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Landlord denies request for mold test

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As I can see from this thread and from the LL response. I am having lots of trouble showing that it is the toilet and NOT my cleaning habits. First I AM a very very clean fanatic. My apartment is one of the cleanest here. My sister always commented on that I was always so thorough in my cleaning of my dwelling. I have NEVER ever had a problem like this before. Also the older toilet that was in this apartment NEVER had this issue. I always kept the older one cleaned as well. It developed a leak at the floor flange and was replaced 5 months AFTER I moved in. THEN the problem arose. So since I had NO trouble with the older toilet and then it was replaced and now I have an issue. NOTHING CHANGED OTHER THAN THE TOILET. I did not change. My cleaning did not change. The water did not change. Just the new toilet !

Thank you again Quincy for your helpful post.
That actually answers the question. I must buy the test and then somehow show that the toilet is the issue. Again, that seems to be an uphill battle.
The low-flo toilets may require more cleaning just because of their design.

Discover first if it is mold that has taken up residence in your toilet and if it requires special treatment, and follow up with the landlord after that.

Good luck.
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Seriously, since when is my health a joke.
I was just asking a question. I have no idea why all these personal attacks are aimed at me.
Any LL should be happy to have me as a tenant. I ALWAYS pay my rent on time. No fighting, No drugs, No drinking, No noise. Nothing.
I am just trying to get this issue fixed and it does not seem to be a very big issue to me. To me the answer is short and sweet. REPLACE THE TOILET. This particular toilet is having an issue. NOT ME !! A cheap toilet is 100. That is not a huge expense.

Once again, all these posts are pointless and serve NO benefit to anyone. Including this one! I should NOT have defend myself over stuff like this.

Thank you again Quincy for posting a recommendation to the situation. And I will put all your suggestions in action.
I'll tell you what, let me give you the benefit of the doubt for a moment. Since your picture was removed from the thread, can you tell me this? Is the "mold" in the bowl or around the base of the toilet?

If the "mold" is in the bowl, then you need to clean. I have a similar problem in my sink - the water that collects around the drain flange will turn in to this black "goo" within a day or two if I let it sit there. How do I solve the problem? Every time I use the sink, I dry it out. Takes about 10 extra seconds, and I haven't a problem in the 9+ months that I've been doing it. In my toilet, after about 4-5 days, the bowl starts looking a little...well...used. I have a brush sitting next to the toilet (a Clorox Wand, actually) that allows me to quickly clean it...again, about 15 seconds. Cleaning BEFORE it really needs cleaning will help.
LMAO So I was just a friends apartment trying to clean her couch. She yelled at me for being TOO CLEAN. That it did not need to be that clean.
Oh irony, you are a heartless bitch.


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Sounds like hard water stains more than mold.
It did not resemble hard water stains. Hard water has more of a rusty look than the yellow stain/growth in the photo. It could be yellow mold or dried urine.

Low-flow toilets DO require more frequent cleanings because a flush of water tends to not clean the bowl very well.
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