. Paying the bondsman
  196. How to formally remove attorney of record
  197. Court Dates
  198. any body can help about indictment?
  199. Attorney Fees
  200. Contempt
  201. No Joy
  202. Missplaced trust
  203. domestic relations
  204. defendant hired plaintiff's attorney?
  205. legal ethics
  206. DA's Letter
  207. subpoenaing the first attorney
  208. Paralegal practicing law
  209. Lawyer's mistake, but I am charged?
  210. Naturalization issue
  211. Violation of Confidence
  212. proper defense ?
  213. solicitor
  214. attorney Fees, Ethics, Malpractice?
  215. Lawyer wont pay
  216. Lawyer conduct in Corporate dispute
  217. Police Negligence
  218. My lawyer forgot to tell me court was adjourned!
  219. attorney's fees
  220. my attorney arranged a loan at 60% interest against pending settlement
  221. relationships
  222. Lawyer lost license
  223. florida can i leave the state if D.C.F worker gave her to & im trying to make better
  224. My lawyer lied to me
  225. Local vs. Out of Town Attorney
  226. retainer fees and obligation for service
  227. Can an attorney sign off on anything.
  228. Simple minded person needs advise as to Unreasonable Fee's
  229. How Do I Get This Lawyer to Do His Duty?
  230. Refund request
  231. Representation Question
  232. Question about Legal Fees
  233. Hello have a ?
  234. Frivolous lawsuit-Are attorney fees awarded normally?
  235. Power of Attorney
  236. confessions of judgment
  237. suicide watch?
  238. Is a discharged lawyer entitled to fees?
  239. Attorney Agreement Entered into While Hospital Confined, Medicated
  240. Our personal injury lawyer neglecting us...
  241. Lawyer has a judgment against me and having trouble fighting it
  242. Attorney ethics in question
  243. False statements by professional debt collector law firm
  244. Timeshare Presentation VIOLATIONS
  245. Back-dating an Objection???
  246. California Birthright
  247. copyright
  248. credit union dropped the ball
  249. name-reputation-slander
  250. Falsely Served (fraud)