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Can A Landlord Deny My ESA Letter Just Because It Was Obtained Online?

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I would like to file an HUD complaint against my landlord but the HUD just informed me that all my personal information, including my name, descriptions of my disability will be public information after I file the complaint. That obviously concerns me as this is a huge invasion of privacy. Does anyone by any chance know anything about this? Can really anyone go ahead and obtain those HUD filings and read about my disability? I would be very concerned if this was true. I don't want any future employers or anyone else to know about these private aspects of my life. Thanks again! Any advice is much appreciated.
If you choose to make this public, such as by asking your landlord for an accomodation, you are the one that already chose to make it public. It’s already too late.

And you still did not state what symptom or effect of your disability does the animal alleviate.


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This is a particular peeve of mine. I work with Soldiers/Veterans who have a legitimate need for a therapy dog; people who try to get around the rules because they want to fly with their pet peacock or not pay a deposit really chaps my hide.
Hey! I actually know someone who had that emotional support peafowl for a bit, while the owner was between situations.

Thanks for all the replies! I am located in CA. The psychologist who evaluated me and issued the letter also is located in CA. Still, they denied his letter. The apartment management company also sent my psychologist a dubious letter in an attempt to intimidate him. It is obvious to me that they are trying to fight every request so that they can get as much money out of all tenants as possible. It is ridiculous to dictate people whether to see a doctor in person or via telemedicine, especially since the doctor will just ask me the exact same questions at the office. Thanks again!
You have not indicated that the reason for doing this online is related to your condition; you indicated that you had a psychologist write a letter from an ESA letter mill. Let me put it this way: I've looked at the questionnaire. I could answer the questions truthfully and get an ESA letter from the website. It would be totally bogus.

You are not receiving ongoing care from the psychologist. And while I realize that the dog makes you feel happy, so do many pets.


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How much is your monthly rent?
How much of a security deposit does the landlord already have?
Was the apartment furnished when you moved in?
Do you have a waterbed?


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Honestly I would like to see the law simply changed to allow only reasonable fees for any animal, thus eliminating the need for any charade.

Service dogs have bladders.
Service dogs have carpet mistakes.
Reasonable is in the eye of the beholder.

Fees and deposits should be commensurate with the distinct possibility of having to replace a house full of carpet for several thousand dollars.

ESAs should not be exempt from appropriate pet deposits and pet rent.


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ESAs should not be exempt from appropriate pet deposits and pet rent.
I just want to point out that it doesn't matter what the landlord calls it...there are limits to how much of a deposit can legally be required in California.

Taxing Matters

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ESAs should not be exempt from appropriate pet deposits and pet rent.
I don't entirely agree with that, and in any event under the law currently they are exempt from that. But nothing prevents a landlord from setting his base rent for his units high enough to cover the occaisonal damage that a service/support animal may cause, unless the base rent would violate a rent control ordinance.


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