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Drug charge

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My friend's house was raided for drugs and they found a 1/4 ounce of meth, which was her boyfriends, she realizes since she knew it was there she is guilty of possession, her boyfriend was not there at the time and there is no proof he lives with her, so he was not charged, she is on probation for unrelated charges, and was told by the cops she could get 2 years for this, so she agreed to help them bust a dealer for a leesor charge, her boyfriend which is now her ex! has warned all the dealers that she might rat so she can't help the cops with a bust related to drugs, although she was asked by the detective she is working with if she could help them find a man who was wanted for a number of robberies, i mean they wanted this guy bad, they heard he was possibly staying in our area which we live in a very small town, well as bizzare as this may sound she ended up meeting this guy through mutual friends, so she led the police to him, and i don't mean by providing them with just an address she was involved in the actual process of putting this guy behind bars, she put herself in a very dangerous position for them which i won't go into, and now they are telling her this is not enough to keep her from going to jail since it was not a drug bust,the cops gave her nothing in writing that they would reduce her charge for helping them, she has been to court 1 time and was given what she thought was a public defender, turns out this guy is an actual lawyer, he took her case and gave her his office number, and home number, strange or what! well this guy is not helping her at all, lawyers want to get paid don't they,why would he agree to represent her but never return her calls, she is now 2 weeks shy of her sentencing date, can she ask the judge to postpone her trial date since she feels this lawyer didn't help her i would also like to know if writing a letter to the judge on her behalf is approprite, and what happens if she has no proof of the deal from the detectives. Does this girl have a chance at all. Thank you


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It sounds as if the state hired a private lawyer for her defense (many places do that instead of or or to supplement the role of the public defender if the public defender or legal aid is too busy).

Also, instead of sounding wierd (although it may be) the lawyer may have been trying to do a better job and facilitating contact.

Few people can afford to get an OJ defense, and all lawyer's limit the amount of time they can spend. Here she should have consulted a lawyer BEFORE agreeing to cooperate with the police. But her cooperation should be brought out BEFORE sentencung and called to the attention of those who write the sentencing report.

Also, she should tell the judge if she believes she has ineffectice assistance of counsel.

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I was caught in my backyard with a pound of weed on me, not arrested but summons to appear in court for drug abuse. Have no idea why it wasn't a poss. of drugs, but when I finally appeared in court the prosecuting attorney offered me a deal of Disorderly conduct, $100.00 bond revoction with no conviction. They didn't know I had an attorney cause he was exteremly late to my hearing....but he took the deal and I walked. Of course I lost what I paid the attorney and he never did anything for me, but it was my first offense that might be why I got a great deal. Good Luck!!


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