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Employer verification

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In 2019 I got a negative employment verification that I would like to know if there is anything I can do about.

I was employed as an engineer in Arizona in a contract position from 07/2013 to 10/2013 then as a permanent employee from 10/2013 to 02/2014. The contract work was direct to the company, not a contract house. I had a manager that was verbally abusive and like to intimidate his employees, in short he was a sociopath. He caused me so much stress I didn’t go into work for 2 days (Thur & Fri). I didn’t call in due to the stress. On Monday I went to work and gave my 2 weeks notices. My manager flipped out. He came to the lab and told me he needed to see me in his office, I very politely asked “now?”, he then yelled at the top of his lungs in my face “yes now”, there were 5 witnesses to this. I gave no resistance or back talk, we went to his office where HR and his manager were waiting. HR told me that they would accept my resignation, but make it effective immediately and I would be paid for those 2 weeks plus remaining vacation. I was not given a formal reprimand. I left the office without comment. I was paid as stated.

During my time there I was never given a written reprimand and I was a high output engineer. My work exceeded everyone around me.

I recently got a job with a defense contractor that requires a security clearance. I filled out all the required security paper work but was later called in for an interview with the investigator, something was wrong. During the interview I was told they contacted my former employer who told them that I was listed as “do not hire” and that I had been written up for not coming into work for 2 days. I discussed what happened with the investigator and that I had never received a written reprimand and was unaware that it was on file. In the end I was given a full clearance but it took about a year for that process.

I feel the statement that I had been reprimand was a false statement made my former manager meant in inflict harm. I now have this event recorded in my security forms. Since I was never given a written reprimand I would like to know if I have any possibility of successfully suing my former employer to remove this statement from any records. I would also like to sue for attorney fees if possible. My goal is not to make money off this, but to remove the comment so it never happens again, and prove on my security investigation that my statements where correct and true. This is something I take VERY seriously, I am willing to shell out 5-10k in attorney fees for this. If successful I would forward this ruling to the investigating agency.

Any advice you can give on this would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance


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It is entirely up to the employer whether to list someone as a "do not hire" or not. It is also true, by your own account, that you did not come to work for two days. IMO you have maybe a 25% chance of getting the statement that there was a written reprimand removed if you're really, really lucky and you actually make it into court, which is a long shot at best. You will not get attorney's fees and there isn't a chance in heck that you will get removed from the do not hire list.


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My advice to you is that you move on from this past issue which has, really, been resolved with your current hire. A perceived slight from a job you had some time ago, which absolutely sounds like something you are wasting too much of your current headspace on is very non functional. Even if you did go through this lengthy battle, spend these piles of money and get...what? "...PROVE on your security investigation that my statements were correct and true." This is very useless. If you want someone to tell you you're truthful, use that money to see a counselor.


On Monday I went to work and gave my 2 weeks notices.

I had been written up for not coming into work for 2 days.
It's also possible that had you not quit, you would have gotten your write up. It's just that under the circumstances, why bother giving it to you.
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