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  1. Shadowbunny

    Army OCS, Security Clearance & Bankruptcy

    Since OP hasn't shipped yet, he won't have access to on-post resources. CaptainA87, your recruiter is right. Your choices at this point are to 1) move to a needs-only financial plan (aka, only spend money on needs, not wants) for the next 8 months and get your debt paid down, 2) get a second...
  2. Shadowbunny

    does a restraining order not apply in the courthouse?

    WHY in the world were you so close to him? You created the closeness, then you attacked him. I don't see that you have ANY defense to this.
  3. Shadowbunny

    What to do with $7K?

    You are such a dear, Jack. I really do appreciate your input and advice.
  4. Shadowbunny

    What to do with $7K?

    Thanks, Jack. It never crossed our mind to not pay him the initial payment for the materials -- didn't really know it was an option to buy our own materials. Lesson learned. The good news is that ALL communication has been via email. Several times he's tried to move it to the phone, which...
  5. Shadowbunny

    Does the police do investigation after filing a report and how long it takes ?

    The police are unlikely to do anything about this. Your best recourse is to sue him in small claims court.
  6. Shadowbunny

    IRS Tax Problems

  7. Shadowbunny

    What to do with $7K?

    @adjusterjack I"m tagging you as our resident expert. Here's the situation. Last year's monsoon damaged the roof of one of our rental homes. Local contractor (bonded, insured) put in the quote to our insurance company, Safeco. The quote to repair the damage included replacing the decking. In...
  8. Shadowbunny

    Does the ordinance referenced below apply to weeds in a back yard? And can a zoning officer threaten to take you to court without first notifying you?

    You got advice. Solid advice, actually. But instead of being grateful, you stomp your feet and huff off in a swivet. And that's okay. Because when the city fines you for ignoring the citations you're most certainly going to get, we don't have to suffer the consequences. You do. So you just...
  9. Shadowbunny

    IRS Tax Problems

    I'm dying to know: you had to have gone to the link you posted in order to paste it here. So what's really behind your post?
  10. Shadowbunny

    Attn Quincy, Mass Shyster, Tax, and anyone else who cares to chime in

    Author? Illustrator? Did not know that -- how very cool that we have 2 published authors in our midst.
  11. Shadowbunny

    Unreported Military divorce

    LdiJ, I"m curious as to what your background is with military matters, because you're really mistaken here. Why do you keep insisting on posting incorrect information when the ACCURATE information has been posted? BAH-DIF is for ADSMs who pay child support. Depending on the # of...
  12. Shadowbunny

    Unreported Military divorce

    He's not going to go to jail nor have criminal charges. Worst case scenario (for him) is that he has to pay back any overages, perhaps get a counseling. However.... there may not BE any over-payment, depending on how much child support he pays. If you're determined to report it, you can do...
  13. Shadowbunny

    Can the opposing party's attorney sue me for cursing at him/her ?

    And here I thought it was a portmanteau of "nonsense" and "lawsuit."
  14. Shadowbunny

    Husband filing for divorce, only his name on actual Mortgage, he wants to sell I want to keep it

    I'm not sure what you mean when you say "with a credit", so let me lay out the options that I can see: 1) Sell the house, split the proceeds. 2) You buy him out. That means you would have to a) qualify for a mortage for the remaining balance on the house plus his part of the proceeds. Using...
  15. Shadowbunny

    Husband filing for divorce, only his name on actual Mortgage, he wants to sell I want to keep it

    You can do whatever you and your husband can come to an agreement on. That said -- can you pay the mortgage if he wants to be bought out?
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