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    Grandma intuition

    Riserjess, this forum is all volunteers who give up their personal time to help people. Your posts are difficult to decipher and different words can have very different legal meanings. Being rude to the volunteers won't make them want to help you any faster.
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    Toxic work environment - useless "management"

    Wear a mask to work. Easy-peasy.
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    Transgender Bathroom Access in School

    Is there a nurse office closer with a bathroom you could use? This proves to be a pretty generic solution for schools with no or low protections for trans kids.
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    My Doctor Tested Me For Drugs Without My Consent

    In every doctor office I ever worked, part of the scheduled drug protocol that every patient who was prescribed scheduled drugs signed was to submit to random drug tests. If the patient would not agree, not participate, or their urine showed something other than their prescription, or did *not*...
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    Discrimination by Doctor?

    Influenza rarely presents as vomiting/diarrhea, so it sounds like you had a GI issue. Also, Tamiflu is only for patients within the first 48 hours and only mitigates the symptoms. 'Basic rehydration'? Do you mean to say they did not offer you water? Or were you expecting a clinic to start an IV?
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    Prescription drug containers

    Agreed. I was just letting the forum know what type of prescription we were discussing.
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    Prescription drug containers

    Just for clarity, Lexapro is an antidepressant. It is not scheduled.
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    Custodial Parent unemployed deliberately

    I respect Commentator immensely; she has helped me personally and I see all that she does to help this forum. It is also with respect that I think she may have been thinking of CNAs in her post. Those jobs are difficult, back-breaking, and physically-demanding nurse aides that suffer constant...
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    Custodial Parent unemployed deliberately

    Medical Assisting careers are booming everywhere around the country, and growing at a rate much higher than most other sectors, healthcare or otherwise. Since most hospitals are hiring BSNs and above, MAs are doing the work traditionally done by RNs before (except for starting IVs). Most doctor...
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    DUI test

    If FA does this, I will *never* get there! :confused:
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    California Mandatory Health Ins Law

    Now you are just being argumentative. 65 is the *beginning* age for Medicare, which means that would be the youngest age eligible. The entire aggregate of the Medicare populace is considerably older. The common definition for elderly is "past middle-age". By that definition, I am approaching...
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    California Mandatory Health Ins Law

    Both of those articles are dated, and point toward a demographic reasoning rather than an insurance-reimbursement one. Since Medicare patients are, by definition, either elderly or disabled, it makes for a difficult and time-consuming demographic to manage clinically. A major reason for...
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    California Mandatory Health Ins Law

    Medicaid is a completely different program managed by individual states. It has terrible reimbursement and many doctors don't take it. I have never heard of any doctor anywhere not accepting Medicare, nor can I think of a reason for not taking it. The next time you talk to those doctors, you...

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