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How and when to claim homestead and TBE exemptions

Thanks for all your responses. I am from Leon County. http://www.leoncountyso.com/divisions/judicial-services/writs-and-levies says:
Any property owned by a defendant is subject to levy, with the exception of real property protected by homestead exemption. Property held in the name of multiple parties (i.e. John Doe and Jane Doe) is not subject to levy when judgment is against only one, or some, of the owners.

Also, that website states
Prior to the first date of publication, the plaintiff is required to send, via certified mail to the defendant, a copy of the Notice of Sheriff’s Sale, Notice of Sheriff’s Levy, and the aforementioned affidavit pursuant to F.S. 56.27.

Does it mean, the judgment creditor should send me a certified mail prior to the notice of Levy?
I hope this additional info may help you give me an answer on when I need to file (i.e., how far can I wait or how quick I can file)
You will be informed of any sheriff's sale prior to the sale.

I can tell you are worried, and
understandably so.

If you seek assistance at a legal aid clinic or from an attorney in Leon County, this should relieve some of your anxiety. You will know that you are protecting from the judgment creditor all of your assets that can be protected.

I wish you luck.