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Inventory/Lawyer question

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panzertanker said:
1. IF you are unsure that a remark is made towards you...you should just ASK and THEN when you get your answer you can bash the poster. It is quite childish for you to do both at the same time.
2. My BUMP was a way of drawing attention to your post. As a senior member who has been on this site for a while, my name posting to your post may get you enough attention to have a senior member who is versed in your area come answer your question.
3. Can you read?
Didn't YOUR mother teach you that "Hope that helps you" is generally to be taken as a polite statement?????

You may have shot yourself in the foot for being rude......
"IF" you were being rude, I meant to say.
Excuse me, you said: BUMP (for BlondiePB), everyone knows jokes about blondes right? So isn't that a remark toward being dumb? Is the way I took it. How am I suppose to know a Bump with the message beside it (hope that helps) is for my betterment? I coouldn't know that from where I am sitting it looks like a smart azz remark.. if I offended anyone I am sorry, but I was the one who got offended.
I thank you nice people for your help, yes I was rushed for time when I last posted only because my son is the Admin and he works out of town and some last minute things came up. I was trying to sort things out on my behalf since I have two brothers who want to take advantage of my portion of the Estate, so i came here for answers.

This is Mothers Estate not my Fathers. Here in Kintucky..oops meant Kentucky.. haha.. we have 6 months of probate, yes the 60days forthe inventory list is correct, but the Attorney told me since he knew the family well he didn't put that time limit on it., as long as we had it one month before the closing of the probate.

The Estate is a wealthy one by property only, not by money in the bank. Mother seemed to have gone through alot of money in 9 months. So yes i suppose we are trying to cut cost somewhat, right or wrong if you don't have it how can the Attorney be paid? There is the Admin's fee as well, the Tombstone cost, and other expenses.

The heirs and my son we all did meet two night and came close to a decision. One small problem though. I am still short ten thousand dollars worth of property, so my son said he will not agree to what we talked of, and we did decide a 2000.00 difference either way, but not ten thousand.

So it is still up in the air somewhat. I am sure my son will be fair in his decision however he pulls this off. I don't think he is telling anyone. Last thing he told me was.. maybe everyone will get an envelope with what is fair. So we shall see ..

panzertanker, everyone has a Bubba in the family..... somewhere !!

Kentucky Is a lovely state just as yours is. Nothing like a Southern Lady serving up Derby Pie and Mint julips on her lovely Victorian home surrounded by flowers of every sort. Waving as you leave, YALL COME BACK NOW, HERE!
BlondiePB said:
You bad......;)
Blondie I didn't know he was talking about you. From my view I thought he was making a remark about blonde's. I am not on here enough to know who is who. if I offended you in any form I am sincerely sorry. I mean how in creation would I ever think with a remark like he did .. bump(blondie) hope that hekps you.. if you were me you'd think the same thing. Or now lets get to the good part. Did he really mean it like he say's? hummm twist of words probably, you have the perfect name for doing that with. Thinks he is smart and a girl from Ky can't see that.. I am only saying IF he meant that as a put down. Oh well thanks to all that have helped me and not made me feel like my cousin Bubba, by the way Bubba says howdy !! lol

Anyway I was offended by it.. but over it now, i think? If I bump into any situation in my near future I will be back :eek:
One last question I hope !

panzertanker said:
They reappear as Kelly???
I am back everyone, but not as Kelly. As you all already know I appreciate all you do.

When my Mother made out her Will and I am going to type the parts I am questioning.

I give, devise and bequeath all my my property, of every kind. nature and description, real, personal and otherwise, and wheresoever situated, unto my beloved husband ( name witheld ) to be his absotutely and outrigth.

Ok now as you all know Mother died after my Father 9 months later, so now the Executor is over this and I will type the portion about him:

(starting at in the event husband( name withheld) predeceases me, or we die simultaneously, or fails to qualiry, for any reason , as Executor of my Estate, then and in the event I nominate and appoint (Name Witheld) as alternate Executor, to serve without surety on his bond, and give him full power and authority to sell and dispose of any assets, inculuding the power to, convery any real property which I might own at my death.
Signed (name withheld)

The Executor is my son, I want to know if possible exactly what this means?

This is why! As the heirs 3 of us, cannot agree upon the equal portions divided with the Estate. I guess I am asking if one of the heirs disagrees and two agree what Authority does the Exrcutor have at this point?

Two of us want to sell everything except personal Items. Can the Executor stop us from selling the Estate?

Thanks again,


Senior Member
It means that your son should find some guts, tell the 3 of you to taka a hike, sell everything, and split the proceeds between the 3 of you.

And, if he isn't willing to do that, he should resign and ask the court to appoint a third party administrator.


Senior Member
anteater said:
It means that your son should find some guts, tell the 3 of you to taka a hike, sell everything, and split the proceeds between the 3 of you.

And, if he isn't willing to do that, he should resign and ask the court to appoint a third party administrator.
The OP is, for lack of a better word at this moment, "working" for the executor.

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