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gene schultz

Fighting the Big Guy's; this is a compressed version of what Liberty Mutual has put me thru,
After my injury in May of 1993 the doctors in Lebanon, Pa. operated on my spine and said I'd recover and be able to return to work, instead I've gotten worst, From July of 1993 thru March of 1996 I went to Hershey Med. Center, the Doctors there cut me open 4 more times for various resends saying all the while I should get better so I let them try numerous things to try and see if they were right. Will then
I commuted my work comp case to a partial disability because of their diagnosis, so we could move to Florida to get on with our lives, after moving to Florida Liberty Mutual found me doctors here after going to them 3 of them they said and are still saying you are and will always be Permanently Disabled and will never be going back to work, so I had to go in front of a Admin. Law Judge for Social Security Admin. after he examined my medical records, almost 4 yrs. worth his findings were that my doctors in Pa. were only speculating about my ability to return to work. I filed to have my workman's compensation benefits restarted, you see if I'd had the knowledge of the doctors here in Florida I would have never commuted anything, but I listened to my lawyer, the doctors, Liberty Mutual and did. My case then went in front of a Work Comp. Judge in Harrisburg, the first was done over the phone. He ask me to get affidavits done by a court reporter form each of the doctors here in Fl., after finding out this was going to cost somewhere around $4000 for just 1 doctor. I called and told his office and was told that Liberty Mutual was supposed to do the same so he would have theirs to work from. You see I get $513 per month SSI to try and raise my family on so I was unable to get what the work comp Judge wanted instead I sent all the findings from the Social Security Judge's office do to the fact that it contains all my med. records from all the doctors that had seen me to date. Will work comp knew I am unable to travel by myself so I thought the hearings were going to be as the first, then all of a sudden they say that Liberty Mutual wants me there they asked for a continuance and got it, 3 all together I called 4 days before the last one but after calling on the day of the hearing he said this had gone on long enough he let me know his decision, this was in May. I finally called and was told I was denied that he doesn't have to take the finding from another Judge if he doesn't want to. His secretary said she was going to send me a copy of his finds. One try's to believe in our judicial system whether it is civil or criminal, all I'm told now is file it again and hire another lawyer give more away and keep the system going. The last one got $12,000 and he doesn't have time now, sort of take the money and run. I have to hire 2 now one they're in Pa. and one here in Fl. because the work comp laws are so different. I'm in the process of another operation, they say I going to need a fusion now. One of the doctors that Liberty Mutual sent me to wants to do a fusion but will not until this is settled so I try to live in sometimes-unbearable pain until they make up their minds or I just give up. Will my not! Will as you see I'm not sure of the question, it keeps coming back to the same one, WHY?? Why are Insurance Company's that have lots of money to give to the Politician's or should I say their lobbyist, not to get political, still aloud to make the little guy fight so hard and long for what is right and not give up like they want us to. I hope I haven't bored you or put doubt of our system. I'm not going to give up, what's right is right. We all have to believe and keep our heads up! If for some reason you or someone you know might what to help one of the little guy's you or they may send info on how to fight these people or donations to help in the fight to the address below or can reach me at my e-mail address or fell free to call, again I thank you. Since I'd written this letter I have gone back to my doctor and he feels I need to go to a neurosurgeon to see about a fusion he also started my on some new medications that Liberty Mutual says they don't have to pay for .I have come in contact with numerous other people who are having the same problems with Liberty Mutual in Pa. that I am having if one would like go to Prairielaw.com and look under workman's compensation section you will find to many to count. This is no longer an isolated incident it is of great magnitude and our elected are letting them get away with it. They have put my family now in the position that we may lose our only transportation and our home. If anyone out there can help please, someone needs to help Us, Please. Thurman E. Schultz 12315 Coffee Road Fountain, Fl. 32438 Ph.# 850-722-8370 [email protected]



Dear gene schultz:
What a story! So sorry to hear of your situation. It is going to be almost impossible for anyone to give you legal advice without seeing most (if not all) of the legal documents filed thus far. So this bulletin board is probably not the most effective way for you to seek relief. Since paying more money for yet more lawyers is not an option for you, you may want to consider contacting local organizations that are plaintiff and/or consumer oriented. Many of them have interns and/or attorneys who can work for free on your behalf. Since I'm not in FLA, I don't know anything about your local organizations but I'll bet your local county bar association or your local Consumer Attorneys Association do. Although they probably can't help you directly, they will probably have contact names/numbers of those organizations who can assist you. Best of luck to you.

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