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Driver and charged with possesion of Marijuana and other tickets....

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What is the name of your state? nj

I got "Pulled over" yesterday going to the beach. I had no choice but to roll down my tinted windows because the cop was on the incoming traffic and had stopped right by my car. My friend was smoking in the back seat while i was driving. MY g/f was the passenger. Instead of my friend "disposing of it correctly" he put it behind my seat as he was sitting behind the passenger. They took all of us out. Matter of minutes, 3 - 4 cruisers came and we were all cuffed. The officer had a k-9 unit and then said "I have a k-9 as you can see, now since you told me you have nothing in the car, i will search the car with the k-9. But if i find something, all 3 of you are charged with possession and i will bring all of you guys in. So its up to you" Knowing what the k-9 is capable of doing and to protect my g/f from all causes, i said that there is a small roach and i was the only one smoking it because i knew my friend would not admit to it and i didn't want my g/f to have anything to do with this. My g/f was uncuffed after a while and i thnk that my friend was going to also until marijuana fell out of his pant leg. At this point, i wanted to say that it was all his but i really didn't get the chance to and i "believed" it really made no difference since i arleady admitted that it was me who was smoking. The officer really wanted to know why i was protecting my friend so he said ok "off the record, why are you taking the hit for yoru friend?". I said since this is off-record, i told him the truth and he said oh ok, i kind of see it, but i still don't know why you're taking the hit for him."

My freind and i are now charged with a personal disorderely offense. But i was also given tickets to tinted windows, open bottle of alcohol ( i didn't know it was in the back seat and i'm 20 y/o) and operating vehicle with CDS. i know that Operating vehicle with CDS can be a 2 year loss of license. I need my license so i talked to the laywer today. I said my friend will take the blame if his charges were not going to be more severe. He said that it wouldn't but also might not help me since i had admitted that it was mine fro the beginning. The court might take both of us down. He basicalyl won't say anything more till i hire him. all i know is that my friend taking the blame might not help me getting those charges dismissed but he said that he can keep my license.

I went to court today n talked to the prosecutor and he said we can go on a program for $800 and have our drug charges dropped if we were clean after a year. I just want to know would i be able to get a plea bargain with the prosecutor to keep my license also or no? I don't think that the laywer will tell me the truth since he does want to be hired. If the prosecutor will answer questions like, "What will happen if we told you that it was only one of ours and the other person didn't really have anything to do with it even though they had admitted it in the beginning it was his?" i really need my licesnse as i work full-time and is a big source of income for my family and go to school full time

Thank you
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