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Elder Abuse

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Missouri.. :mad:Parent has Lvg Trust, me as DPOA when trust set up, early 08. Sept 08 was diagnosed with Alzheimers. Dr. wrote statement for me to attach to other paperwork. 2 sibs, one 45 years old, other married living with spouse, who makes $25.00 per hour and on sib on SSI(60 yrs old) and nephew, 34 years old, live off parent. Doesn't help with ANYTHING. During 2 yrs prior, sib (45yrs old) was using parent ATM, stating sib was paying auto pymt/rent to parent, when really was putting IN cash and taking right back out, sometimes, more than deposited, gave parent recpt like sib had been upright and paying as agreed. BTW, auto is in parent name and insurance. Selling drugs from house and auto. When I found that Sib was stealing and defrauding parent, I told Sib to STOP. Did for a bit and both Sibs actually were paying rent, paid to me. Couldn't handle the fact that I got parents' bills straightened out and bank up to $10,000. Jan. 09 Sib took parent to get the DPOA removed, not informing atty of parent's Alz. Sib works with elderly. Other sib is POA for Health care and when I asked if Sib knew that parent had Alz. Said yes, and I thanked sib for the no call???? Sibs knows exactly what Sibs are doing. Sib started using accts again. When I found out, I went to the Dept. of Aging - Elder abuse and Neglect, Police, Doctor and bank. Dr. gave me statement confirming Alz and stated incompetent to handle finance, social or economical functions of parents life. I gave copy to bank, police detective, dept of aging. Dept of aging Supervisor said I was DPOA and the POA my sib took her to do in Jan was invalid. Police say if I don't take action to chg everything to stop abuse, misuse and neglect that I could be held responsible. They don't appear concerned abt the drug sales. I find out after fact, as I live 2 hrs away and Sibs live off parent in house, for past 20 yrs. Parents' knew what they were doing when I was made DPOA. Sib prints ltrs and has parent rewrite as if from parent, saying for me NOT to make Neurological appts for parent and to cancel if I did and to return wills and all paperwork that pertains to my parent. One copy of ltr I saw as I sat next to parent on couch. Sib printing and parent to rewrite. Had parent read from a card that if 3rd sib kept cohorting with me, 3rd would be kicked from family, as I supposedly was. All my ducks are in a row. Sibs, spouse and nephew have all been issued Notice to Vacate, per Dept of Aging. Detective said get bank to agree with fraud, theft and we would sit and prepare case against Sib. Eviction takes more than just a Notice to Vacate. Am I allowed to go in and bring parent to my home and shut down parent's house, even knowing parent won't want to leave her home? After all they are all squatters. And they have used parent too much and now parent is in 4th stage of Alz. They think big money ahead. I have some sorry news for them. I keep copious notes and record of NO RENT, Thefts, etc. My question, finally, can I take parents' accts to another bank, since parent is incapable and time is of the essence? I just want to build parent's accts for her end of life to be good, whenever that is...THEY DON'T GIVE A HOOT. SOONER THE BETTER. I wasn't made like that, even though we are from some blood. Do I have to go through court process for eviction? After all, SLUGS are slow. Detective said, you give a rat a piece of cheese, he will eat the wall. I am supposed to go in like gangbusters, but, I really don't want parent any more agitated than parent is already. I just want to do what is right and for parent to enjoy(?) rest of life as good as possible. If I go like gangbusters, I will, but I want to be doing right. Please help! Do I need to be Conservator? Parent had the DPOA for me as Irrevocable! It would cost all the money I have built up for parent?Q!:(:confused:What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)?What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)?

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