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FALSLY ACCUSED NEED advice! please

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Hello well here is my entire story. First I will start off by telling you who I am my name is Devin I am a 25 year old college graduate I have a bachelors degree in science Majored in computer information systems. I have never done drugs, drink occasionally, and have never smoked cigarettes either, never received a speeding ticket or even a seat belt ticket ALWAYS WEAR YOUR SEAT BELT!! Now my story, on september 12th at about 9:30 pm I got in my car to go to my younger brothers place to see him (just because I had not talked to him in a couple days and wanted to see him) so I go down to his house and after about 30 min. I leave. Now I am in my car driving home (Its about 7 mins. away we practically live about 2 streets away from each other, i live with my parents). I stop at a stop sign FULL STOP, i continue down the street, all of a sudden I get pulled over by an unmarked police car. 3 uniformed officers get out of the car 1 of them goes to the passenger side, 1 of them remains behind my car, and the last cop come up to my window. in a matter of 5 seconds he asks me to get out of my car. NO PROBLEM I HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE so i do so. now the cop that is by the drivers side he escorts me to the cop behind my car, he make me put my hands on my head and starts to search me like I am some damn criminal. the other 2 cops start searching my car. now after 15 minutes one of the cops comes back to me and says " we found a pipe in your car where are the drugs" I told them that there is no pipe in the car and they are making a mistake because I dont do drugs and no of my freinds do either. so the cop goes back to his partner (the one still searching my car) and talks to him some more. he comes back and says the same thing and i tell him the same exact thing so he goes back to his partner again and they talk some more. he comes back and puts me in handcuffs and tells me I am under arrest I ask him why and he tells me I have rock cocaine in my car. NOW its about 10:30pm and remind you that I have to be at the office tomorrow early in the morning, cause i work very very hard. I ask the cop to see the alleged drugs. He puts it in one of those small evidence clear packets, and shows it to me, AT THIS POINT I TELL HIM that those are cashew nuts found on my seat and beg him to field test it. no such luck, they put me in the car park my car (Lincoln town car) on the street and put me in that car. Now im in the car going to Foothill division LAPD crying my ass off because i have never been in trouble my life and this could ruin my life/career. the cops are laughing there asses off asking me who the local dealer is and humiliating me. Now about 10 mins. away from the station they ask me to say my own rights to myself, when i was a kid my younger brother and i use to play cops and robbers all the time and i watch cops TV often so i knew them and when 3 cops in one car ask you to say your rights I WAS terrified so i started reciting my rights. the cops were laughing at me while this was going on. so I get to the station and am still begging for them to field test the drugs and that they are wrong all the while they are making fun of me and laughing. I get fingerprinted, booked strip searched, and placed in jail. The bail is $10,000, at this point i call my parents, my mom is worried sick about me, I was just going up the street and now its 12am and i am still not home. I tell her whats going on and that i need help, she wakes my dad up and him and my brother come down to the station. they get a bail bondsman which pays for 10% of it $1100 of it and i get out GOD knows i wasnt going to spend the night in jail. its 3:30 in the morning I have to be at the office that morning at 7:00, and i have been charged with possesion of drugs. ROCK COCAINE out of all things. so I didnt go to work that day. cant sleep at 4 and wake up at 6:30 IMPOSSIBLE. that weekend was my birhtday september 17 I was turning 25. For a while i have been saving money to go to las vegas with my freinds for my birthday because of this bail money i couldnt go SPENT my 25th birthday sitting at home. that friday before my birthday I went down to foothill division and spoke with a detective, told him the story and he told me to wait and he will go see what he can do, he came back and told me that no results are back, and now I am thinking that my life is over. On monday after my birhtday I went back to the station and spoke with another detective, he went back check on my case and came back to me told me " I cant tell you exactly what is going on with your case but i can tell you you have nothing to worry about" At this time i felt like I was giving a new life. I asked him to call my mom and tell her what he said to me and he did. THE detectives were incredibly nice I called and spoke with their boss and told her what great work they did, they went out of their way for me and THANK YOU. so the court date was that week, I went down there with a speach writin out ready to read to the judge and the attorney for the state, I checked on the board for my name to see what division i was in no such luck no name. I went stood in line (oh by the way this is the 2nd day i have missed work) i spoke with the lady, she went to the back came back to me and said that the case was dropped i have nothing to worry about. At this time I flipped I asked to see a judge I asked to see an attorney NOTHING, I EXPLODED. I guess they think that you are so releived that you are off the hook you wont do anything, WRONG right after the court I went down to foothill division to file a complaint. I was irrate at the way i was treated. I wanted my 1,100 back, the damn captain comes out to me cause he knows i am filing a complaint and starts talking to me and treating me like now im a man and a human just because im in a suit. I dress like that everyday at the office. He has the never to say well if you had paid the 10,000 bond you wouldnt have lost the 1,100. HEY ASSHOLE how many 25 year old guys you know have 10,000 laying around that they can waste on bull**** like this. he tells me how they are going to have to invest 50-55 investigation hours on this complaint and all this crap. I DONT WaNT TO HEAR IT. he tells me that i am making a serious accusation. THE ONLY REASON why i got pulled over was that i was a young guy driving a nice car (MY OWN CAR) in a not so great neighborhood, my brother lives there i cant help it. THATS IT.
Well the end is near. I found out that the cops were from LAPD metro (different division) and that it would take their boss 1 hour to get there. I said no problem and that i would wait. after an hour and a half, still waiting a cop came out and said that he was in traffic and if i like i could go home and they would come to my house. NO i will wait here as long as it take. 3 hours later this damn leutenent shows up i tell him the whole story he listens once, writes it then tapes it, looking for wholesin my story. SO SUCH LUCK COP. I have had 2 weeks of shotty sleep memorizing what has happened to me, this will be burned im my head for the rest of my life. My question after this long story is: i work very hard for my money $1,100 dollars is a lot of money for me and for many 25 year old guys. I have lost 2 days of pay in this also. I WANT TO FILE A CLAIM IN THE SMALL CLAIMS COURT, TO GET MY 1,100 BACK. No amount of money will bring back my 25th birthday, I dont even want my 2 days of lost pay all i want is my 1,100 back WHAT CAN I DO, PLEASE I AM BEGGING FOR HELP THANKS!! so you think small claims is the way? if not then what THANKS!!


hannah jo

If I were you, I would take my story to a civil rights attorney and have him/her evaluate the situation. There are rules a police officer must follow to initiate a car stop, to remove someone fromt heir car, to search a person or auto, to Mirandize a person, etc. Go over the story step by step with an attorney to explore if they followed the law - which they are required to do. If not, you may have a civil claim against the police department for violation of your civil rights.

Please note that these comments do not constitute legal advice. It is always recommended that you consult with a local attorney, who can explore all the facts and issues of your specific situation and then advise you of any legal rights and remedies you may have under the current laws of your jurisdiction.

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