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    Healthcare Coverage Issue

    Yes, but the COBRA enrollment period has likely elapsed. If it hasn't, this is definitely the best option. In addition, if the OP was entitled to medicaid or any other services due to being uninsured, he has probably missed those, too. Now, if the patient is expected to pay back the discounted...
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    Youngest child nearing 18 and mother has let him fail high school

    I thought that is exactly what this thread was going to be about - how to change custody to get his son the education he needs. Instead, it was about money.
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    Social Security Number on job application.

    Yes, but this is a "gig" economy. Having three jobs, being a part-time cab-driver in your own car, and renting your house out like a hotel does not mean the economy is booming as much as you think.
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    Social Security Number on job application.

    It isn't like it makes much of a difference to safeguard your SS# anymore. After the Equifax breach and other smaller breaches, almost all us already have our info out there. Based on your posts, it seems like you would rather have an excuse to be contrary or ruffle some feathers. Best of...
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    Help with Child Support Calculator

    What state?
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    Child has 8-10, daily, screaming tantrums

    There are several conditions that could explain this that has nothing to do with negligent parenting. Perhaps the parents are hearing-impaired and the child is not (or the other way around)? Perhaps the child is on the spectrum and has an input-processing disorder? Maybe the child experienced a...
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    Dire Painful Condition, Doctors Unwilling

    OP, have you been to a pain clinic yet? They specialize in treating all types of chronic pain, usually with nerve blocks instead of drugs (they also often manage to funnel out the drug-seekers that way).
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    Failure to Yield to crossing guard that wasn't there

    Good point, Zigner. I think many people just don't know that a lit sign in a school zone means a significantly reduced speed; this is based solely on the number of honks and one-finger salutes I receive when driving through such zones on the way to work in the morning during the school year.
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    Service Dog in Training and Housing

    Why can't you train a different breed to be your assistance dog? One that is allowed by your insurance?
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    Failure to Yield to crossing guard that wasn't there

    Were you going the speed limit or the school zone limit?
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    Missouri - Quit claim and ex remarried

    Would the courts allow him to "pay" support by deducting from his portion of the equity monthly/quarterly/annually if the children do not end up on welfare?
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    (WA state) Question regarding legality of internet and privacy laws

    Yet you didn't know she was leading this "double life"...? I agree with Quincy. Leave it alone and move on. PS Nevada elected a state assemblyman who was an actual (dead) pimp. People aren't as squeamish as you might think.
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    Did police violate my rights

    Even if I didn't know where you were from before now...that description would have given it away. :ROFLMAO:
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    (WA state) Question regarding legality of internet and privacy laws

    Why would you do such a thing? And what makes you think her parents don't already know?
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