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  1. Shadowbunny

    Cop searched my uhaul just cause my tag light was dim.

    All of this discussion about the license plates being tied to a person's criminal history is interesting, but does it apply when the vehicle OP was driving was a rented U-Haul?
  2. Shadowbunny

    Coach bullying

    Perhaps your daughter should reconsider cheering if it causes this much distress.
  3. Shadowbunny

    Deaf child abused by interpreter at school

    If you use your favorite search engine and type in "victim assistance + (your county and state)" you should get the contact info for the Victim Assistance Office nearest you. They'll be able to provide resources and guidance. If you need any help, send me a private message with the name of...
  4. Shadowbunny

    My 14 yr old son expelled indefintly from all schools in. The state of Nevada , is that even leagal ? Do i have a case of discrimination?

    He was suspended for 90 DAYS?!! That is a very long suspension. What kind of help did you get for him because of that? How did he continue his education? Did you get him counseling? And you claim he makes As & Bs, so why did they want him on an IEP? Dank, you're in WAY over your head. Your...
  5. Shadowbunny

    My 14 yr old son expelled indefintly from all schools in. The state of Nevada , is that even leagal ? Do i have a case of discrimination?

    WHY was he supposed to have an IEP? And what did you do to ensure the school followed through? Does your son live with you? When you talked to the school, what did THEY say happened?
  6. Shadowbunny

    Can the manager of my apartment building ignore my doctor's note?

    It appears that you're saying you've stayed their previously, even though you weren't supposed to. But now that Mom is going to have a medical procedure, you want to see if you can go back to staying there without getting Mom evicted. Is that what's happening?
  7. Shadowbunny

    Not ready to sell but would like offers for my home

    You can absolutely list your home "as is," it's your prerogative to structure the sales contract (within the bounds of law) however you like. However, you'd be smart to heed Gail's post - she gave you solid advice. Edited to add: you can also negotiate the commission rate of your agent.
  8. Shadowbunny

    Advice Please!

    This is such an unusual request to make -- is she suffering from dementia?
  9. Shadowbunny

    Amazon wont provide entitled vision and dental

    I get that you're frustrated, but I think you don't understand that Employee Benefits is a HIGHLY regulated system, and they can't give an employee benefits that they aren't entitled to. And you weren't eligible because of 1) your lack of hours and then later 2) timing of the conversions. It...
  10. Shadowbunny

    Personal cell phone for business use

    You'd be surprised, disheartened, and angered at the number of people who do this. I work for a fed agency that also issues cell phones, you'd be surprised, disheartened, and angered at the number of people who do stupid things with that, too. And OP, perhaps you can suggest to your employer...
  11. Shadowbunny

    Emotional Abuse for YEARS!

    What US State are you in?
  12. Shadowbunny

    HELP! Check Nightmare

    And please know this, cbenoist: you've now made yourself a target for other scammers. Because once you've been identified as an easy mark, others will come out of the woodwork. Romance scammers, "job" scams, etc, etc. So you need to be on alert and NEVER, EVER get yourself involved with...
  13. Shadowbunny

    Harrassment from Tenant's neighbor regarding Tenant's behavior

    I have a bigger problem that he's tying up the dog outside. That is NOT fair to the dog. If it's "just for a few hours" the dog should be able to be in a crate inside which would take care of the problem. But I have a feeling it's more than just a few hours.
  14. Shadowbunny

    Dental game ?

    Pulling teeth. Aka having to ask repeatedly for the most basic of information.
  15. Shadowbunny

    I finally have a probate court date

    Steffenfield, for the love of all that's good and sparkly in the world, will you PLEASE keep all of your questions about this issue to one thread? https://forum.freeadvice.com/threads/my-attorney-went-ghost-on-me.655029/ (Contains thread to the OTHER threads he has started)

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