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Harrassment Question

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What is the name of your state? New York

I asked this once before and was told by lawyers to just suck it up and move on well things have gotten worse.

Im a team member at target, the store im in runs the smallest staff possible in my grocery section. im given 3 aisles to do daily stock the shelves from racks that are equivilent to 2 uboats. the company core job description does not state everything and it would be a long post if i posted everything they have me do here.
Yes am i underpayed and overworked ill admit it. Have i reported sexual harrassment and got it turned around on me as my fault with evidence fabricated? Yes
Have I had retaliation by my hours and salary cut for speaking up? Yes Have I been told the younger people can do the job better? Yes Have I been called a jackass moron by the store manager yes? Have i asked for more hours only to be told they werent available to me but are for others with proof? Yes
Have i got 12000 photos of the work a team of people need to do but only i am expected to do in 5 hrs? yes

When Covid Came out managers and those over 65 got 30 days leave with pay because either they were vulnerable , over age 65, or lived with someone vulnerable. But did the young kids yes.
WHen I asked about it because my wife was extremely dangerously vulnerable as my elders 77 year old mother that im caregiver for i was told im not eligible because im not 65.
When other people are told to stock the shelf anyway they want not to worry they will make me clean it up and then yell at me if i cant do it along with the other 11 hrs of work to do in a 5 hr shift im told if i dont like it quit.

I also work at a school district at night as a sub custodian and cant get unemployment because i work a day job (NYS screwed me on this years ago by allowing it then later denying it so i had to pay that back)

DO i have any options? as an essential worker there arent alot of jobs out there normally and now even less and i have no idea if i can claim unemployment if i resign and if im fired what if anything i can do. I know its a crap job but the stress and fear for my health is scaring me


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NicholasV, you obviously have been unhappy with the working conditions at Target for some time. It is too bad you didn’t make changes last year when job opportunities were plentiful.

You can discuss your situation with a New York attorney but I don’t see there is much you can do.

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