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Any Help??

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caroline anne

What is the name of your state?AR
i was hit by someone about a year ago , his insurance has already paid for my car, but now im needing to settle for lose wages and medical bills. together they total 20,000.00.
15,000.00 bills ...5,000.00 lose wages... now the insurance is wanting me to tell them a quote.. i was told people usually settle for twice their bills does this sound right , im only 24 and me and my husband have never been in a wreck before so weve never delt with insurance before.... we need some help????
does it make a difference if it was a commercial vehicle?
what is the minimum liability commercial vehicles carry...

please help? :confused:

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(Q) I was told that most people settle for twice their total amount.

(A) In some cases people will settle for twice the amount but that figure is sometimes inflated. It really depends on if you can prove that your lost time for wages was a result of this accident and if your medical wages are a result of this accident. I would talk to a personal injury attorney in your area to help you settle this case. Keep in mind that if you are looking for compensation for this accident from trauma or emotional anguish than you need to talk to an attorney. Most of the time they will talk to you for free.

(Q) Does it make a difference if it was a commercial vehicle?

(A) It could depending on the type of vehical. Your car is already paid for so really the only thing that is an issue is your loss wages and personal injury. Talk to an attorney in your area he/she will be able to assist you. When talking about settlements such as this it is always a good idea to hire an attorney.

(Q) What is the minimum liability commercial vehicles carry?

(A) It depends on the state you live in.

caroline anne

the state is AR thanks

if anyone has gone through anything like this that has advise or figures from their claims ,to give me something to go by...
thanks again for any help:confused:


I don't have a problem with you being compensated for your medical bills, past,present or future. You also need to be compensated for your lost wages. I don't think however that you should just automatically assume your titled to double what you actually lost. That is why insurance cost so much today. Insurance companies would just rather settle with people than argue about it, and then adjust there premiums to recoup there losses.


With the kind of money you are talking about, I would definitely talk to a PI attorney (or three - usually free consultation and pick one you feel comfortable with). You don't have to hire one now but ask him what your case is worth. Also ask him how much you should ask for at the start, which should be higher than what you are willing to settle for -- this leaves room for negotiation. This attorney should be a trial attorney as well, so ask about his experience in that should you fail settlement and have to file a lawsuit.

Insurance companies will try to make the least possible settlement based on if they think you would *really* file a lawsuit, what your case might bring in your state and county for the type of injuries you have, and a whole bunch of other factors. On this site, you can use the SEARCH button and type in settlement claims, or settlement amounts, etc. and you will see posts from the past with various amounts for various injuries.

And again, I have to say that premiums go up, in part, because of people who *don't* have insurance paying and fraudulent claims. Premiums do not go up for legit claims, as there would be a whole lot less claims in which insurance companies have to pay out and surely they reserve a certain amount for those purposes.

I paid faithfully for auto insurance for the past 20 years, and have only made one claim for this car accident (read "wreck") when the #(*&#$*(& ran a stale red light and slammed into me, spinning me, totaling my car and injuring me. I am entiled to reasonable compensation and it's a PERSONAL amount. So are other people who claims are legitimate.

I will say that I just settled this past week with the at-fault driver's ins. co., and I got a bit more than double my medical damages. I asked for 3.5 times my medical damages. I had an attorney/advisor who gave me the amounts to ask for and what my case was probably "worth" in my county. Although I did not hire him, he knew I would should I have to, plus... it's very good PR for them. I will refer any personal injury cases to this very helpful and sincere attorney in the future.

Good "luck" to you!

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