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$90 in GC's gone, but what did I do?

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A while back a site bungo.com offered 15 dollar gift certificates to anyone who got 5 referrals. I took advantage and got every member of my family, and friends to join. I earned 7 gift certificates. Now, one day i open my mail and there are 6 gift certificates in my email box. In case your wondering they were electronic gift certificates you enter when you purchase the item. Well, first of all bungo said that i would get cdnow certificates, but they gave cduniverse certificates. I am not famillar with cduniverse's system, so i wanted to buy a large item. That costs multiple GC's (Gift Certificates.) I entered the first one and hit submit, thinking that maybe you entered one after each other, like amazon.com. This wasnt that case, it told me i need to enter a credit card, so I called up the company saying id like to use more then 1 certificate. The customer service rep told me if i gave them all the codes he would enter them and apply them to my order. After several days the order never got past the processing stage. I call back i go through the same speal. Once again no results. This goes on for 3 weeks, until i call and they tell me they cant process more then one GC at a time. CDUniverse informs me im going to have to use all of them seperately, so I was very disgruntled about this but hey its a free lunch. Kind of... I had recieved my 7th CD a few days earlier and ordered a CD and that went fine. I entered the first code on an individual CD i was going to get and it said already used, i used the next code, and the next none of them worked. I asked CD Universe and they said theyed fix it. 3 months have gone by and they wont respond to email, phone calls, anything. They just keep saying thell fix it but they wont. Im suspecting because im not an adult, im 17 this july, they arnt going to take mer seriously and just rip me off. I figured they entered my codes trying to get it to work and it wouldnt so they just figured, "hey well guess the kids out $90".
The part i cant figure out is i wrote into them asking to fix it they first tell me its not their fault. I respond saying as a responsible vendor, i believe your supposed to fix it. I dont know what that means it just sounds good. Anyways, he fwd my email to the manager and the manager said it would get fixed but i havnt heard a word after 2 weeks. So heres the question.
-Whats the best way to get my GC's Back?
-Is legal action really an idea? I figure id have cases on, losing $90, the rediculous fact i put so much time and energy into getting my money back. Maybe something as outlandish as descrimination of age, but i dont know how this works.
-Is their something really easy i can do just to show im serious?



Never take on a corporation yourself if you can get another corporation to fight for you!

Forward copies of all emails to and from CDUniverse to the GC issuer. Tell them that you suspect CDU redeemed all your GCs from them but is only crediting you with 1 GC. (Be sure to include the ID codes.) Ask the issuer to intervene and fix the situation by either forcing CDU to honor the GCs or by issuing you new GCs. Inform issuer that you are very unhappy and will start telling everyone you know, including all your referrals, about how you have been cheated by the GC program.

This is not legal advice and you are not my client. Double check everything with your own attorney and your state's laws.

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