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  1. Shadowbunny

    Conference room Rates

    1) the word is "tenant," not "tent" 2) who are you in this situation?
  2. Shadowbunny

    Extended Stay America Massive overcharge

    How do you know there were no signs? How did you know there was an ashtray in the window? Why do you think a verbal warning was necessary? And if you weren't smoking, WHY would they give you a verbal warning?
  3. Shadowbunny

    Wife wants husbands dv3 charge dropped after small argument

    Yup, you're right. Dustin was the only drunk. I hope she gets into Al-Anon and some good DV counseling.
  4. Shadowbunny

    Wife wants husbands dv3 charge dropped after small argument

    Dustin, just stop. The "system" isn't trying to break your family down. You and your wife were fighting loudly enough that concerned neighbors called the cops. Do you understand how terrifying that would have been for your children? Do you? This was not a "mistake." You and your drunken...
  5. Shadowbunny

    Real Property Lien for noncompliance with CC&Rs & State Statutes

    Thanks, Jack; that's quite helpful. And Taxing, we don't have an HOA (old neighborhood, developed in the late 60s), so are trying to figure this out. Of course, I'm hoping that a friendly chat "hey, neighbor -- your 3-foot high weeds is choking the irrigation and causing water flow issues"...
  6. Shadowbunny

    Real Property Lien for noncompliance with CC&Rs & State Statutes

    Thanks, Jack. The CC&R's relevant para states "The owners of all lots shall keep the same clean of weeds and at all times, if any owners fail to keep his or her lot clean of weeds and trash, the subdividers may cause the same to be cleaned twice yearly, if necessary, and charge the cost of...
  7. Shadowbunny

    Real Property Lien for noncompliance with CC&Rs & State Statutes

    Arizona: ARS 45-205 allows for a lien to be placed against real property when a property owner fails to maintain "a canal, flume or other means for carrying water." I live in a neighborhood that has flood irrigation on a "neighborhood system." Neighborhood systems are such that once the water...
  8. Shadowbunny

    Was told I had been hired, but company did not follow through

    Based on the rudeness you've displayed here, along with your propensity to eschew ANY responsibility whatsoever for your own behavior, it sounds like the assessment did its job to weed out undesirables. They dodged a bullet.
  9. Shadowbunny

    Is this considered sexual harassment ?

    While it's true that most 16 year-old-boys may think like you do, it's because they are picturing the harasser as (fill in the name of whatever starlet they find most attractive). However, adults realize that schoolboy fantasies aren't real, and that sexual harassment is UNWANTED attention.
  10. Shadowbunny

    Is this considered sexual harassment ?

    SHE would be ruining her livelihood by her actions. It would not have been your fault had she been fired.
  11. Shadowbunny


    What does this even mean?
  12. Shadowbunny

    My rights as a father

    Stop clutching your pearls, Jack. No one, and I mean NOT A SINGLE PERSON HERE has said that it's ok to keep a father from his child. The histrionics aren't helping, and could be why the mom-to-be decided to get away from you.
  13. Shadowbunny

    unemployment benefits

    Wowzer -- that's graduate-level WC intel. Must add that to my "when we don't know what the question is" list!
  14. Shadowbunny

    unemployment benefits

    Oh, pooh.... I missed the thread this is posted in. So let me see if I can address WC: If you were high/drunk when the injury occurred, your chances of successfully claiming WC is low. Yes, your employer can require a urine test after an accident. No, you can't get both UI and WC at the same...
  15. Shadowbunny

    unemployment benefits

    Nah, I got this, thanks to the collective wisdom of all of our HR experts here I think I can answer the unasked: Yes, you should file. No, it won't cost you anything. Your employer doesn't have any say in whether you get UIC or not, it's up to the UI agency in your unknown state. If you...

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