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California speeding

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What is the name of your state? California
This happened yesterday and I was a witness. My friend was coming to see me at my community college and got pulled over for a speeding ticket. When he was passing by the cop on the motorcycle, the cop was putting his helment on. The thing is when he was pulled over he naturally asked for a radar reading, and the cop on the motorcycle said he didn't have one. So my friend refused to sign the ticket because he didn't think he was speeding not to mention the cop stated he didn't have a radar reading. That's precisely when he called and told me that he got pulled over, natuarally I decided to see what happens. The cop called other cops, when a sergent (I believe it was a sergent, I know it was a higher ranking office) and the other cop that was with him stated that they did in fact all of a sudden had a radar reading. So of course my friend asked for it, they refused and handed him a ticket with a box checked "radar reading". He refused because the cop that pulled him over stated in the beginnig he didn't have it, and he never saw it when the other cops told him that they had it. The cop that pulled him over told him that he will take him to judge, then the sergent started screaming at him (I actually heard it because I was really near by) threatening to put him in jail. Of course he sighened it. We went over to sheriff's department and made a complaint, so the thing is to me it seems very suspicious that when the cop saw my friend he was putting his helment on, he was tracking him with a radar gun. he obviously stated that he didn't have a radar reading. The other two officers appear to be lying, because when they came they told him that they did have a radar reading but they refused to show it to him. Now I really don't know what to do in this situation, I did hear officer screaming at him and threatning him and I saw him talking to the officers, but how can we win in situation since they're not required by law to show the radar reading.


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Your friend is an idiot and is going to get his shorts handed to him in court. The side of the road is not the place to argue the merits of a citation. Police offices DO NOT have to show anyone the radar gun. And signing the ticket is not an admission of guilt, it just means that you know why you were stopped and what you have to do to take care of the citation. Your friend needs an attorney asap, it is obvious he will not be able to handle the citation in court by himself.


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The likely explanation is that there was a speed trap set up and the motorcycle office was the "chase car". The first officers took the reading and called it in to the officer on the motorcycle. Your friend is a moron and is lucky he did not go to jail. Stay out of it, this is not your problem.

The best advice is for your friend to call the court and get permission to take traffic school. If he has the time to waste he can go to court and see if both officers show up, the one who took the reading and the one who issued the ticket. If not he can make a motion for dismissal but if he acts like that in court I hope he likes potato salad.

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