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Is my sister legally responsible to pay supposal support to our X-Wicked Stepmother?

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On June 20 of this year, my father suffered a massive stroke that has left him disabled. Unfortunately, the doctors seem to think that he will be disabled for the rest of his life. Five days before this terrible incident he had gone for his final court date for a divorce with his wife of four years. My dad agreed to many things in the divorce decree. Health insurance for three years, a cell phone bill for one year with a $200 cap, a car in working order, appraisal school, back taxes, 70% of the mortgage ($1200), and she got his $350,000 house among other things.
They both swore on the docket and my understanding is that they had 21 days to sign the judgment so that it could be entered and the judge would sign off on it. Well, she refused to sign the divorce papers. I think she was waiting it out for my dad to die so that she could take it all. My father is sole owner of a corporation and my sister has power of attorney over the company and his financial affairs. The hospital refused to recognize us as the next of kin; despite the fact, she does not even visit him ever. Therefore, we wanted the divorce to be final. To not only protect his assets at the company but also if something were to happen to our much-loved father she would not have the final say. The lawyer representing my dad was a joke. We wanted to modify the conditions of the judgment but he said no that it would drag the divorce out even longer. He requested an emergency hearing for the judgment to reenter. Upon court date, our lawyer did not show up but sent one of his colleagues that knew nothing about my father's medical condition. He had not even read the judgment, nor had he supplied my sister with a copy of it. Her attorney lied about my father. He said that Mr. So and So had suffered a massive stroke, was in a coma, and is now out of the hospital and doing well. They almost had to remove me from the courtroom because it has been almost three months and he still is lying in the hospital fighting for his life. Our attorney said that my dad was in the hospital but doing well. Ok if that is what you want to call it ok. Well she agreed to sign the divorce papers and it took her another month to sign it. This is my question is my sister legally responsible to pay this woman what was awarded to her in the judgment because she asked for the judgment to be entered as final? Circumstances have changed since my father agreed to all this, we do not have the money to pay for all of this nor does his company. Can the supposal support be modified because of my father's new medical circumstances? I read somewhere that spousal support in Michigan can be modified at any time if a new circumstance is introduced into the court. Technically we did not introduce that fact that my father would be unable to work to meet this binding agreement. The spousal support is only until the December but she wants the company to pay school and her car repair etc. This woman is able bodied, has a real-estate license, and is receiving disability benefits for a drunk accident that went unnoticed. Not only is she demanding spousal support my sister, but my father's auto insurance is being cancelled cause she had a $60,000 claim. She is just an awful person. Since our divorce attorney has been unable to tell us if my sister is legally responsible to pay for my dad's spousal support. Our corporate attorney said to just pay her cause she could take us back to court since we were the ones that pushed for the divorce. I have been arguing with my sister to not pay her, I feel that she is not legally responsible to pay for this and nor is the corporation. Isn't illegal to draw her money from company funds? Doesn’t the spousal support have to come from his wages? Well he doesn’t have any wages so how can he pay her. Ooooh what a mess!!! Thanks, Michelle

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